Gro-swaddle vs Gro-snug. 

Sleep safely is something I think a lot about, I’ve written about it before and I’ll write about it again. The Gro company make safe sleep easy for your little ones. They have a large range of products designed to keep your little one warm and safe, meaning you get a good nights sleep without the worry. Or at least a good hour before they want feeding again ha! 

We’ve been testing out two of The Gro companies products, their Gro-swaddle and their brand new Gro-snug. Here’s what we think of them, 

The hugely popular Gro-swaddle comes in a range of nine designs, we received the cute Le chien design* which has puppies on. The Gro-Swaddle is designed to make baby feel safe and secure again, perfect for newborns as it recreates the feeling of being in the womb which they find a comfort. The Gro-swaddle doesn’t have Velcro or straps to keep in place, it’s just firmly wrapped around baby. The packaging has a handy guide on it showing you how to do this correctly, which I did actually have to look at. Once I had done it once it was easy though, the packaging also tells you how to dress baby depending on the room temprture which I thought was really handy. He’s my second baby and I still doubt myself, especially when it comes to what to wear overnight.  I like  the swaddle, it’s lovely and soft and I love the idea of baby feeling safe. But like my first born, baby M hates being swaddled. He likes to put his thumb/fist in his mouth and gets quite cross when unable to do this. For this reason I found myself just swaddling him from the armpits down. 

The brand new  Gro-snug is a revolutionary 2in1 product, it’s both a swaddle and a sleeping bag. Suitable from birth and available in a choice of three colours. We received the grey maul design*, like the Gro-Swaddle the packaging contained useful advice on what to dress baby in when using the product, and it also contained a room thermometer. The Gro-Snug is a sleeping bag which can also be used as a swaddle by simply doing up the poppers on the arms so baby can’t wave his arms about. The bag is made from a super soft cotton material, and is really easy to get on. It has a full length zip which you do up from the top first, making night time nappy changes easy. The Gro-Snug can make the transition from swaddle to sleeping bag easier I imagine, we’ve used it with arms out from the start as baby M loves to be able to suck his hands. He looks so cute in his little bag and it keeps him warm enough over night and I know he’s safe. I love this product and so does baby M, I cannot fault it. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a safe sleeping bag suitable from birth, it would also make a wonderful new baby gift.



Bravado nursing tank.

Bravado is a company I’ve heard a lot about since becoming a mum, founded more than 20 years ago it’s a name that is trusted and well known. When an opportunity came up to try out a Essential nursing tank* I jumped at the chance. Especially as I had tried out two other nursing vests and found both to be a very bad fit (primark and mama’s milk)

I ordered one in black and a size 38 f/g which is the biggest cup size they do, it arrived folded neatly in a plastic case. As soon as I tried it on I loved it, I quickly realised that I wouldn’t need to wear a bra with this nursing tank as the built in support did what it was supposed to do. Something that is very hard to find when you have boobs as big as mine. The support is incredible as the vest has an actual built in bra, not just a shelf like the other two I had tried, and the straps are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. The moulded bra gives you a lovely shape and doesn’t show off my breast pads like others have.


The built in bra.


The material is a very high quality cotton with a stretch that smooths out your lumpy bits, making you more streamlined and held in. The material isn’t at all see through, no matter how much you stretch it, and is lovely and soft. The clips make access to your breasts easy, although I found them a bit fiddly at first as they’re different to the type I’m used too. I quickly got the hang of them and actually much prefer them as they don’t have a hook, which I always managed to hook my clothes to somehow ha!




The bravado essential nursing tank comes in a choice of five colours and a large range of sizes going up to a G cup. It’s got a lovely long length to it, something that’s really pleased me. It hides all my lumpy bits and I don’t feel like it’s showing anything off when it rides up. It’s also suitable for maternity wear so you can really get your money’s worth

It washes up lovely and hasn’t shrunk at all or bobbled or faded in colour after washing at 40degrees several times now. It’s honestly my most favourite piece of nursing clothing and Im planning on ordering a white one too.  (I would love one in every colour)! Ive had so many lovely comments when wearing it, and because of the Spanx it makes me feel good when I’m wearing it. I normally always write at least one negative when writing my reviews, but I just cannot fault it at all. If you’re looking for a high quality nursing very then this is the one for you. 


Potty training. 

Potty training, I dreaded it. I think I might have even started dreading it from the moment I found out I was pregnant! We attempted to potty train Tia around six months ago after she asked to wear big girl pants one day. She asked totally out of the blue so I rolled with it, she managed to use the potty three times before she had an accident. It wasn’t even really her fault, she was waiting for her bath and was so excited (she LOVES bath time) I think she just forgot she didn’t have a nappy on. 

Anyway she totally lost all her confidence the second it happened and after two days of her constantly wetting herself, I accepted she wasn’t going to use the pot again and put it away. Tia excels in anything and everything she’s got confidence in, so perusing this was daft.

Fast forward six months and her baby brother was born and Tia got chicken pox. Horrific timing I know, a week after she got her spots we realised that the ones in her groin area weren’t drying out at all. How could they? So we decided there and then to potty train her again. First thing the next morning we asked her if she wanted knickers on and she refused, she only wanted a nappy. So she just wore her leggings with nothing underneath them as she point blank refused to go naked. 

She didn’t want to go on the potty at all and held her bladder for about four hours before standing in the conservatory and peeing in her dads trainers. I’m not sure she meant too as she looked so shocked, not as shocked as her dad mind haha! We didn’t make a fuss about it and quickly cleaned her up, all the while singing “pee pee in the trainer, pee pee in the trainer”! I still laugh now if I ever see his trainers out there. Four hours later she managed to use her potty, not that she was at all happy about it. She was beaming afterwards though as we all made a massive fuss of her. 

The next day me and Michael left Tia with her nanny for a few hours whilst we got baby boy registered. We also got her some treats whilst out in an attempt to tempt her to keep using the potty, she hadn’t been yet since she woke up (about six hours) her bladder control is amazing, it reinforced to me that she was ready even though she didn’t want too. The spots on her bum were already starting to scab and look better so the tantrums were worth it as far as we were concerned. She used the potty again not long after we arrived home, it got to the point where she had to go. She couldn’t hold it any longer, we again made a massive fuss of her and this time gave her a small toy we had picked up from the pound shop. 

The next day her nanny came back bearing gifts of her own including minion sweets. Now Tia is minion mad, and on the promise of a small sweet if she used her pot she used it there and then! Then again an hour later and so on, had we cracked it? Over fives weeks later she’s only had one accident since the trainer Incident and that was in the car. She’s also been dry at night for over a week now, after her waking up dry every morning for two weeks I stopped putting a pull up on her and fingers crossed, she’s not had an accident yet. 

I only have one tip for people wanting to potty train their kids, and it’s don’t bother trying unless they’re ready. You’ll just be making it so hard for yourself. We tried before because so many people around her said she should be potty training. She wasn’t ready and we were all so stressed.

Lascal maxi buggy board.

Deciding on whether to buy a double pushchair or get a buggy board was a problem I faced when I found out I was pregnant. It seems there is no hard or right answer for this question as all our children are different. As it was, Tia is a hugely confident walker and we rarely used a pushchair for her anymore unless we were going out for the whole day with lots of walking, so I knew I neither needed or wanted a double pushchair. So decision made it was time to decide which buggy board to order, I wasn’t sure if they were universal. When I was contacted by* offering me the chance to try out one of their Lascal board range, I jumped at the chance. Lascal seem to be the most popular of buggy boards on the market and I think this is down to the fact they fit so many brands of pram regardless of size or shape. They have a handy guide to let you know which of their boards will fit your pram Here.
I was sent the lascal maxi board to use with my silvercross pioneer and here’s what I think of it.

The box contains a lot of bits,  I had no idea quite how many bits were needed for these boards, I was slightly overwhelmed. But it was simple enough to put together using the instructions, I couldn’t fit it to my pram though and had to wait for my husband to come home. Well I did fit it but was then unable to use the board with the brake off, so it was useless. My husband managed to fit it higher up though so it was then useable. Tia had been pestering me for weeks to fit it to the pram as her friend has one on his pram, and she wanted to be the same.
My pram has an extending handle so when I use it I pull the handle all the way up so she can stand inside it and hold onto the bars. This is perfect for her as she likes to constantly peek in to check her baby brother.


I worried I might constantly kick the board when walking along but I haven’t done this at all, it helps that I do have that extending handle though.
The suspension on the board is really good, it makes the ride for Tia (who weighs two stone) very smooth and comfortable, it also makes going down kerbs a doddle.
The rubber wheels mean that it’s not incredably noisy when driving along, and the wide standing platform makes Tia feel secure. So secure she’s taken to holding onto my pram and jumping up and down on it when we’re walking along ha, she’s just too excitable.

The board does come with a strap to hold the board up when not in use, but as the shopping basket on my pram is so big I cannot use this feature. This isn’t an issue for me as it comes off to be stored in my car anyway. But bare that in mind if you don’t drive and store your pram at home. The last thing I want to mention is I have had to attatch the board without using the grip stickers supplied. This is because I need to unattache the board to store in my car, and again because of the size of my basket I’m then unable to fold my pram as the attachments get in the way. This is easily rectified by simply turning them around before folding, but I wouldn’t be able to so this, had I of used the stickers. On the plus side, it’s never once slipped not using them so it is a sturdy product.



Good points.
Easy to put together.
Sutible for 99% of prams
Easy to use
Large standing platform
Glides along smoothly
Good suspension

Bad points
A bit complicated to fit
I cannot use my foot brake with my foot when fitted as have no access to it.

Overall this is a fantastic product and has and will continue to come in so handy. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a buggy board.

Bin the booster.

Britax is back with their Bin the booster campaign which I fully support and am behind 100%. These do not have to go through any Side impact safety testing and a recent video filming one tested against a high back booster seat (see link below) showed alarming results. If you or anyone you know uses one of these, please read on and do watch the video, I think you’ll be shocked.

The ‘Bin the Booster’ campaign highlights the risk associated with using those simple booster cushions that are widely available to parents with children aged 4-12 years. Many parents just aren’t aware of how dangerous they are to use and assume they just need something to help lift their child and ensure the vehicle seat belt sits correctly across their bodies. Britax actually found that approximately half (49%) of seat belts used to secure child seats may be fitted incorrectly for a start.

To demonstrate the dangers of these cushions, which offer absolutely no side impact or head protection, we put a simple booster cushion up against a highback booster seat and filmed it in a crash test rig – the results are really alarming!

You can view the video here

Returning after the success of the previous two years, leading child safety brand Britax has launched its 2015 ‘Bin the Booster’ awareness campaign. This nationwide campaign, supported with powerful crash test footage, urges parents to get rid of any booster cushion seats they might have and opt for highback boosters with head and side impact protection to ensure children are safe and secure on their travels this summer – and beyond.

While the current law requires children to travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall, Britax believes there is still a lack of understanding around safety in Group 2-3, which protects children from four to around 12 years of age. At this stage many parents opt for a simple booster cushion to help lift their child and ensure the vehicle seat belt sits correctly on the bony parts of their bodies. However, Britax found that approximately half (49%) of seat belts used to secure child seats may be fitted incorrectly*. They are often twisted, too high, or fitted around the seat and not the child. On top of misfittings, these booster cushions also offer no head or side impact protection for children.

To get parents’ full attention and highlight the true danger of booster cushions, Britax has released some alarming footage filmed at their crash test centre in Andover. It captures the safety performance of a booster cushion vs a highback booster seat in the event of a frontal collision. The footage sees the child sized dummy in the booster cushion instantly thrown forward upon impact. Viewers are able to witness from a range of angles that the upper belt is kept in place on the highback booster thanks to the upper belt guide, whereas the dummy on the booster cushion frees itself from the upper belt. Even in this frontal collision, the dummy in the booster cushion is flung towards the side of the car, dangerously hitting its head on the side of the vehicle at speed, as opposed to the highback booster, which sees the dummy stay more supported with head and upper body containment thanks to its side wings and headrest.

Mark Bennett, Britax’s safety expert, comments: “After watching this footage, parents will think twice when choosing a Group 2-3 car seat as it is incredibly haunting and really demonstrates the importance of deep protective side wings, head support and seat belt guides to ensure that seat belts are correctly positioned and fitted. We are calling for all parents using booster cushions to switch to a highback booster option and help us further spread the word about the inadequate protection these cushions provide – it could save precious lives this summer!”

Booster cushions are still sold because it is not required by current EU safety standards to conduct tests for side collisions on Group 2-3 seats. However, Britax only sells and recommends highback boosters and their products far surpass the legal safety requirements. Product developers continue to incorporate the latest, most advanced and industry leading safety innovations; including the energy absorbing seat belt pad, the XP-PAD and adjustable side impact cushion technology (SICT) for superior side impact protection in their highback booster range as can be seen in the popular KIDFIX XP SICT. Britax’s highback booster range includes seats fitted with ISOFIT** that connects the seat directly to the car’s chassis, creating a safe and rigid installation.


Britax is not alone in its belief that booster cushions are not the safest option for children. 

Jan James, CEO of Good Egg Safety, which provides safety advice for families in the UK comments:

“We welcome this powerful footage from Britax which really drives home the dangers of booster cushions.  What makes this so poignant is the fact that when using these, parents are at least trying to protect their children by lifting them up to ensure a better fit of seat belt,  not realising that their child is still in significant danger in an impact.  The nerves in the neck don’t stretch well and a collision which throws the head forward with the force demonstrated here could potentially result in catastrophic injuries to their child as a result. Good Egg Safety highly recommends the use of a high back booster for that extra vital protection. As witnessed here; it will really make the difference.”

The 2015 ‘Bin the Booster’ campaign will run all summer from Monday 13th July, just before the school holiday season. In addition to sharing the powerful video footage far and wide, it will see Britax actively sharing key tips on what to look out for when purchasing a new Group 2-3 seat. It will also include a live Q&A on the Britax Twitter page on 15th July with Britax safety experts Mark Bennett and Cheryl Dunn, who will be on hand to answer any questions parents may have on the topic.

For more information on Britax’s range of Group 2-3 seats, visit

New baby gift ideas.

Buying a gift for a new baby can be both a joy and stressful. For me I like to give something that is pretty but also practical. I haven’t recieved too many impractical gifts this time around, but I got lots with my firstborn. I’ve created a guide featuring some of the best gifts that I’ve recieved and included a few bits I bought and wouldn’t be without.

Flower bouquet.
This beauty was sent to me from Little bump shop*. Unlike a normal bunch of flowers, this bouquet is made using muslins. It also includes a few fake flowers which are super pretty and it even smells pretty. It comes beautifully wrapped and enclosed in a bag, this really is a wonderful present both to give and receive.



Love to dream sleeping bag
This sleeping bag sent to me by Cheeky rascals* is the perfect bag to use with a newborn. It contains and holds their arms in a natural position and makes them feel snug and secure. The double zip makes changing nappies at night a breeze, and it even has a purpose built cutout so it can be used for travelling in a carseat.


Rainbow muslins
I know I’ve already mentioned Muslins, but I bought a set from Fayeandlou and they’re super bright and have become super soft and floppy with washing. The more you wash them the softer they become, and they’ve not lost their brightness yet. 100% one of my best buys, I use these daily and am often asked about them when out and about. I’m thinking about ordering some more of the larger ones as they’re so useful.

Memory book.

This super cute baby journal was sent to me by Busy B*, it comes in blue and pink and is honestly adorable. It contains stickers and pockets to store bits and bobs in. It has places to pop photos and is such a lovely keepsake, I’m going to have so much fun filling it in. They also sell a pregnancy journal which looks lush too.




Milestone cards
I adore these cards, they make capturing those first special moments a bit more fun and easer to document. I bought mine from Amazon when I was still pregnant and have enjoyed using them. Well worth the money and they would make a lovely gift.


Have you seen anything you like? What’s been the best baby gift you recieved?

Dream baby review. 

we’ve been trying out a few products from Dream, a company I hadn’t heard of previously. I enjoy finding new baby brands, and I’ve been really impressed with the selection of products that we’ve been testing. Here’s what Dreambaby have to say about their company,

Dreambaby® is an internationally renowned child safety brand available in more than 100 countries. Our extensive range of products is specifically designed to provide parents and carers with modern home safety solutions that make it easy to help keep children safe in and around the home.

Our products are designed to not only help make your home safer, but also to make life easier.
Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, car or out and about, Dreambaby® can help put your mind at ease with award-winning safety gates, locks and latches, thermometers to help when your child is sick, and toilet training and feeding products.
Our safety locks and latches are available in both screw-in and adhesive options and there is also a Silver Style Range designed to complement modern stainless interiors. You can see just how easy our safety gates, locks and latches are to install by visiting DreambabyTV on YouTube.
We’ve been testing out four products, here’s what we honestly thought of them. 

Premium nail clippers with magnifier.  These handy little clippers have a lovely ergonomic handle which makes them easy and comfortable to use, the magnifier make them perfect for when you’re cutting super tiny nails. It also helps to prevert eye strain, I’ve always been really confident when cutting teeny nails but I know a lot of people who aren’t. I often cut my wiggly twin nephews nails as my sister worries about hurting them and these would be perfect for her. A really good idea, I like how they fold up really small too.

Soft potty seat. This has been invaluable recently. We’ve just potty trained Tia and I was really worried about making the transition from potty to toilet. Ideally I wanted her to go on the toilet, less to clean up ect. Cleaning out potties has to be one of the worst parenting jobs ever ha! A few days ago she asked me if she could go on the big potty like mummy and daddy does. So off we went upstairs and I put this on, the soft padding makes its nice and comfortable and the handles made Tia feel secure and safe. I imagine hoovering above a huge hole when your feet can’t reach the floor is pretty terrifying! It’s smaller than others I’ve seen but still fits on every seat I’ve tried. This makes it handy to take out and about with us, much smaller than the potty we was carrying around previously. 

Anti-slip bath mat. This is super cute, it’s feels really comfortable  when sitting on it due to it being quite padded. It’s easy to stick down and doesn’t  un-stick during bath time. The patten is bright and colourful, Tia adores the cute kangaroo. It has a super handy temperature control in the shape of a starfish. It’s red and turns white if the water is too hot, very clever. It’s easy to remove and roll up when finished, Tia requests it every bath time where she had not been too fussed previously about bath mats. 


Bath tub spout cover whales Im not overly impressed with this product, but again Tia thinks it’s amazing and demands I pop on every bath time. The cut out hole isn’t quite big enough meaning I can’t keep it on when the tap is running. But I pop it on afterwards so Tia can’t burn herself on the hot tap or bash her head. Not that she sits anywhere near the tap, but as I said. She insists haha. This will come in super handy when both kids are using the bath.
Have you used any Dreambaby products, which ones would you recommend? 


Trespass 3in1 jacket review.

Trespass is a brand I’ve always found to be both affordable and of a very high quality. When I met my husband and started camping, I quickly realised I needed a few essential good quality outdoor items. Being out in the elements all day, it can get really cold and depending on the time of year hot cold hot cold..

A decent outdoor coat that offers wamph and protection from the wind and rain is a must when camping in the UK. I recieved this lovely Trillium 3 in 1 waterproof jacket around a month ago to try out, and I’ve only just been able to do it up (three weeks post partum) so please do excuse the photos, but I really wanted to show you what it looks like on. 

I’m a UK size 14 so ordered the Large size, it’s a tad bit tight at the moment but I’m still carrying a stone of extra pregnancy weight so I would say it’s true to size. I picked the cream colour as I thought it would compliment my skintone and hair colour and Im really happy with it. 

So the waterproof jacket has a teddy bear type fleece jacket that zips into the outer shell making it a super warm, waterproof jacket perfect for chilly nights. The teddy bear fleece is supersoft, not at all itchy and lovely to wear. It attatched to the outer shell using two zips, one on either side and three toggles to keep it in place. One on each wrist and one on the neck. 

So the three in one is

The jacket with fleece attatched, cosy and dry. 

The fleece worn alone, cosy

And the jacket worn alone, dry and protected from the wind. 


The jacket is breathable thanks to the mesh lining and is taped to ensure the moisture stays out. The hood and cuffs are both adjustable making sure you get a good fit and the hood is removable too. The trillium jacket feels really lightweight in comparison to my old outdoor jacket, but have no doubt this will keep you super warm and dry. I tried it on with the fleece jacket inner to take some photos and got really hot really quickly. 

The quality is lovely, I really think you get what you pay for with outdoor clothes. This jacket both feels and looks a very high quality and the zips don’t look flimsy. I love that instead of taking two or more coats camping (where space is a real issue) I only need this one as it works in all weather conditions. 

Priced at £61.99 it’s a lot of coat for your money, 



Waterproof 3000mm

Windproof Yes

Taped Seams Yes


Women’s 3 in 1 jacketMesh Lined with Detachable Inner Fleece2 Zip PocketsAdjustable CuffsAdjustable Zip Off HoodHem DrawcordInner Fleece2 Zip PocketsTwo colours: cream, maroon


Shell 100% Polyester PongeePVC CoatingLining 100% PolyesterInner Fleece 100% PolyesterLong Haired Fleece290gsm2 Sides Anti Pil

Dream sheep review.

When I was still pregnant I was very kindly sent a Ewan the dream sheep to review.


My two year old daughter hoped it was hers when it was delivered and was quite upset when I explained it would be for her baby brother. I took it out of the packaging and placed it in his bednest when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Every morning when Tia came in to join me in bed for morning cuddles, she would take the sheep out of the cot and turn it on, then place it on my tummy so baby Michael could play with it.
He often reacted to it by kicking away, although he always reacted when he heard his sisters voice,  it was still super cute to watch.
So Ewan the dream sheep comes in nice clear packaging so you can see what he looks like straight away, and he is super cute. On removing him I instantly loved how soft he was. He’s so snuggly, much like a real lamb! He dosent come with the required batteries needed to make him work, but he takes three triple A size and we always have those laying around.
To turn him on you push a little button on his leg, he has four buttons (one on each leg) and each one plays a different soothing sound.
Heartbeat and rain
Heartbeat and vacuum
Heartbeat and heart music
Heartbeat and womb.
He also has a warm pink glow light which can be turned on and off independently, you can also choose the volume of the noise to be quiet or loud.
The noise is played for 20 minutes. Which should be long enough to gently lull baby into a nice sleep.
So far little man has taken absulotely no notice of his little sheep, I do think it’s maybe as he’s a tad young. I do pop it on for him though in the hope it helps sooth him. It certainly makes me want to nod off that’s for sure!
All the noises are recorded in a low base frequency which is what baby can predominantly hear in the womb which is why it’s so soothing for them.
Tia totally adores him so I’m thinking about ordering her the older model Russell the sheep dog for her birthday or Christmas.


This isn’t a photo of fire as my daughter keeps asking, it’s a night photo showing the light haha!

Ewan the dream sheep is priced at £29.99 and would make a wonderful gift for new parents, or as a treat to purchase for your newborn. He really is the most adorable toy, and unlike most soft toys he’s useful too.

Win a Kiqplan goodbye baby bump plan.

I recently agreed to review the Kiqplan goodbye baby bump plan. It’s a 12 week plan which includes meal ideas, exercise videos, 24/7 coaching, the abilities to earn trophies and much more. I won’t be putting mine to the test for several more weeks yet (after I’ve had the go ahead from my GP at my six week checkup) but the people behind Kiqplan have kindly given me a goodbye baby bump plan to one of my readers! It’s a fantastic prize and all you need to do to enter is to fill in the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page.

Kiqplan, the line of 12-week personalised training plans from Fitbug Ltd., have released Goodbye Baby Bump, a fitness app tailored specifically for women looking to regain their pre-pregnancy bod.


Created by personal trainers, dieticians and qualified fitness experts, Goodbye Baby Bump is designed to work in tandem with most smart phones and leading fitness-trackers, including Fitbug, Jawbone, Fitbit, Misfit, Nike+, iHealth and more.


Kiqplan translates the data it receives from your device, and provides you with a personalised training plan, including “how-to” workout videos, nutritional advice, healthy recipes, sleep and step targets, plus much more.


Goodbye Baby Bump was designed for post-natal women who have been given the all clear from their doctor to begin an exercise programme. It contains exercises that are safe to do, not too exhausting, and will help the body recover from labour and the postural and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy.


The workouts are divided into four phases. The first phase is a very gentle workout using light weights to get the upper and lower body used to exercising again. The exercises are simple to perform and include a gentle core section designed to switch that core back on. The second phase builds on the first, and includes slightly more challenging exercises and heavier weights.


The third phase is a total body circuit workout designed to enhance overall body tone and increase fitness levels whilst not being exhausting. Finally, the last phase is a PHA (peripheral heart action) circuit which will get the blood pumping around the body, maximising calorie burn, increasing fitness levels and help to shift some of that stored body fat.


Kiqplan differs from other fitness apps on the market by using the real data it receives daily, and turning it into a personal and understandable 12-week training programme that works with you every step of the way. In addition, Goodbye Baby Bump will provide lifestyle tracking of sleep, weight, and water intake, weekly schedules that include your workouts for the week, customised targets, tips, articles and recipes, and motivational rewards and badges for added encouragement.


“Kiqplans takes the “so what?” out of activity tracking by providing structured action plans for people to use data from wearables to get fitter, happier and healthier,” said Paul Landau CEO of Fitbug, creators of Kiqplan. “By combining the DEVICE and ADVICE, the full health benefits of wearable tech can be brought to consumers as Kiqplan will be with them every step of the way.”


Priced at £19.99, NEW Kiqplan Goodbye Baby Bump is NOW available on Amazon and in Argos stores, or ready to download on the Apple app store and Google Play, as well as
a Rafflecopter giveaway