September 26, 2014
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Win tickets for the baby and toddler show!

Hi guys, it’s that time of the year again. The baby and toddler show is coming back to bluewater in Kent on the 10th to the 12th October and I’ve got two tickets to give away.

I went last time and loved it, you can read my full review here if you like.

To enter all you need to do is fill in the rafflecopter down below and good luck. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

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September 24, 2014
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Kate’s cloth nappy diary.

Hi guys, welcome back to the cloth nappy diaries!

Today we have the lovely Kate over on the blog telling us all about her cloth nappy journey.

Hello welcome to cloth nappy diaries, can you introduce yourself please and tell us who you use cloth nappies on?
* I’m Kate, im 30 and have used cloth on my 2 babies. My son Cameron, 3 years old, I started using cloth when he was 6 months. My daughter Emily who is almost 5 months has been cloth bummed since she was born.

When did you first hear about cloth nappies and how?
* A friend showed me her cloth nappies and added me to a cloth nappy group on Facebook. After asking loads of questions on the Facebook group I bought my first nappies to try and I’m a bit of an addict now. Love a fluffy bum baby!

Why do you choose to use cloth nappies?
* My son had eczema and none of the potions and lotions from the doctor were making much of a difference. Within a week of using cloth nappies and cloth wipes his skin was looking better than it had in ages. I decided to use them when my daughter was born to save money, I already had everything I needed. The thing that’s kept me going with cloth nappies is that poo doesn’t smell as bad in cloth! Poo in disposables makes me gag but for some reason is no where near as bad in cloth.

Do you have a favourite nappy/brand which one?
* Tots Bots Easyfits V4, they’re Dad/Granny/nursery proof. They have been the best fitting and most absorbent all in one nappies I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of different ones! I do love Wee Notions nappies for something a bit prettier, I love getting to design my own nappy and the excitement of waiting to see a picture posted on their Facebook page.

What do you find hardest about using cloth nappies?
* when I was pregnant with Emily I had to get my husband to do the nappy washes for me because the smell of dirty nappies was just too much for me. Storing them is getting to be an issue, beginning to wonder if I have too many………na you can never have too many!

What is the best part about using cloth nappies for you?
* The big squishy baby bum! They are amazingly cute and not having to buy nappies and wipes every week means we can have extra treats, take aways and days out. I just keep thinking how each disposable nappy takes 500 years to decompose it makes me feel sick when I think how many are going to landfill every day. I guess I’m also doing it for my children’s future, giving them a slightly less polluted world to grow up in.

Can you give our readers your top three cloth nappy tips?
* A cold rinse and washing at 60oc will take care of smells and stains on your nappies.
* H&M clothes are cut to accommodate cloth nappies, Asda’s clothes are also really generous round the bum.
* Wet bags are easier for storing dirty nappies in than buckets. Wet bags can be washed along side your dirty nappies, they’re easy to store and you can get some really pretty bags already made. You can even get custom made bags, I have a fab Star Wars bag from Noah’s Ark Baby on Facebook.

And finally, would you recommend cloth nappies?
* Silly question! YES! Of course I’d recommend cloth nappies :-)


Thank you so much Kate for taking part and sharing your story, don’t forget to pop back next week for a brand new diary.

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September 23, 2014
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Britax rebrands.

Global repositioning of child mobility brand reflects commitment to the changing needs of parents

Leading child mobility brand, Britax, is announcing its global repositioning to give consumers and retailers a better understanding of the scale of its expanded offering, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting changing family needs. From today, all parts of the growing business will operate under the master brand of Britax, it will adopt a new, modern look and feel and ‘everyday family freedom’ will become the brand vision across the entire product portfolio.

This new brand repositioning and identity, which has been in development for three years, is routed in research and consumer feedback and is designed to better reflect the emotional aspects of the adventures of parenthood and is part of an ongoing strategy to make things better, simpler, smarter and safer for families wherever they are on their journey.

Amy Voller, Brand Director at Britax EMEA comments: “Britax has been leading and innovating for generations, focused on developing first-rate, functional and safe products for parents. However, following recent acquisitions, we want to bring to life the expertise and insights across our full product range and our modern, unifying brand identity allows us to do that.
“We’re constantly moving with the times to meet the evolving needs and desires of parents and looking after little passengers as they grow, be it the car seats for a baby’s first trip home or the stroller for a stress-free shopping trip with toddlers. Now we’re creating a consistent, powerful brand that reflects our goal of making family travel safer and easier throughout the journey of parenthood. We want parents to recognise and feel confident that no matter where they want to go or what they want to do, it can be done simply with safety and style.”

Römer and Britax have been part of the family since they merged in the 1970s but since then the growing company has also acquired BOB (active strollers and bike trailers) in 2011 and BRIO (pushchairs and car safety) in 2013. As a result, the brand proposition has evolved considerably so aligning everything under one globally recognised brand name is the first step in Britax’s international rebranding efforts. Römer will become a sub-brand, continuing to set the standard in car seat safety, alongside Britax BOB, the sporty little brother providing products for active families.

From October and for the next twelve months, the new brand identity will be rolling out globally across all Britax products and consumer touch points including TV, Print, Out of home, Digital and Retail.

The first opportunity for parents to engage with the new brand is with the latest innovations in the 2015 collection, which include:
• The BRITAX KING II ATS – a car seat that automatically alerts parents to any slack in the harness – just as a vehicle seat does for drivers or passengers.
• The BRITAX ADVANSAFIX – a combination seat with a 5-point safety harness that adjusts as children grow older up to a weight of 25kg rather than the standard 18kg
• BRITAX TRIFIX THE BLACK EDITION – a limited edition, child seat combining pure elegance with optimal safety
• BRITAX is also revealing a brand new safety concept that will be added to its versatile pushchair the BRITAX SMILE in 2015 – an innovative brake system that automatically engages whenever there is no hand on the handle.

These innovative, new products showcase the new brand in action, all running under the tagline ‘Be Free’ and each specially designed to take child mobility and safety to the next
level, offering families more choice and more freedom no matter how active they are.

Notes to Editors:
For more information about Britax, find your freedom at: or find Britax on

About Britax
Britax is a global leader and innovator in child mobility dedicated to making family travel safer and easier throughout the journey of parenthood. Specialising in a complete range of premium car seats, strollers, baby carriers and accessories that meet modern family lifestyle needs, Britax’s mission is to inspire families to travel more freely, confident of safety, sure of style.
Britax was founded in Britain in 1938 focussing initially on safety developments such as adult seat belts. In the 1960s they launched the company’s first child car seat. In 1978, it merged with established German car safety counterpart Römer. More recently, Britax acquired the hugely popular outdoor stroller brand BOB in 2011 and the BRIO pushchair and car safety business in 2013.
Now Britax maintains offices in 12 countries, operates in almost all countries globally and employs more than 1000 people.

This post is brought to you as part of the mumbassador programme.



September 22, 2014
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My 1st years silver money-box.

I’ve always envisioned Tia’s room to be both girly and chic. I’ve been working hard recently to make her room an amazing place to sleep and play, including painting all her existing old furniture to give it a fresh new look.
Tia has a few possessions that I wanted on show, but out of her reach but the one thing that was missing was a money-box. Her grandparents had recently started giving her the odd pound here and there and we had nowhere to put it. So when My 1st years contacted me, I knew what I wanted to order Tia straight away! I ordered the beautiful silver plated carriage money-box.

The silver carriage money-box* came beautifully packaged in a mint green gift box with a bow. I’m a real sucker for gorgeous packaging and this pleased me. Inside cocooned in a nest of tissue paper was the money-box, protected by a box. It was a lot heavier than I expected, I practically tore open the box to revel its treasure.

The silver plated carriage money-box from my 1st years is nothing short of perfection! Even the wheels turn, not that it’s a toy but it pleased me anyway. It’s a very good weight, and the detailing is beautiful!



The shape reminds me of a certain princess pumpkin carriage, with a princess peeking out, and flowers and hearts too, it really does have everything. It’s a great size, not to big but large enough to hold quite a few pennies. It’s crazy shiny because of the silver plate, it looks almost mirror like. It looks perfect on Tia’s dresser, it’s finished it off beautifully.

We’ve had lots of comments asking where it’s from, especially as it would make a beautiful gift. You can buy your princess carriage here for just £28.

A big beautiful mint green box with contrasting white bow.

A big beautiful mint green box with contrasting white bow.

Beautiful packaging.

Beautiful packaging.

Super  shiny.

Super shiny.

September 19, 2014
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A double Parragon post.

Today I’ve got not one, but two toddler books from Parragon books to show you. Both are completely different and aimed at slightly different age groups.
First up is a book called All the families written by Margaret size brown. The description is
“See that dogs, bunnies and elephants have families just like you. And just like you, these families eat when they’re hungry and go to sleep when it’s bedtime. Join all the families In this touching and comforting story from the hidden treasures of Margaret wise brown, author of the children’s classics Goodnight moon and runaway bunny. A beautifully illustrated story to share.”
So we settled down for bedtime the day it was delivered and I was excited to read a new story! We’ve read all of ours a hundred and one times over already haha! But I couldn’t get into the book, I’m not sure what it was but the illustrations were the best part for me. I seemed to keep stumbling when reading, I really can’t explain it. I’ve not
picked it up to read again, Tia enjoyed it though as it contains animals. You can read more reviews and or purchase All the families

Next up is a cute little board book with an incorporated finger puppet called It’s part of the little learners range which also has an app for more interactive play.
The board book is made up of twelve thick cardboard pages, and recites the popular nursery rhyme. The finger puppet is a cute way of bringing the book to life, he always manages to tickle Tia so she loves reading this book.
It’s nice and compact so perfect for popping in our changing bag and reading in the car. We enjoy reading this type of book, we have a couple of others also from Parragon books and they’re requested by Tia quite often.
They are great as a first book as they aren’t too long and have lots of lovely colourful pictures, but also as Tia gets older it will be great for teaching her to read as she already sings along to the book. I recommend Humpty Dumpty for anyone with a young child, it’s a lovely addition on the bookshelf. It can be purchased from amazon for a bargain £3.56 free delivery.






September 10, 2014
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Kate’s cloth nappy diary.

Hi guys, welcome to another cloth nappy diary. I’ve had such lovely comments about this series which has made me really happy, this week we have the lovely Kate fever on the blog and this is her diary.

Hello welcome to cloth nappy diaries, can you introduce yourself please and tell us who you use cloth nappies on?
I am Kate, and I blog at I am mummy to Gemma (8), Jacob (6) and Max (1). They have all been fluffy bummed babies.

When did you first hear about cloth nappies and how?
It was actually my husband who decided on cloth nappies. When we were expecting our first baby he researched the cost factor of nappies and we decided that cloth was our best bet. He found a well priced birth to potty set in a baby catalouge and away we went!

Why do you choose to use cloth nappies?
As mentioned above, it was mainly the cost factor. We knew we wanted more than one baby, and so we knew that in the long run cloth nappies would be much more economical for us. Over the years, I have also grown to love the ‘green factor’ of cloth, knowing that we are not dumping huge amounts of indestructable waste into landfill. Plus – they look cute ;)

Do you have a favourite nappy/brand which one?
Tots Bots. They have always been my go to nappy – Easyfits for day and Bamboozles for night.

What do you find hardest about using cloth nappies?
I wouldn’t say anything is particularly hard, but other peoples perceptions can be challenging. They always want to know things like how to store the dirty ones. They ask if they smell, they want to know if I find the washing too much and if they are complicated to use. I am always happy to do an impromptu little demo!

What is the best part about using cloth nappies for you?
Beside the cuteness factor? Max has eczema, and I feel so much more comfortable knowing that I am putting natural cloth against his skin rather than nasty chemicals that might irritate.

Can you give our readers your top three cloth nappy tips?
1. Try a nappy library before you start. It’s the best way to discover the types of nappy that work best for you.
2. Stick a cotton wool pad soaked in tea tree oil on the underside of your nappy bucket lid. It helps to keep any odours at bay.
3. For maximum absorbency strip wash your nappies every 4-5 months. This is not as scary as it sounds. Just soak the nappies in hand hot water with a scoop of Tots Bots potion. Then wash as usual and choose a program with an extra rinse cycle. Done!

And finally, would you recommend cloth nappies?
For 3 main reasons – they can save you a lot of money, especially if you plan to use them on more than one child. They are much more ecological – did you know the average child will go through 5,000 nappies in it’s nappy wearing life? That’s a shocking amount of waste. Finally – you have to admit they look a whole lot cuter than sposies – you can match them to outfits, buy different colours for different days or even get a special nappy for a special occasion – such as a first Christmas!


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September 4, 2014
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Sophia’s cloth nappy diary

Hi guys and welcome back to the next instalment of my cloth nappy diaries, today we have Sophia’s story.

Hello welcome to cloth nappy diaries, can you introduce yourself please and tell us who you use cloth nappies on?
Hi, I’m Sophia Collins, I’m 43 years old, I work in science education, and we live in Nottingham. We use cloth nappies on our son Tally, who’s 13 months old.

When did you first hear about cloth nappies and how?
I think I vaguely knew about cloth nappies and the fact they were a more eco alternative. Then a friend of mine who’s a bit hippy had a baby, and she used them, so I saw them being used a lot and they seemed fine.

Why do you choose to use cloth nappies?
Eco reasons – I worried about how much landfill disposables cause. I also thought they’d be a lot cheaper. Which they definitely would be if not for my nappy-buying obsession…

Do you have a favourite nappy/brand which one?
We’ve tried lots and had different favourites at different times, but now we have settled on gnappies. We love them! We have been travelling around Britain in our campervan for the last three months and gnappies mean much less bulk to carry around and store. (With gnappies, there’s an outer part and then an absorbent insert that goes inside. You just change the insert at nappy changes.)

What do you find hardest about using cloth nappies?
Apart from spending too much money on all the cool designs? The fact that it’s not that mainstream, so, for example, even big supermarkets or Boots stores usually don’t sell cloth nappies or nappy accessories. You have to buy most stuff online and wait for the post.

What is the best part about using cloth nappies for you?
Where do I start?! I love that they are a greener alternative. I love not filling up our bin with dirty nappies all the time. I love that they are so cute. But the unexpected thing is that I find it much easier. We did use disposables for the first couple of months (because new parenthood is overwhelming and we just didn’t feel ready to do something extra on top at first). When we did switch over, I realised it’s actually pretty straightforward. You just have to empty the nappy bucket every few days and put it in the washing machine. And when they are all clean, you hang them up to dry. Then – ta-daa! – you have clean nappies again. When we were using disposables, we would have a panic at midnight, realising we’d run out of nappies and had to run to the all-night garage. Now, we never run out of nappies.

Also, we use re-usable wipes too (if you are doing a nappy wash, you may as well wash wipes in there too) and they are SOOO much better than wet wipes. We ran out of wipes for a couple of days recently, cos we hadn’t been able to do a wash for a while. My boyfriend kept moaning about how flimsy wet wipes are and how crap they are for getting off poo. “I’m so looking forward to us getting our proper wipes back!” he kept saying. At the next opportunity I bought an extra 50 reusable wipes so we would never run out again…


Can you give our readers your top three cloth nappy tips?
1. Join the preloved nappy groups on facebook – you can buy nappies much cheaper than buying them new, and also get advice and find out everything you need to know there.
2. Buy a peg airer for drying nappies – they are fab. You can hang it outside, then easily bring it in if it starts to rain. Or you can hang them inside from the end of a curtain rail or something, out of the way. Before we got peg airers our sitting room was always half taken up with drying racks. Peg airers gave us our floorspace back And they are a godsend when you live in a campervan…
3. Everyone always recommends getting in touch with your local nappy library – which is sensible, because it is good to try out different sorts and see what suits you and your baby. BUT, when I got in touch with my local nappy library I found they had a TWO MONTH waiting list for hiring kits. So be aware you may have to wait a while and don’t leave it til the last minute to contact them like I did…

And finally, would you recommend cloth nappies?
Totally, of course. If you are thinking about it, just give it a go, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Don’t spend a fortune. Get them preloved to start with at least. And if you don’t like them you can always sell them on and you’ve not lost too much money.

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Thank you so much Sophie for agreeing to take part, don’t forget to check in next week for another instalment in the cloth nappy diaries series.


September 3, 2014
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New baba+boo prints.

I’m so excited to be able to share with you today, the news that baba+boo have launched not one, but *two new funky prints to coincide with back to school! I’m a huge fan of baba+boo already, I’ve many of their fantastic and very reasonably priced nappies already and I’m really excited to be able to add these two gorgeous prints to my collection. IMG_1435.JPG


Both new prints are eye catching in different ways, I adore the colours on the white nappy. It reminds me very much of when we took Tia’s handprints when she was teeny tiny. However I just love the black and white one too, I think if I had to pick a favourite it would be that one. I love the chalkboard effect, Tia spotted the cat and the apple and was most impressed.
As with all baba+boo nappies, these come with two inserts that get stuffed into the pocket at the back. One quick wash and they’re good to go, I find baba+boo nappies dry really quickly but are pretty absorbent.



The colours on this nappy are super bright, it’s very pleasing on the eye. Tia tends to always pick nappies with bold primary colours and I can see this one being a favourite.



This one is a little more grown up in appearance but on closer inspection it’s covered in cats, pencils and apples, cute as a button. You can purchase these nappies direct from Baba+boo for just £9.25 with free delivery for all orders over £50. You can also try a nappy before you buy if you’ve not tried them before and are unsure, find out more about that


August 28, 2014
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Louisa’s cloth nappy diary

Hi guys,
It’s a day later this week due to it being Tia’s birthday yesterday and my post being dedicated to her. I hope you don’t mind :-)
This week we have the very lovely Louisa with her cloth nappy story.

Hello welcome to cloth nappy diaries, can you introduce yourself please and tell us who you use cloth nappies on?
I’m Louisa, I live in the north of Scotland with my partner and our baby Sophie who just turned one year old, she’s been cloth bummed from 5 days old although for the first couple of weeks I used disposable nappies at night. I have since learnt that meconium doesn’t stain nappies so in hindsight I could have cloth bummed from birth.


When did you first hear about cloth nappies and how?
When I had my first daughter Alice who is now 22, I tried out mothercare’s shaped terry nappies but hadn’t realised they need a wrap over and obviously they leaked everywhere! When I became pregnant with my youngest I looked into it again and was astounded that there were things such as pockets and all in ones, and pretties, oh the pretties! I looked up my local nappy group (Moray Cloth Nappy Group) on facebook and went to a nappuccino and was hooked when they gave me a free incentive bucket filled with newborn nappies!


Why do you choose to use cloth nappies?
Primarily for money reasons, secondly because they are cute. Have to admit that the eco-ness of them didn’t really impact on me *blush*

Do you have a favourite nappy/brand which one?
That’s like asking me to pick my favourite child out of the three!!
My stash consists of a lot of ebay cheapies, Pop-ins, Bambino Mio Solo, prefolds/terries and wraps, a few pretty ones, and odd ones of others like Easy Fits, Bumgenius. My current top 3 are my Chaplin Flip, my cheapy moustache pocket and my terries have made a come back!

What do you find hardest about using cloth nappies?
Not buying all the nappies!!
Sometimes needing to size up clothing like leggings to accomodate big butt.


What is the best part about using cloth nappies for you?
They look awesome and I get lots of lovely comments from people. I love the big squishy butt!
Stuffing the nappies is therapeutic.

Can you give our readers your top three cloth nappy tips?
Buy and sell preloved – I have probably spent about £250 all told in the first year on mostly preloved nappies, and sold on what I didn’t like or what she outgrew for about £100. So £150 for approx 3 years of cloth nappying = totally bargainous!

Go to a Nappuccino/cloth library and hire some out before investing in your own (don’t invest in one brand only!)

Washing isn’t difficult or as time consuming as people may think – it takes me 5 mins to fill machine, 10 mins to hang it up, ten mins to put away. And no need for special washing stuff or fancy routines, just bung it on a fast cold rinse then a 40/60 wash with your chosen detergent (I used Bold at first and now use eco egg) and you’re done.

And finally, would you recommend cloth nappies?


Thanks Louise for agreeing to take part in the nappy diaries. I found myself nodding along and agreeing with most of it!
Do pop back next week when we’ll be back to our normal Wednesday post for the next instalment of the cloth nappy diaries.

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August 27, 2014
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Happy second birthday Tia.

Dear Tia,

It really doesn’t seem like two years ago that we first met, when I instantly fell head over heels in love. Never had I know feelings like it, and they’ve grown stronger everyday over the last two years. IMG_1429.PNG

You make me prouder than you can ever imagine, you drive me batty at times too but more often then not you make me smile. You’ve become such a performer, you dance and twirl and sing. You’ve become slightly obsessed with the Disney film Frozen! You adore Elsa and Anna and sing along to all the songs, you’ve been asking me to put it on daily. I don’t mind, it’s a great film and it’s sweet watching you sing along.


Happy birthday sweetheart, I hope you have an amazing day today, lots of love mummy and daddy xx