Easy two tone biscuits. 


Me and Tia often do a bit of baking together, I try to do something once a week with her. I fondly remember learning to bake with my own mum and nan, and want her to grow up knowing the basics. She so loves helping, and now she’s a bit older is able to do more and more. Biscuits are something we’ve made many times as they’re easy and Tia loves rolling and cutting, so when my good pal Emma over at Www.theminimesandme.com shared a post yesterday for Two tone star biscuits I knew we had to try them. 
We followed most of Emma’s instructions but changed a few things, I added vanilla essence to the main dough mixture and used Nutella instead of chocolate. We also put the dough in the fridge for an hour before rolling as I find it so much easier to work with chilled. So for super duper easy two tone biscuits you’ll need. 
To make approx 16 biscuits

50gms of soft butter

75gms of caster sugar

145gms of plain flour

One egg yoke

Half a teaspoon of Vanilla essence

Nutella, lots plus more for eating!

Two cutters in the shape of your choice, we chose hearts.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and line some trays with non stick baking paper,

Mix together the sugar, egg yoke, vanilla essence and butter until completely combined and then mix in the flour to create a dough. Half the dough and add enough Nutella to one half until it’s completely combined and lovely and chocolatly. Eat another spoon of Nutella before putting it away. 

I then wrapped both doughs in cling film and left to cool in the fridge for an hour. You can make this the night before and chill overnight. Once chilled roll out the dough to the thickness of your favourite biscuits, ours were about 5mm thick. Then take your large cutter first and cut out your biscuits, then using the smaller cutter remove the middles and switch them over. 


Place in the pre-heated oven for about 10 minutes until just golden. Mine could have done with a minute less but little legs was adamant he wanted feeding.

Let them cool down (if you have the patience) and enjoy! 

Fisher-price play gym. 

We’ve been working with the iconic baby brand Fisher-price recently. Baby M has been testing out the Newborn to toddler gym*the last few weeks, and it’s safe to say he loves it. 

The Fisher-price newborn to toddler gym features lights, sounds and has over 12 activities and toys to discover. It has three stages so will grow with your baby, lay and play, sit and play and stand and play making it great value for money. 

The gym comes in a box and needs some assembling. It doesn’t come with any instructions but it’s easy enough to do using the picture on the box as a guide. The mat has a shiny, easy to wipe down surface and the whole mat can be chucked in the washing machine which is super handy. My first born was super sicky (reflux) and her floor mat wasn’t machine washable so she never really got to play with it, I so wish she had something like this. 

The Baby gym requires two AAA batteries which don’t come supplied, so baby M played with it without the noises and sounds for two days before I remembered to buy some and install them. He still loved it then though, but I must say he adores it with the flashy lights and sounds. It has two switches, one turns it on and off with a choice of volumes, and the other switch changes it from short sounds or long. The sounds when on short just make noises when one of the hanging toys gets pulled or bashed. It’s also set off with the balls but baby M is too little for that feature. When on long it plays music for up to 20 minutes, baby M seems to respond really well on this setting and I’m not annoyed by the tunes (yet) so this is the setting its on. I will say that even on the quieter music setting it is loud, this is because the speaker is at the top of the gym rather than the bottom. I do think the quiet setting could be quieter, we have fixed this by putting a sock or nappy insert over the speaker when it’s on haha.

Baby Ms bigger sister has really enjoyed playing with this too, most likely as it’s not actually hers and therefore is far more exciting then anything she has, but she’s checked out the ball runs and likes to lay under it and have a bash too. So I can confirm its really robust, I did think she had lost one of the balls and got quite cross but it seems it comes with an odd number. I’ve not been able to confirm this as it doesn’t list on the box the contents, but it does only show five balls on the picture. This seems a random number and makes me feel twitchy, I really would feel better if it was four or six!

So far we’ve only used this in the lay and play setting as baby M is only ten weeks old. But I’ve changed it to see how easy it is to adjust and it’s very simple. I love how it grows with your child, it makes it feel very good value for money. It was whilst playing with this that baby M gave us his very first proper laugh, he gets very excited when all the lights are flashing and it’s singing to him. I’ve no doubt it will help with his develepment. 

Would I recommend it? Yes I would, I’ve always loved Fisher-price and I think this is a brilliant toy. It doesn’t take up a lot of room but provides baby with lots of mental and physical stimulation. 

Papoozle review and competition.

Me and baby M have been having a play with a papoozle baby carrier* over the last ten weeks. It comes in a box with very easy to follow instructions printed on it. Although I found when taking it out the box, that it was pretty self-explanatory.
I spent a few minutes adjusting the belt that clips on around the waist before crossing the straps across my back and then tying in a secure knot around my front. Then following the instructions I lifted baby M in to the carrier, putting one leg in at a time and evenly distributing the material around him making him safe and feeling secure. When he’s in I then tied the matching belly band around him finishing the carry, it really is that easy!
The sling completely supports both babies back and mine, the soft padded shoulder straps gently cocoon his head making him feel safe and snuggly (whilst I’m walking/hanging the washing out etc.) and also ensures that babies weight is evenly distributed across my back. The belt buckle makes it super easy to adjust the size making it suitable to use no matter your size.

You can apparently breastfeed in the papoozle up until around 12 weeks old, but I can not work out how to do this at all. But to honest I’ve also not needed to do haven’t really worried about it. I do think this would be much easier for less endowed ladies though.

The Papoozle  carrier is suitable from birth up to about 35lb, you can wear baby on your hip when bigger helping to keep your spine straight. The ergonomic design makes sure that baby has his hips in the correct position, baby should always have knee to knee support when in a carrier. If baby’s legs are just dangling g down it can be very uncomfortable for both him and you.

The papoozle comes in a choice of three colours, teal, stone and black. It is a one size fits most size with the range going from around 5ft3 inches to 6ft6 inches

I found when using it from teeny that baby was so snuggly and warm. It must have felt like he was back in the womb, and being so close to me and having my body warmth and smell made him feel very secure. Baby wearing really is such a lovely thing to do and I would recommend it to anyone. The material is quite thick so remember not to put t baby in a thick coat or they may overheat, the wrap works like a coat, plus they have your body heat too. You’ll find you won’t need a coat on cooler days either.

The pampoozle has won several awards for its design and ease of use and I’m not surprised, it’s been one of my baby essentials and after having used one, I would be inclined to buy friends one for a new baby/baby shower gift.

Priced at £49.99 it’s amazing value and come with a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

I love how easy and quick this carrier is to use, I can keep it in the car and it’s perfect for quick carries around the shops or for spontaneous trips to the park. I find it invaluable when I’m shopping, he’s too small to sit in a seat but I like Tia to sit in the trolley, so I cannot use the car seat trollies.
I find he stays calm and 9 times out if 10 asleep making the while experience so much less stressful.

Today I’m offering my lucky readers a chance to win their very own Papoozle, just fill in the form below to be in with a chance and good luck!

Papoozle baby carrier.

Two months old.

It doesn’t seem like two weeks ago that baby M arrived, let alone two months but here we are. 14th of August, things still feel pretty chaotic at times, here what’s new this month.
Feeding has become easier. I’m proud to be able to say I’m still feeding my baby. 12lb 7oz he weighed at his two month weigh, a gain of 4lb 5oz so far! Clearly I’m producing pure gold top right! We also did our first public feed this month and survived. Baby M has started to stop mid feed to look up at me and give me huge gummy smiles before continuing his feed, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


Finding his arms/hands. He is going through leap two of his mental development which includes finding his hands. He’s not quite there yet but the range of movement in his arms has increased so much over the last week and it won’t be long. He has started pinching and also keeps hitting himself round the face trying to control his arms bless.


Spending more time awake. He spends much more time awake during the day now which is lovely, he watches me in the car mirror for a good five minutes before it lulls him off to sleep.

Practacing his speech. Baby M has been mastering his chatting and stretching his vocal cords recently. Cooing and screeching,  it’s so cute to watch him trying so hard to communicate with us. Especially his big sister who is “teaching” him how to talk and is very excited that he’s now making noises.


Following us around. His eyes follow us around the room now, he responds to voices too. His hearing is tip top, unlike his sister he’s not a huge fan of the vacuum and I have to hold him whilst doing it most days. He absulotely adores being in his mamaroo chair as he can see all around the room, he gets so upset now if I attempt to put him in his moses basket that I no longer bother, he cannot see anything so he hates it.

Clothing size. He has well outgrown all his new baby and first size clothing and is in his 0-3 month stuff, how long for I’m not sure! He’s quite long in the body, but filing out nicely so hopefully he’ll stay in them for another month.

Bath time. Like his older sister he absulotely adores his baths, he has had one with his big sister this month which they both seemed to enjoy, Tia more so as she showed him all her toys, and he had his first bath with me this week which was lovely.

Sleeping. He actually sleeps really well, I cannot complain at all. Yes I’m writing this during a night feed,  he always has one around 3am then that should be him done till about 7am which I can cope with. Tia normally wakes around this time and joins us in bed for lots of cuddles (and cbeebies)
Buying the bednest was one of the best decisions I made, he’s so comfortable and safe in it, and I don’t have to get out of bed at all to feed him. He also has a lot more growing room in it in comparrason to the moses basket.


He aced his six week check with the doctor who was very happy with his progress. I’ve just booked his eight week immunisations for next week which I’m not looking forward to at all,  I’m not sure how Tia is going to react to it. But obviously I’ll explain to her about how important they are and let her know she also had them.


That’s about it for this month, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next month brings us.

Loveyush Nursing cover competition.

While I was still pregnant I started researching nursing covers. I quickly found that some are really heavy and stiff and as much as I knew I wanted something for when I had to feed in public, I knew I didn’t want something like that.
Then I met the lovely lady behind Loveyush at the London baby show and I totally fell in love with her covers. 

Bhakti the founder says about her company.. “I founded Loveyush London, with a vision to Improve the quality of life for the Baby and the Parents; by providing convenient and contemporary products that enhance love, promote closeness and bonding with baby.” – Bhakti, a mum behind Loveyush. Our mission is to help parents spend more quality time by providing Loveyush products… products that are made with love, designed to increase convenience, safety and bond between parents and a baby.

 Loveyush covers come in a number of different colours and also several different matirial options meaning there is the perfect choice for everybody. I picked a lightweight black cotton cover*, I wanted one I could wear with everything. You can wear a loveyush cover all the time even when not feeding. No more trying to find room in your changing bag or struggling to get it on when baby decides they want some food and they want it instantly.



Worn like a cape, I’ve been wearing this out over a simple nursing vest when I know I’ll be feeding publicly. As a new feeder (with a very ample bossam) I’m just not confidant enough yet to not feed with it. 

The head hole is large enough to look down at your baby when feeding, and keeping eye contact with baby makes them feel safe and secure. The material is such a lovely quality and washes and dries really well, it feels pretty warm if I wear anything other than a vest underneath but it is the height of summer (honestly it is haha) 

I’ll be giving one lucky reader a loveyush soloane cover which comes in a choice of blue or black. 

 Priced at £34.99 the loveyush nursing cover is competativaly priced, and you can order two for £50 which is a huge saving! Loveyush are also offering my wonderful readers a £10 discount when you order using the code loveyush8115 and you get free delivery if spending over £50.  For a chance to win your own loveyush cover, just fill in the rafflecopter below and good luck!
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Tommee tippie express and go

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding baby M for a little over seven weeks now and am honestly loving every minute of it. We had a few moments at the beginning (Mastitis and engorgement) but we’re over that now and doing really well. To be honest I never thought about expressing,  why give a bottle when he’s happy getting it from the draft :-) but there might be a time in the future where he needs to have a bottle, you never know do you. I also plan on donating my breast milk to babies in need, it’s something I feel pretty passionate about.
So when I was offered the chance to test out the brand new super shiny Tommee tippie Express and go complete starter set I jumped at the chance.


On reading the information about the kit I got really excited, it sounded unlike any other expressing kit I had seen before.
I had a manual tommee tippie pump already (the starter kit dosent include a pump) so I was ready to go when it arrived.
The starter kit contains

A breast pump adaptor allowing you to attach the Express and Go pouch to a number of leading breast pump brands including: Tommee Tippee®, Medela®, Lansinoh®, Evenflo®, Ameda®, and Philips Avent® – Breast pumps available separately


Pre-sterilised pouches each hold up to 180ml of expressed milk. Express, store, warm and feed baby from the pouch so you don’t lose one precious drop.


Pouch bottle allows you to feed from the bottle without transferring the milk. The pouch attaches to the clip inside the bottle and includes a slow flow teat.


Bottle and pouch warmer automatically heats milk to perfect temperature from frozen, fridge or room temperature
Compact and lightweight breast milk storage case neatly stores up to 12 pouches in your fridge or freezer

So from what I can work out with a normal expressing system, you pump into a bottle and then transfer the milk from the bottle into a bag to be stored either in your fridge or freezer. Then when needed you put back into the bottle to feed… well that all sounds rather complicated and I massively applaud anyone who does that regularly. I know that a lot of people exclusively pump and it’s those people who will massively benefit from this express and go kit.
Imagine if instead of the above you pumped straight into a bag, stored said bag until needed and then feed from the bag too! No messing about transferring your milk, not a single drop lost or spilled.


Just call me Daisy, my husband does.

Using a attachment supplied you screw the bag directly onto your breast pump, all ready for you to fill it up. Once filled you put the cap back on and store either in the fridge or freezer (do remember to write the date on the bag)


When the milk is then needed you simply pop the bag into the warmer, this automatically heats up to the correct temperature so you can then simply attach the bag to the bottle and feed.



No spills!
You can purchase either the full set up, or a smaller kit for less money.
The attachments mean you can use it with your pump no matter the make.
Dead simple to use even for a complete novice, handy if you plan a night out and the baby sitter has never fed baby expressed milk before.

The bags are more expensive than normal bags and aren’t reusable. (I’m sure this is because it’s a new system though and will hopefully reduce down a bit at a later date)
I totally assumed the complete starter set would come with a pump!

I’m super impressed with the express and go system, I think it’s a really clever idea. It can be really hard pumping and it’s heartbreaking when any of it gets wasted. That simply won’t happen with this and for that reason alone, I would recommend it all day long.

Keeping kids safe in the sun.

Ok ok so I know the weather hasn’t been amazing over the last few weeks, but hey this is England after all haha! But seriously it’s meant to get really warm again soon and it can be quite hard keeping children, especially younger ones cool when it does get really hot. I’ve been gathering some tips for myself and thought I would share them with you guys too. 

Use a decent sunscreen.

So simple but so easily forgotten, we love P20* as it lasts ten hours after applying, and Sunsense* have recently brought out a new kids lotion that is waterproof for up to four hours, and remember that no child under the age of six months should be exposed to direct sunlight. 

Keep hydrated.

Again so simple and easily forgotten. When it’s really hot we really do need to drink more water, Tia has been loving her OXO tots twist top water bottle*, it has a large 12oz capacity which keeps her hydrated throughout the day. I pop in a few ice cubes on very warm days which she loves. The OXO tot sippy cup* is perfect for younger babies, it has a valve in meaning it’s leak proof. So you know when it’s empty it’s because they’ve drank the water rather than tipped it out everywhere.

Protect against insects.

For basic protection from insect bites, remember to CLOAK yourself:

• C – Cover up arms and legs with suitable clothing.

• L – Light coloured clothing is strongly advisable.

• O – Odours, bodily or otherwise, like certain kairomones and perfumes are strong attractants. So wash thoroughly, including exfoliating with a loofah, and do not use perfumes.

• A – Apply an effective insect repellent such as incognito® – www.lessmosquito.com .

• K – Keep away from stagnant water.

And lastly, don’t forget to protect their eyes. 

1. Babies under the age of six months should be kept out of direct sunlight.
“The easiest way to ensure very young babies are protected is to keep them away from sunshine altogether,” advises Steve. “Pushchairs should also be fitted with screens or parasols to protect children while on the move.”

2. All children should wear quality, well fitting sunglasses.  

“Without the UV factor protection carried by the CE mark there is no eye health benefit to wearing sunglasses, so check for this seal of approval,” Steve warns.

For very young children Steve recommends that parents look for wraparound styles such as Baby Banz Baby Banz, which are suitable for ages 0-2, were developed in Australia and give 100% UV protection 
3. Ensure your youngsters drink plenty of fluids.

“Drinking lots of water will help your kids’ eyes maintain a healthy balance of fluid, preventing them from becoming dehydrated and irritated.”

4. Wear a hat.
“A hat that shades your children’s eyes will help to block out harmful light. Even better, choose a hat with UV protection built in – but don’t think this means you can give sunglasses a miss,” says Steve.

5. Consult your optician if your child already wears glasses.
“Many of our most popular children’s ranges can be supplied as sunglasses so they both protect and correct your children’s sight,” says Steve. “An added bonus is that if your child already wears glasses and is happy with them he or she will be more likely to be comfortable wearing sunglasses in the same style.” Optical Express’ Cool Kids and Street Seen ranges have been designed especially for children are free on the NHS.

6. Don’t forget older children.
“It’s easy to overlook older kids because they are more independent and able to play with less supervision but all children under 12 have clearer lenses so are especially sensitive to UV light,” says Steve. Optical Express stocks a wide range of junior glasses to suit all budgets.

Don’t forget about yourself.

Remember to apply your cream too and drink plenty of water to keep cool. Those who suffer with hayfever might be interested to know about a new nasel spray sold by boots opticians (which is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding so mums, yay) here’s some interesting stats on evening hayfever.. Boots Anti allergy nasal spray £8.99
Topline stats reveal that:

64% of hayfever sufferers admit to suffering from ‘insneezia’ – the insomnia-esque impact of night time hayfever symptoms caused by pollen falling at the end of the day as the air cools.

On a typical summer night, insneezia sufferers say that they miss out on 72 minutes of sleep – which equals nearly five whole days across the months of June to August.

The impact of night time hayfever is so strong that sufferers even admit to sticking their heads in the freezer in order to try and relieve symptoms!

New research1 from Boots Pharmaceuticals reveals that for the 18 million2 Brits who suffer from hayfever – problematic pollen does not stop when the sun goes down.


In fact, 64% of sufferers admit to suffering from ‘insneezia’ – a term that refers to the insomnia-esque impact of night time hayfever symptoms, caused by pollen falling at the end of the day as the air cools.


On a typical summer night, insneezia sufferers say that they miss out on 72 minutes of shut eye – which equates to being kept awake for a total of nearly five whole days across the months of June to August – with itchy eyes (47%) and a blocked nose (45%) being the main symptoms that blight being able to nod off. Additionally, 64% say it takes them longer to drop off as a result and an equal number (64%) find it harder to get back to sleep once they have been woken up. 

We love the summer and enjoy playing in the paddling pool, visiting the beach, eating our body weight in ice cream and generally having a swell time. I’ll be remembering these tips on how to stay safe so we can enjoy ourselves all summer long.
Do you have any top tips for staying safe that you would add to mine? I would love to hear them. 

Silvercross pioneer review.

So we’ve been using our Silvercross pioneer for seven weeks now, is it love? 


The silvercross pioneer is beautifully designed, I love the chrome details on the handlebar and hood. The handle is really easy to adjust using the push button on the Leather effect handlebar, it can be done using one hand. The large foot brake is easy to apply without looking and can be applied easily in flip flops. To remove the brake you need to be a bit more precise with your foot meaning it’s almost impossible to take it off by mistake. The fold is simple but takes two hands, it can be folded with the seat unit attatched in world facing mode. The basket is crazy big, seriously it gives my friends basket envy! Lastly the chunky wheels have meant I’ve been able to tackle all kinds of terrain easily and without fear of bursting a tyre as they’re not air filled. They go up and down kerbs easily with no fuss.


Rain cover

The silvercross pioneer raincover is honestly the best raincover I’ve ever used on a pram. It’s so easy to use that I get it out and put it on even when it’s not raining, but windy to offer baby more protection. No fiddly straps or poppers, it’s perfectly designed to just put on the pram much like a coat. It’s elasticated and just stretches over the carrycot creating a warm and dry environment both quickly and easily. It has a hidden zip for easy access to baby when it’s on, genius and It comes in its own storage bag that I keep in the basket.


The carrycot is huge, I’ve had several carrycots before with Tia and this is by far the largest one I’ve had. So hopefully baby boy can continue to use it until he’s old enough to go in the seat unit. I’ve found before that baby outgrows the carrycot before they’re able to use the seat unit, leaving you at an akward “what do I do” stage. I would be very surprised if this happens with this cot. Even though the carrycot is large, it’s super soft bamboo lining makes it a very cozy and inviting place to lay. I’ve often wanted to crawl in myself as it’s just so unbelievably soft. It’s also ok to use overnight as somewhere to sleep if needed, this is something that most carrycots aren’t suitable for.


A prams hood quite often can make the difference between love and hate for me with a pram. There is nothing bad to say about the hood on the silvercross pioneer, it has a good sized peep hole which stays shut with a magnet. The colour is beautifully broken up with chrome detailing and it’s a superb size. I like the feeling when you open it up, it clicks open with a reassuring click, you know this won’t blow down in the wind. The hood also has a silver lining giving your baby protection against uv Rays. 


The basket on the silvercross pioneer is the largest basket I’ve ever seen. It is not just long, but it’s also really deep. It’s very easy to access even with the carrycot on the pram. It also comes with a cup holder, a holder for my drink! This excited me far more than it should of I’m sure. But I’ve not had one before and I’ve no idea how I ever managed without it now! 


The pram pushes lovely, I took it out for its first spin just four days PP. I was still really sore but really wanted to post some cards and the postbox is only a five minute walk away. I pushed the pram and also held my toddlers hand when she didn’t want to hold onto the pram and it was easy to push one handed, even when I was sore. It doesn’t have any suspension but goes up and down kerbs easily. It’s really easy to make the front wheels swivel by moving the switches across on the wheels, it steers easily and doesn’t try to run away and do its own thing. The pram is heavy but not overly, it’s a nice reassuring feel, I hate flimsy prams. 


To fold the silvercross pioneer, there are two sliding clips on the main frame. The right clip had a safety button which you have to press in before sliding the two clips up. This prevents the pram from folding unless you want it too, it’s very easy to fold and is held with a clip. To unfold you simply release the clip and it unfolds and clicks open, It takes seconds. It’s quite a bulky pram when folded at the moment as we’re using the carrycot, when folded in my car boot, the carrycot sits ontop of the frame. 

Overall thoughts

I’m actually in love with this pram, there is nothing that I don’t like about it. My baby is very comfortable and safe, it’s a joy to push and a real head turner. It has ample storage for shopping and the height adjustable handle means it’s sutible for people of all heights. Look out for my next post which will be when we’re using the seat unit, hopefully it will still be love in five months time. 


Modelling for Minene

So recently we were invited to London to meet the guys behind Minene, a wonderful baby company. Baby M was going to model some of their amazing product range for the new catalogue.
If you’ve not heard of Minene do check them out, they sell the most amazing soft storage baskets in lush prints. (Think Cath Kidston but even nicer and cheaper too) they also have the most wonderful range of baby and toddler clothing which is super soft, it comes up slightly larger than some other brands. Minene stock pushchair liners and covers, blankets, bedding and bath towels etc. Pretty much everything you might need for your little one, bar the baby.

After arriving at the London setting, I gave Michael a feed while the photographers were finishing up with the models before us. The three year old model is actually the daughter of the ower of the company, she was the sweetest little girl and her and Tia got on so well. They played together the whole time we were there and it was quite sad splitting them up when we had to go home. I was chatting to the lady who was going to be baby M’s model mummy, she also works for the company and deals with all the social media and online side of the business. Again she was so lovely, super friendly and she adored both baby M and Tia.
The first product he modelled was a two in one winter coat that can be used in a carseat, and also one of their pretty carseat covers. Long gone are the days where you have to have a boring black carseat, just pop a pretty cover on and away you go!
He looked super cute In this coat as it was a tad too big for him, we kept loosing his arms down the sleeves :-)

Next up was their super soft swaddle, now I had to swaddle him up and then pass him over to his model mummy Rebecca who was sitting down on a wooden chair next to a beautiful ornate fireplace. The set had been set up before I swaddled baby M, getting the lighting and props right takes so much time. I had no idea, I had to feed him again by the time it was all ready.

Next up was their lush bath towel, this goes on over your head so your clothes stay dry and has a little hood on for baby, he loved this as loves being snuggled up so much. He really is such a cuddly baby, this is why I call him my velcro baby.


Then he modelled a bath support which was really clever, he did look cute but I think he was unimpressed there was no water in his bath haha!


He was so good they asked if he could modal one last item before I went home, I agreed as Tia was having so much fun with her new friend out in the garden. I was dreading telling her we needed to go home :-/
So we all went downstairs and he was put in a different style winter coat. They attempted to photograph him but he was so teeny tiny that he kept getting lost in the coat. So it was decided a different baby model would do that product and we were finished.


We hung about for a while so I could feed baby M and got Tia to collect up all her bits and find her shoes which she had discarded in the garden.
Then it was time to start the two hour drive home, we had such a lovely day meeting everyone, and Im so looking forward to seeing the finished photographs in the new catalogue.

Gro-swaddle vs Gro-snug. 

Sleep safely is something I think a lot about, I’ve written about it before and I’ll write about it again. The Gro company make safe sleep easy for your little ones. They have a large range of products designed to keep your little one warm and safe, meaning you get a good nights sleep without the worry. Or at least a good hour before they want feeding again ha! 

We’ve been testing out two of The Gro companies products, their Gro-swaddle and their brand new Gro-snug. Here’s what we think of them, 

The hugely popular Gro-swaddle comes in a range of nine designs, we received the cute Le chien design* which has puppies on. The Gro-Swaddle is designed to make baby feel safe and secure again, perfect for newborns as it recreates the feeling of being in the womb which they find a comfort. The Gro-swaddle doesn’t have Velcro or straps to keep in place, it’s just firmly wrapped around baby. The packaging has a handy guide on it showing you how to do this correctly, which I did actually have to look at. Once I had done it once it was easy though, the packaging also tells you how to dress baby depending on the room temprture which I thought was really handy. He’s my second baby and I still doubt myself, especially when it comes to what to wear overnight.  I like  the swaddle, it’s lovely and soft and I love the idea of baby feeling safe. But like my first born, baby M hates being swaddled. He likes to put his thumb/fist in his mouth and gets quite cross when unable to do this. For this reason I found myself just swaddling him from the armpits down. 

The brand new  Gro-snug is a revolutionary 2in1 product, it’s both a swaddle and a sleeping bag. Suitable from birth and available in a choice of three colours. We received the grey maul design*, like the Gro-Swaddle the packaging contained useful advice on what to dress baby in when using the product, and it also contained a room thermometer. The Gro-Snug is a sleeping bag which can also be used as a swaddle by simply doing up the poppers on the arms so baby can’t wave his arms about. The bag is made from a super soft cotton material, and is really easy to get on. It has a full length zip which you do up from the top first, making night time nappy changes easy. The Gro-Snug can make the transition from swaddle to sleeping bag easier I imagine, we’ve used it with arms out from the start as baby M loves to be able to suck his hands. He looks so cute in his little bag and it keeps him warm enough over night and I know he’s safe. I love this product and so does baby M, I cannot fault it. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a safe sleeping bag suitable from birth, it would also make a wonderful new baby gift.