20 week pregnancy update.

Halfway there guys! Baby is now around 6.5″ and the size of a small cantaloupe, It’s been a pretty traumatic week to be honest. My regular readers will know I was involved in a car crash last week resulting in my car being written off, terrifying to say the least. If you missed the post, you can read that here if you like.
I’ve been keeping an extra close eye on baby this week because of the crash, but I’ll be happier once I’ve had my scan.

No sickness at all this week *cheers* I feel like a new woman. I’m also not feeling as tired (not including the few days following the crash)
New aches and pains this week but all linked to the crash I’m sure.


Tia hasn’t paid quite as much notice to baby this week, she’s got more loving towards the end of the week. She had a lot on her mind this week too with the crash. Yesterday after climbing onto my lap, she kissed bump and said “sorry baby, didn’t mean to bump you” which was adorable.


Movement’s have increased a little this week, but they’ve also felt a lot stronger. It won’t be long before other people will be able to experience the delight of feeling the baby wiggle and kick.


Lots of unwanted this week, I had lots of pressure pains on my tummy from the seat belt digging after the crash, but no one seemed intresting or even remotely bothered. A phone call to the maternity department at the hospital told me that as baby wasn’t 26 weeks they wouldn’t do anything. Those pains went pretty quickly so I’ve not been worried about baby, he/she is very well protected in my tummy. But it will be a relief to see them on the screen this week at our scan and to k ow for sure all is well.

I’ve been practicing carrying dolls around in my sling and also carried Tia in it which she loved!
We received the super cute Ewan the dream sheep from Bump PR this week for out new arrival. He’s super cute and everyone has had wonderful things to say about him. Cannot wait to get him out and play though I’ll wait a little longer yet!


I may or may not have also ordered three more teeny tiny cloth nappies. *totally have*

Not much to report that I haven’t already to be honest. I’m sore from the crash, I can’t see any difference in my bump photo this week compared to last weeks though. I wonder if I’m slowing down a litre bit now?

As always, thanks for reading and i’ll be back next week for week 21 

The day I had a car crash when pregnant.

Car crashes. They’re awful things… I had my first ever car crash last May after nearly five years of driving. I stopped at a roundabout and the guy behind me never. I broke down on the spot and had to be escorted home.

Today January 21st 2015 I am 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant, and I was T-boned at another roundabout. I was in such a happy mood, we (Tia was in the car) were on our way to look around a potential pre-school when it happened. The young lady should have stopped to give way to me at the mini round-about, but didn’t and crashed straight into the side of me. The side Tia sits.

I jumped straight out of the car after yanking the handbrake on and ran to check Tia was ok. “Mummy, car went BANG”! She said. Yes it did poppet, are you ok I asked again. “I’m happy, can I have raisons now” I kissed her then checked the girl in her car. She was visibly upset and spluttered that she needed to call her dad.

By this point a fair bit of traffic had come to a standstill due to me sitting in the middle of the road and her going nowhere. I checked my car and could see that my wheel had tucked underneath, I explained to the girl that I was going to attempt to move my car out of the way if it would drive, and I limped it onto the side pavement and she pulled in behind me.

Three cars behind the girl was a police car who pulled in and assisted which Im so thankful for, they called an ambulance to check me over as I had since remembered about myself being pregnant. The other driver had a panic attack and couldn’t talk at all bless her. I felt awful for her, it later came out after her dad arrived that she had only been driving two weeks. I called my husband to let him know and he left work immediately to meet me at home.

I refused a full check over from the paramedics after discussing with them how I felt. Which was fine, I was keeping really calm because of baby. I was more concerned they see to the other driver. After the policeman gave me the drivers details I walked home with Tia, luckily I had her pram in the car and was only a 7-8 minute walk away from home. It was freezing and snow started falling on the way. I was so pleased to get home and have a hot surgery tea.

10 hours later and I’m starting to hurt. I’ve got pressure type pains where my seatbelt lay and Im getting aches and pains in other places. I’m not going to write too much more in case of any legal proceedings. The last thing I want to do is get myself or anyone into trouble.

The next morning I literally feel like I’ve been hit by a car. 44 calls to my doctor later and he’s fully booked.

I’m now trying to get seen via a walk in clinic. I’ll try and keep you all updated. I apologise for not answering everybody’s tweets and texts, I’m not being ignorant. I’m still in shock and keep randomly crying.

19 week pregnancy update.

Hey guys, welcome back to my little weekly pregnancy instalment.
I’ll be 20 weeks on Friday, it’s going way too fast for my liking. This will be our last baby so I really want to enjoy this pregnancy, but I also think time flies by when you’re having fun so that must be it. I’m enjoying this pregnancy, I’m feeling really well and I’ve been told several times this last week that I’m glowing. Which I think is always lovely to hear regardless.

Nothing new to report this week, I was only sick once which is the best yet! I’m not feeling half as tired as I have been, I’m still having a nap in the afternoon with Tia if she has one. Would be a shame to waste the opportunity :-)


Tia is still being nothing but adorable towards my tummy. She came in the living room with her keyboard the other day to “show baby” She also declared that she wanted to share it with baby. Hopefully by this time next week we’ll know the gender, so she can bond even more with baby. I’m looking forward to when we can feel the baby externally kick as I think she’ll be really excited by that.
Lots and lots this week, nothing for ages and now baby doesn’t stop. Mainly in the evenings and at night, but a few times this week I’ve felt baby in the morning which is so lovely. It’s honestly such a magical feeling.

(Please excuse my lip-balm in my pocket sticking out, and I really must clean my mirror lol)

I’ve stopped worrying about having baby, I’m not sure how Tia will react when baby is here but worrying about it seems daft now.
I purchased a close caboo baby carrier this week for the new squish. I want to baby wear early on and this is suitable from 5lb newborn. I’ll be having a play with it later on in the week with a large teddy! I also purchased some maternity bras finally so now I’m all comfortable.
Bump is definitely bigger this week and harder on the top. I’m still pretty soft at the bottom of the bump, this is where I gained weight before becoming pregnant I think. Boobs have slowed down although my new bras are two cup sizes and a back size bigger eeep! The lady who helped me said it’s the biggest cup they do, so Lord knows what I’ll do when my milk comes in! I’m well and truly back in maternity tops now, I ordered a couple of basic ones from Beebies baby store, I ordered two, one in violet and one in black* which you can find here
Priced at just £12.99 with free delivery, I think they’re really good value. Look out for a separate maternity wear review coming soon.
No swelling yet *touches wood* I didn’t wear my wedding rings for the second half of my pregnancy with Tia and I’m sure my feet were bigger by this point. But so far it’s just my belly and boobs that have swelled. I’ve started craving ice lollies, I’m wondering it it will progress into a full blown ice addiction like I had with Tia. Michael might divorce me if it does haha!


Look out next week for two updates from me guys, my 20 week and a separate scan post. Thanks again for reading x

Second baby ballet session.

I wrote about Tia’s first session last week, she really didn’t enjoy it to start with but soon warmed up.
Well I asked her on Friday morning if she knew what the next day was, and what our plans were. When I told her she answered “I not like ballet, I not want to beee a ballerina”! Oh dear… So I left it at that. She would be going regardless as I have paid for three weeks but I wasn’t about to upset her.
Later on in the day I sat on the floor and practiced my good toes and naughty toes. Tia thought this brilliant and promptly joined me, I then reminded her of all the songs we sang and she soon remembered that she had in fact enjoyed it.

So Saturday morning (after scrapping my car) we set off and everyone was happy, one of her friends also started this week and we sat together. I’m so pleased to say that it only took Tia about a minute to warm up this time. A huge improvement on the ten it took last week! She also never felt the need to hide in my lap, she done 90% of the dances and singing. I was so proud of her, she actually got upset when it was time to go home and made me promise we would go back.


I’ve not mentioned baby ballet to her since as I want to see how she reacts on Friday again, however she has since taught her grandparents and her daddy good toes and naughty toes, so I think we’ll be ok now.

The Vax Air3 wishes six months on.

As you will know if you read this blog regularly, I was gifted a Vax air3* last year and I loved it! Read that review if you want to refresh your memory.

Six months later how do I feel about it? It’s not still love that’s for sure, I want to list the reasons why here as I promised to give you all an update once I had given it a proper testing.

It’s not lost its suction, which it promise’s not to. However I’ve had massive issues with the front brushes getting clogged up. With my old vax which I owned around ten years, I maybe had to clean them out every four to six months or so. With the vax air3 I need to do it fortnightly, if I don’t, it basically stops vacuuming. I’ll have to go over the same spots several times before the suction grabs it, this is exhausting normally but even more so now I’m pregnant.

Of course having plum carpets top to bottom, vacuuming daily is something I need to do. Especially as I have a toddler and a mechanic living with me, the colour shows up every single tiny bit of fluff.

So the front brushes, once they get locked up completely changes the vacuum. It goes from basically floating across the carpets to having to drag and really push. To remove the brushes you need a screwdriver, I sit down and unscrew the brushes, then slip it out of the rubber band. I can then cut of all the hair that’s wrapped its self around.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully expect hair to wrap around the brushes. It’s the fact that they jam up so quickly, it makes using it honestly horrible. I’m currently pregnant and not losing as much hair now and it’s still causing issues. I’m honestly dreading how bad it’s going to be when I start losing my hair later in the year, I think I will most likely end up buying a new vacuum..

The stairs I’m still having real issues with, it’s a mix of the attachments not being what I’m used to and the cord being too short. In modern houses I don’t think this would be so much of an issue, but in our old house we have one or two plus sockets in each room.

It still vacuums like a dream after its been serviced, I guess I just wasnt expecting it to have to be serviced quite as often as it does. It’s also quite possible that all new modern vacuums are like this, as it is, I wouldn’t recommend this model to any household where the occupants have hair.

18 week pregnancy update

Hey guys, thank you to everyone who read and commented on last weeks post. I’m loving writing these posts already, I love the idea of being able to look back and read them, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.
I’ve had yet more migraines this week, ive been told they’re most likely to be hormone related so hopefully they’ll calm down soon.
I’ve not had as many ligament pains, so now im expecting twice as many next week!
I’ve had huge cravings for fruit this week, even more so than normal.
Other than when i’ve got a migraine i’ve not felt as tired, me and Tia have managed to do so much more together this week than in previous which is lovely.
Not much to report this week, pretty much the same as last week, although she’s suddenly become obsessed with summer coming. “when summer comes, i eat dinner outside” “when summer comes, I cuddle baby”
She also seems to understand now that baby has to stay in my belly as he/she still needs to grow. she’s still very affectionate towards my belly which is utterly adorable.
Now I think I felt baby a couple of times this week, but because I so want to feel baby im also not sure if it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. The first time was when i was standing alone in the toilet after a funeral where I had been pretty emotional. I was feeling very alone, as I was at that moment when I felt it. It’s almost like baby knew i needed something.. Then again the next night in bed, i felt what felt like tiny bubbles popping twice. Im going to count them as movements although still doubting myself. Tummy has definitely gotten bigger this week, I seem to have popped out.
**edit** Baby went crazy Sunday evening after we arrived home after a lot meal out at the carvery, lots and lots of movements! I cannot explain how happy this had made me.

due to the funeral, this week has been massively emotional, then right at the end my amazing husband took me out and bought me a brand new laptop and treated me to dinner. I had another banging migraine that day so not having to cook was so lovely.

I finally ordered a new coat, I ordered one online from new look with my birthday money and picked it up a few days later. it’s so lovely and warm, I’m really pleased with it. I’ve also ordered a couple of maternity tops from Beebies baby shop too as mine are getting shorter everyday lol.

Tias first baby ballet class.

On Saturday just gone, my baby had her very first ballet class. I had joined her up months ago, the places go so fast and ive been excited about it ever since.
I signed her up for the three-week trial to see if she likes it or not, so I chose not to order her the official uniform. I found a lovely pair of ballet slippers in good old H&M. I also got her a baby pink long-sleeved vest in there, and she already has plenty of tutus at home.
I only told her about it a few days before we went (when I bought her slippers) and she’s been massively excited ever since. On the morning of her class she was running about like a hyped up kid on sugar, she kept jumping and shouting “I’m a ballerina”



So imagine my surprise when we get there and she instantly went shy. Tia is NOT shy, she hid kneeling on her knees with her face in my lap for the first ten minutes. Now bear in mind its only a thirty minute lesson. I wont lie I was a tad nervous that the whole thing was a big mistake.

But she soon opened up and got involved with singing “wind the bobbin up” twirling with voile and dancing with the bear which i think was her favourite part.


Our babyballet class is for ages 18 months to 3 years and is on every saturday mornings at 9:30, they have an afternoon class too. Its run by a lovely lady called Miss Keiley, She was so good with the children. I’m sure next week she’ll go in with much more confidence, it must be pretty daunting. It’s in a club she’s never been to, run by a lady she’s never met and surrounded by children and their parents that again she’s never met.
But she’s already asking me when we can go back which im taking as a good sign, I’ll keep you all updated.

Things I’m hoping to do In 2015.

I’ve not made resolutions this year. I never really follow them anyway so it seemed a bit (totally) pointless. There are however things that I’m hoping to do and thought I would share them you you.
Dig my cross stitch materials out.
I’ve not picked up a needle since Tia was tiny. Not a single cross stitched in over two years. I’m really hoping to change this soon, it relaxes me so much.
Read more.
I tried this last year and managed to read 12 books. Not a lot by my pre-parenting days, but still 12 more than the previous year! Hoping to beat that this year and am already on book two so off to a flying start.
Document my pregnancy.
I had such a tough ride carrying Tia, and I didn’t document any of it. I’ve never kept a diary and a started my blog after she was born. All I can remember are the rough times and I hope this one will be so much more positive. I also plan on taking weekly photos so I can look back at my expanding belly.
Buy a better camera.
This one is more like a dream then reality. There are so many other things that I could spend my money on, but it’s a dream never the less. A DSLR will be owed one day, hopefully that day will be sooner rather than later.
Upgrade my car.
My Zafira is so old and battered now. Don’t get me wrong it still gets me from A-B but a newer car would be so lovely. I’ve been driving it around nearly a year since I was crashed into, and although it was repaired, I do still have flashbacks.
Get a juicer.
I’ve lusted over Nutribullets since they came on the market. I eat plenty of fresh fruits anyway but not nearly enough vegetables. This would be such a game changer, and I would look forward to having a freshly made drink everyday.
Continue meal planning.
I started doing this quite late last year and saved not only money, but wastage. I have thrown so little food away in comparison which pleases me greatly. I got a new recipe book for my birthday a few days ago and have planned three meals this week from it. I’ve so many lovely books and I use none of them, I’ll try hard to change that this year.

Have you made yourself any promises this year? I would love to hear them.