July 26, 2014
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Goodbye tiasmum12

Hi guys,
Thank you all for reading and continuing to read my little blog. When I signed up just over a year ago, I had no real idea just how much I would love this little space. A place I can write about whatever’s going on in my head.
I also didn’t really think my name through and it’s with a real sadness, that I’m going to leave if behind. Start afresh with a brand new shiny name!
I’ll still be me and I’ll still write tons about Tia. But I also want to write about beauty and fashion and books.
I am more than just a mummy.
I’ll set it up so anyone who searches for my old URL will be directed straight to my new one.

I hope to see you all soon!


July 16, 2014
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Toms one for one.

I love shoes, I always have done. I remember a pair I had when I was only three years old, bright red patient leather shoes that I wore everywhere. These days I have many pairs, some that I wear regular and others that might get worn once a year if they’re lucky! Tia has the same obsession as me, she’s also dam cute so I find it hard to say no when she wants a new pair. I’ve recently been getting us matching shoes where I can, we have several sets now and I love it. Tomsare a brand of shoes that I wore regularly before I fell pregnant. I had black ones for work and several other colours for non work, when I fell pregnant I suffered horribly with swollen everything feet and ankle and I outgrew my toms and never did re purchase any.
But then I found out that not only do toms sell toddler shoes, but you can order them in matching colours to the adults! Me and Tia ordered the burlap style for both me* and her*. 20140714-160328-57808746.jpg



So what are toms.
Toms are fashionable shoes that give back, the idea was thought of in 2006 when the founder Blake mycoskie made friends with children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes. Wanting to help he created Toms, a company who would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need, it’s known as one for one and is the companies slogan.
Upon realising that the movement could serve other basic needs, toms launched eyewear and with every pair of glasses purchased toms will help give sight to a person in need.

But not only are toms fashionable and helping disadvantaged children, they really are comfortable and easy to wear. The sizing is American, so I’m a uk4 and need a size six. You’ll find them a bit of a squeeze to get on at first. This is down to the material but it slackens quickly giving you the perfect snug fit.
As I’ve mentioned. Enforce, I used to wear them to work. My job involved standing on my feet for eight hours a day and they were still comfortable.
Tia’s ones I’ve found come up on the larger size. She’s currently in-between sizes, some of her size fours still fit yet others are too small. So I ordered her a five and they are quite big on her, they’re ok with thick socks but I think it will be a while before she can wear them without them slipping off. They’re possibly one of her cutest sets of shoes to date though! We’ll be getting more matchy matchy sets in different colours for sure!





I have and still do highly recommend toms, they’re the perfect summer shoe for women, men and toddlers.


July 15, 2014
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Stuck on you review and competition

A few weeks back, Tia received her very own lunch box set* from stuck on you.

Stuck on you specialise in personalised children’s labels and goods including lunch boxes, puzzles and clothing. The name labels and stickers look fantastic, and we’ll defiantly be ordering some when Tia starts school.

So we ordered Tia the personalised lunchbox and drink bottle from stuck on you. They were both really easy to order, with several colour choices and designs to choose from. It’s easy to make the lunchbox really personal, you can even choose the font for the name. They were delivered in about a week, which I found fast for personalised items and were packaged well. 20140714-100647-36407267.jpg

The lunchbox has a small handle perfect for small hands, a small pocket on the outside (Perfect for notes etc) and is fully insulated inside. It’s made from a wipe clean material and is a good size.






The water bottle was again really easy to personalise, I had mine made to match Tia’s lunchbox. The bottle is made from stainless steel which I love, it has a very easy to use sports cap top. Tia has really enjoyed using this bottle, she feels very much like a grown up, and I love how much water it holds.




This set from stuck on you has made lunch time much more fun in the garden. It’s been used on picnics to the park and it even went to the zoo last week! It holds plenty of food and keeps it cooler on warm day, the bottle is easy to keep clean but it’s not dishwasher safe. The stuck on you lunchbox is cleaned easily with a wipe down, I’m looking forward to Tia using these at nursery one day, they really are adorable.

I’m also going to be offering you two chances to win a £20 voucher to spend with stuck on you, all you have to do is fill in the form below and good luck.

Stuck on you.

July 14, 2014
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No dummy update.

So last Sunday evening we gave Tia’s dummies to the dummy fairy and haven’t looked back since. I wrote about how and why here and this is going to be a short update of how she’s doing.

It’s been hard, I’m sure some children find it easier and some harder. For Tia, her dummy was her only comfort so it’s not been easy for her. My and her dad have felt pretty bad for the most part of last week, at it’s worst it was taking her four hours to settle down at night. FOUR HOURS! She would settle herself in 5-10 minutes herself with her dummy, without it she just doesn’t know what to do.
A typical night would go like this.
7pm, go up to bed and have a story as normal. Lay her down and leave the room.
7:15 Tia opens both sets of wardrobes and rummages around, pulling out what every she can reach.
7:20 Tia stands at her bedroom gate and had a moan.
7:30 Tia completely empties her drawers, every single sock/cloth nappy is now on the floor.
7:40 Tia comes back to the gate to moan.
7:50 Tia completely empties her bookshelf and settles herself on her bed to had a read.
8:15 Tia is back at the gate to have a moan.
8:30 Tia’s now crying so I go up and give her a cuddle and try to re settle her. She’s having none of it and want to go in my bed. I open her gate and take her to my bed for a cuddle.
8:40 Tia tells me “back a minit” and goes back to her room and returns with a book, a toy, her water bottle and a random sticker.
8:50 Tia decides she wants to go to her bed.
9:00 Tia decides she wants to be in my bed.
9:05 Tia decides it’s her bed now.
9:10 And back again.
This can go on for about an hour.
10:00 Tia asks for the TV on, I tell her no.
10:05 Tia asks for a dummy, I remind her the fairy has it and has given it to a baby. She replies, “find fairy, I want it” and my heart breaks a little bit.
10:10 after a cry Tia is giving me cuddles and demanding I tickle her back.
10:40 Tia wants to go in her bed, she goes and she stays. I dare move/fart/breath in fear of disturbing her.
11:00 I decide it’s safe to get up and go downstairs, I collect my things and then go to bed myself. I’m exhausted and it’s late.

Nap times have been pretty hard too, she’s mainly gone in the car and has skipped it a few times altogether some days.

But I am so happy to report that on Saturday night, six days after starting she went to bed at 7 and was asleep by ten past. The same thing happened Sunday night and has just happened again Monday nap time, so I think we can now safely say that we’ve cracked it! I’m so happy, and relieved and just need to remember to avoid the dummy aisle of the supermarket like the plague!!


July 11, 2014
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Kids style at freeport Essex.

Freeport is a shopping outlet village based in Braintree Essex. It’s really easy to get to by car, bus or train and has free car parking for up to six hours.
With up to 60% off in over 85 stores, I was excited to take a look around on Tuesday. I was kindly invited down to Freeport with four other bloggers to take a look around, and to see how easy it would be to kit a child out for the summer.
We all met at the information point at 1pm, was given a gift card* and told we had an hour and a half for our task. We all went our separate ways to see what we could find, I had been to the centre before so was looking with fresh eyes. The first place I headed to was mamas & papas, I adore this shop and was excited at the prospect of a sale! I picked up a beautiful sail boat dress, a cute ice cream motif top and a colourful skirt that goes with the top perfectly. 20140710-213645-77805244.jpg


These three items came to £33.00 which I thought was brilliant for mamas and papas, the quality of these clothes are really good. The range in the shops was pretty good, the only things I couldn’t find were a coat or shoes. They don’t have walking shoes and had no coats in Tia’s size.

Next stop was GAP, this was by far where I did the most shopping. The bargains were just too good to resist, vest tops and leggings from £3.99. We left GAP with two bags of goodies including five tops, one skirt, one pair of leggings, one swimming costume, one Cardigan, a pack of socks and a hat. I pretty much totally kitted her out in GAP, I was impressed as I’ve never been in there before. I was under the illusion that gap was all tracksuits, and I’m really not keen on those. I was surprised at both the styles and the quality, they feel really good. I again couldn’t get Tia either a coat or shoes, all the coats were jean which I wasn’t keen on and the shoes started at a toddler size 7 (She’s only a 4.5)

How adorable is this hat? It goes perfectly with the pieces we got from mamas and papas as well as gap.
Total spent £77.29, sounds a lot but we got a lot of stuff. If it had been full price it would have been more than double, so again very happy.

Our last stop was sports direct for shoes, we managed to find a pair of trainers that were covered in gems and had bright pink bows on. I’m not keen but Tia LOVES them and they had her size. They’re Skechers and were reduced down to £22.99. We didn’t even realise they were special until Tia wore them, they have lights in and flash when she walks which is the best thing ever obviously.

I tried to get a photo of them flashing, it’s harder than it looks!

This is everything that we bought, we did good didn’t we. I’ll be back to freeport soon, it had a great range of shops and places to eat. It was clean and not overly crowded like town is. I loved the fact the parking was free, the only thing that let it down for me was the lack of toddler shoes. Clarks had a huge selection of pink sandals which is great if you love pink sandals. We had hoped to get Tia a pair of converse but we couldn’t get them, there were a few shops that stocked kids branded shoes but not in toddler sizes. I do think they’re losing out by not stocking them, every toddler I know owns a pair of converse/vans these days. But that’s just me being fussy, it was a great day and we left fully equipped for the summer. Thank you Freeport Braintree.



July 10, 2014
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Tia’s toddler toddler.

This Saturday just gone, less then a week after my first charity run. Tia had hers, well it was a toddle. A toddler toddle to be precise, a walk for anyone under the age of five can participate in to help raise much needed money for Barnado’s children’s charity. It took part at our local nature reserve and all we had to do was dress up in a space theme (Optional but fun) and walk for half a mile. I had her outfit planned, seeing as it was July I was expecting it to be pretty hot. So I went for a t-shirt and shorts combo and finished it with this awesome bear headband*


Rocket top. from Kynaboutique
Red shorts from Baby Zara
Red bear headband from Itsybits

The whole week leading up to Tia’s race was beautiful, we did lots of promotion of her event online and managed to raise over double what her target was. Of course the day of her race came and it was pouring. Proper raining, not drizzle. I was gutted for her, her outfit changed to leggings and her welly boots and rain coat. Totally hiding her rocket top for the space theme, never mind as she still had her ears which so many people commented on. They kept her hood up too which was handy as it was windy. The rain stopped just before her warm up, off she went with nanny to do the warm up which consisted mainly of just being silly for five minutes!
Then we all lined up and we were off, we walked around a planned route twice which equalled half a mile, we over took quite a few people and she ran at the end, she was so excited with the whole thing. The atmosphere was brilliant, there were marshals around the course, much like they were at my race to cheer everyone on. Every time they did she got faster :-)
We crossed the finish line to lots of excited cheers and then waited for everyone else to finish before waiting for her medal.
The medals were given out by the mayor of Basildon, she was so lovely and thanked every chilled for helping to raise money for such a good cause. Tia got a sticker too which was very exciting for this sticker obsessed tot!








We had a fantastic morning, despite the rain and are looking forward to taking part again next year.


July 8, 2014
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Taking the dummy away, part one.

Today I’ll be telling you how and why we have chosen to get rid of the dummy. I’m writing this after only the first day as I’ve had so many questions, I’ll be writing part two after a week to let you know how we’ve got on.
Currently this very moment, Tia is laying/rolling on the floor having a total strop because she wants a lolly shaped like a rocket. Not the rainbow one she had picked. She’s very tired because she’s not had her nap, you’ll see why a bit later on in the post.

So a few days ago it hit me that Tia would be turning two next month. I had always planned for her to wean off the dummy before she turned two. I have heard/read that it’s much harder to take it away after this age, I’ve no idea if it’s true but figured the longer she had it, the harder it would be. So I started to tell Tia all about the dummy fairy. Tia has no idea what a fairy is, but she agreed that she was a big girl. She’s been calling herself a big girl for a few weeks so this is well timed. I told her that the fairy would take her dummies, and give them to little babies who need them, because Tia doesn’t need them anymore as she’s a big girl. We told her that to say thank you, the fairy would leave her a present in the morning. She seemed happy with this explanation, I kept telling her a couple of times a day in the build up, then Sunday afternoon we watched fantasia and I showed Tia the fairies and she loved them. Then on Sunday evening whilst I was running her bath, I ran around and found all the dummies that I could but one, and put them in a small drawstring bag.
After her bath, I dried her and got her pjs on. I then asked her to find a dummy, mainly as she’s much better at finding them than me and I wanted to see if she had stashed any!
After only retrieving the one I had left, I told her we had to go downstairs now and give it to the fairy. She happily put her dummy in the bag, then we put the bag outside the front door and waved goodbye to them. Then off we went upstairs to bed. I won’t lie it was really hard.
It took four hours for her to finally settle down and go to sleep, but when she did she slept through. She only asked once for them, I reminded her that the fairies had them now. I took her downstairs and opened the front door to show her that they had indeed gone (Thanks to daddy moving them whilst I put her to bed) We read three stories instead of the normal one and she came to bed with me for an hour to cuddle as she was crying.
She’s had a dummy to sleep with every time since the day she was born, it’s also the only comfort she has. She doesn’t have a special blanket or teddy. That’s it, and it’s now gone. Both me and Michael felt aweful, but know it needs to be done. I’ve never ever regretted giving her a dummy, and will use them again if the next baby wants one. They are designed now to be safe and kind to teeth and can even help prevent SIDS.
When we went up to bed we placed her present on the bottom of her bed with a note from the fairy, for her to find the following morning.




In the morning, a very excited Tia came running in wit her “story” and gifts and played happily in mummies bed while daddy sadly had to go to work. We both read her her “story” letter from the fairy and she proudly called herself big girl again.

She was fine all morning, not one mention of the D word. Then came nap time, she asked me as she always does for a nap. As I stood up she said “nummy, fairy”! I took her UK and read her a story, she again randomly said fairy whilst I was reading. It wasn’t said as a question, more a statement. I left her nattering away to makka packa and went to put all my clean washing away. When I had finished I realised she was quiet, very quiet apart from a sucking noise. Noooooooooo she had only gone and found another flipping dummy! She was very nearly soundo, I took it from her and quickly hid. I’ve no idea if what I did was right or not but it felt it at the time. She closed her eyes again for a minute then all hell broke lose. This kid was not going to nap with no dummy. So she came back down with me and here we are now, having a tantrum as she’s stupidly tired. I’m going to take her back up again after writing this to try again. Wish me luck!



July 7, 2014
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eflorist flower delivery review.

Flowers, who doesn’t like them. They look pretty and smell gorgeous, they brighten up my windowsill. I’m quite lucky and receive flowers quite often from my husband, normally a small posy of roses or tulips as they’re my favourite. It’s been a long time since I received a proper big bunch of flowers, and never have I received them through the post.

eFlorist.co.uk is an online company who do just that, deliver flowers to your loved ones through the post using a courier service. They will guarantee next day delivery if you order before midnight, they offer worldwide delivery too! Ordering is super easy, you can choose to order by colour, price, type or occasion and they offer as secure checkout process.

My Admiration bouquet* came in a huge box, the bouquet was held upright using a circular cutout inside the box and had a large water filled foam bag keeping them hydrated during travel. 20140702-201832-73112453.jpg



Your flowers from eFlorist come with a care card explaining what to do when you receive them. The four main instructions are
Care and enjoy.
It also explains that the flowers will be tired and thirsty after traveling and to trim the stems, and give them a lovely drink of water as soon as possible. You also get a sachet of food to put In the water.

Tia was most impressed when she spotted my new bouquet on the windowsill and demanded I move them so she could smell them :-)




After around five days, and lots of watering the bouquet totally changed. Most of the lilies had opened, creating that beautiful distinct smell whenever you enter my kitchen. They’ve really cheered up my windowsill, they really are beautiful flowers. I’ve had them 8 days now and they’re still going strong so I totally would recommend them to anyone wanting to send flowers.





You can order the Admiration bouquet here from just £26.99 which I think is a decent price for delivered flowers, especially as they are lasting really well. You can choose from other opinions too like adding a teddy bear or a vase.


July 3, 2014
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Tia’s dictionary.

An Insight into Tia’s mind. (23 months)

Ereal – Cereal.
Ninner – Dinner
Nummy – dummy
Cu-cu-mumber – Cucumber
Wimming – Swimming
Eia – Tia
Tup a tea – Cup of tea
Fower – Flower
Billiant – Brilliant
Mayzin – Amazing.

So you would think she struggles with words beginning with C and D. However she can pronounce perfectly…


Dandad – Grandad. Oh wait!

She’s so very cute but is starting to get so very frustrated now when trying to get a word across and we don’t understand. Just yesterday it took her a good ten minutes of repeating the same thing before I knew what she was talking about.
“Mummy posy ere”
Apparently she wanted to play ring a ring a rosy, with mummy in the garden. After finally realising what she wanted we went off to play it until we were both dizzy.

She’s a total parrot these days and is learning new words everyday, I’ve actually no idea how many words she knows now. At one point I was keeping a log but I couldn’t now. We have to be so careful not to say naughty words around her now, I would be mortified if she swore!

One of her current favourite phrases is “Oh nooooo” and says it all the time, if she or someone else drops something, if so thing funny happens on the tv etc, it’s adorable!

She’s become really bossy recently, she comes into our bedroom when she wakes in the morning. If her daddy is still in bed, she tells him “Work” and then after he’s given her a kiss to say goodbye “Kiss mummy”

I’m loving this age, she’s like a little comedian without even knowing it.


July 3, 2014
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Ditch the booster seats, a safety announcement.

This post is written in association with the Britax Mumbassador program.

BRITAX partners with Emma’s Diary to advise parents about the benefits of high-backed boosters in Group 2-3

This week, leading child safety brand, BRITAX, has launched a nationwide initiative designed to educate parents about car seat safety in Group 2-3 and to highlight the dangers of using booster cushions with older children. The ‘Bin the Booster’ campaign urges parents to opt for high-backed boosters with side impact protection to ensure little ones are safe and secure on their travels in the lead up to summer and beyond.

The current law says that children must travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall or approximately 12 years old, whichever comes first. With this in mind, many parents opt for a simple booster cushion to help lift their child and ensure the car seat belt sits across them at the right angle. However, BRITAX found that approximately half (49%) of seat belts used to secure child seats may be fitted incorrectly*. They are often twisted, too high, or fitted around the seat and not the child.

Booster cushions also do not offer children any side impact or head protection, which is why BRITAX now only sells high-back boosters, which offer deep protective side wings and head support. Despite this, booster cushions are still sold because it is not required by current EU safety standards to conduct tests for side collisions, even though around 1 in 4 (25%) car accidents are from a side impact crash**. However, if the regulations change to include side impact testing, BRITAX experts do not believe that any new booster cushion would pass.

Recent research from consumer champions, Which?,, reveals that 55% of 4-12 year olds are using a backless booster seat when travelling in a car and that 22%*** believe they offer the same protection as a high-backed booster seat. Like BRITAX, Which? experts recognise that this simply isn’t the case and so have also urged parents to switch their booster cushions for a high-backed option in a bid to keep children as safe as they can be whilst on the road.

Product developers at BRITAX design their products to provide protection during traffic collisions from every angle of impact. This protection includes deep side wings, head support and a v-shaped backrest which grows with the child to ensure comfort and security at all times. These are all safety features evident on BRITAX’s latest KIDFIX XP SICT car seat, which has set new safety standards within the industry with its energy absorbing seat belt pad, the XP PAD, and new adjustable side impact cushion technology (SICT) for superior side impact protection. Also, to ensure the seat is perfectly in place every time, the XP range also uses ISOFIT technology to connect directly and rigidly to the ISOFIX fittings in the car.


BRITAX products surpass legal safety requirements and set high safety standards in the international market – and the company is not alone in its belief that booster cushions are not the safest option for children.

To help further educate parents about safety in Group 2-3, BRITAX has teamed up with leading parenting advice programme, Emma’s diary, to run a week long campaign dedicated to getting out and about with children safely this summer. The week will include tips on giving your car seat a health check and what to look out for when purchasing a new Group 2-3 seat. The campaign, which will run from Monday 7th July, will also include a live Q&A on the Emma’s diary Facebook page with BRITAX safety expert, Mark Bennett, who will be on hand to answer any questions parents may have on the topic.

For more information on BRITAX’s range of Group 2-3 seats, visit http://www.BRITAX.co.uk/car-seats/award-winning-highback-boosters/award-winning-highback-boosters-home

* Based on internal BRITAX testing 2013
**Loughborough University, 21st International Tech Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles, 2009 Stuttgart
*** Which? research of 1,000 parents conducted in April 2014: http://www.which.co.uk/news/2014/04/which-warning-ditch-unsafe-backless-booster-seats-363271/