Peppa’s listen & learn smartphone.

Im sure anyone who has a toddler these days knows of Peppa pig, if they’re anything like my own toddler then they’ll also be able to fully work your smartphone. Kids these days are super smart aren’t they? Long gone are the days when a old style phone is good enough. Tia uses mine manly for selfies and YouTube, her newest toy isn’t able to do these tasks. But it does light up and teach her colours and numbers using her favourite TV stars. Tia adores Peppa pig and her friends and we cannot go a single day without watching at least one episode. So when Tia was asked to review a new Peppapig smartphone, I said yes immediately.

The KD Peppa pig listen & learn smartphone is available for £9.97 from George.


The smartphone has four built in games to teach, and uses light effects to stimulate. It even has a swipe feature (think of Apple) which sets off light and a tune. The phone features the voice of Peppa pig and takes three AAA batteries which come included.

The phone allows your toddler to call up ten different characters, although Tia normally ends up calling her dad and then making me talk to him! The buttons are easy to push and the phone is easy to turn on and off. It’s suitable from two years plus, and I would say that’s accurate. 

Moon gazing gift ideas

So the annual release of the John Lewis advert is upon us. You know it’s nearly Christmas when this happens, and yet again they’ve done brilliantly and I welled up. My husband laughs at me every year as I claim to just have something in my eye! If you’ve yet to see the advert I’ve shared the link to it here.

With Moon Gazing in our hearts this morning, here is a roundup of some of my favourite moon related products.

A reminder that no distance is too great for love!

Science Museum Shop

Illuminated Moon – £30.00
Telescope and Astronomy Kit – £100.00
Moon Sweatshirt – £35.00
Moon Platter and Star Cookie Cutter – £50.00
Home Planetarium – £35.00
Astronaut Duvet and Pillow Set
Moon Rocket Ride on Toy
Rockin’ Baby

Cozy Space Bib Set – £18.00

Silver cross.

To the Moon and Back
Luxury Mobile – £40.00

Luxury Sleepsuit – £30.00

Have you seen anything that catches your eye? My husband would love the telescope, Tia would go crazy over the space planetarium and I would love to treat little legs to the silver cross moon and stars luxery mobile.

Tots threads. 

Hey lovelies, 

I’m back again this week with another matching set for my babes. It’s rare that they wear matching clothes, but when they do I get so many lovely compliments and seeing them make me so proud. This week my twosome have been rocking some handmade clothing from a company called Baba be boho.

The lady who owns Baba be boho has been making children’s clothes a long time, she made dresses for Tia when she was a baby. Since re-branding she has a huge following and it’s actually very hard to get a slot, I was very lucky to get a slot on my first try. All her clothes are completely hand made, and you choose the size, style and material. I of course went for matching and ordered this amazing rainbow/rain-drop material as it makes me smile looking at it. 

I’ve never been one for monochrome on kids, I think it looks fab but I’ve always picked rainbows over blacks. After choosing what I wanted I was sent an invoice the day later and had them delivered the next week. The material I picked out is stretchy so will last little legs a long time hopefully. 

They’ve washed up perfectly on a 30 wash, done inside out with no bobbling, shrinking or colour loss. Tia LOVES her skater dress, it twirls around perfectly when she spins in it and she adores her rainbow sleeves. She’s also over the moon that her baby bro has clothes that look the same. I’m happy with his dungarees as they’re soft and stretchy making it easy for him to move in. I hate restricting clothes on babies and these are nothing of the sort, Very happy mummy and children.

Slimming world week four.

Hi guys, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week? It’s that time of the week again where I get to stand on the dreaded scales, but I wasn’t too worried this week. More intrigued to see how I had done after a very busy body magic week.
I decided quite early on that I was going to have a treat day once a week, and I was craving proper pizza so we went to Pizza Hut last Saturday and it was amazing! I did have a huge salad, but I also had lots of yummy pizza and chips and that’s ok too. Everything in moderation people!
So this week I have added kettlebells to my workouts and I’m really enjoying them. I’m sure my arms are already less wobbly and it definitely makes me sweat, and I’m only doing a quick 10 minute workout at the moment.

This week I’ve had mainly fruit and yoghurts for breakfast, omelettes for lunches and I cooked spa bol, jacket pototos, homemade burgers and even a Chinese this week! Slimming world is definitely not restricting in what you can eat, just making a few small changes in how you cook it and what’s added can make such a difference.


So this week’s weeks starts are

I lost 3lbs and got slimmer of the week!
Total lost 12lb

I’m so hoping to lose another 2lb this week so I can get my stone award, but if I don’t I won’t be upset, I’ve done so well already in such a short space of time.




Getting fit week one. 

So my regular readers will know that I’ve embarked on a weight loss mission. I’ve rejoined slimming world and am currently 9lb down so far.

But it’s about more than just loosing weight. I want to get fitter, I’ve never been particularly fit as an adult, and I’m working on that one day at a time. Baby steps. 

A month ago I bought myself a Fitbit charge HR, and for the first few days of wearing it I didn’t change my routine up at all. I wanted to see just how much I was or wasn’t doing and the results shocked me. I was doing less than 4k steps a day, now I thought they would be much higher seeing as I have a toddler. But being stuck on the sofa under a feeding baby, and resting because I felt tired again meant I wasn’t really active at all. 

So I set my daily step goal to 5k steps a day and made sure I did them, then 7k and now it’s set to 10k a month later and I normally beat this. I make sure I do some active exercise too. I’ve found a dance aerobics video that I really enjoy and am currently doing that six days a week with one day of rest. I slowly built this up from once a week, but I actually really enjoy doing it so it’s easy. 

I’m already noticing that my fitness is improving in just four short weeks, I’m able to jog more laps before getting out of breath, and I’m working harder at the dance aerobics. 

Buying the Fitbit charge HR was the best thing I ever did, I’ve linked my account up with friends who also have fitbits and we compete in daily and weekly challenges. This definitely makes me push myself, on Sunday I gave it my all and did 21k steps! Not bad for someone doing less than 4k a month back I don’t think. 


This week I’ve taken measurements of my body so I can track all my improvements. They don’t always show on the scales as muscle weighs more than fat. But I know I’m getting smaller, I’m always having to pull my jeans up now and my bra is on the tightest setting now and still feels pretty loose. 

I’m looking forward to treating myself to some new clothes come December! 

Britax introduces new technology. 

CAR SAFETY SPECIALIST BRITAX INTRODUCES NEW TECHNOLOGY TO PROTECT CHILDREN IN BOOSTER SEATS -SecureGuard helps to reduce abdominal forces by up to 35 per cent in the event of an accident- 

UK, October 2015 – Children love to move around in their car seat, but research shows that wriggling, sleeping and turning can compromise their safety – even when secured by a 3-point seat belt in a booster seat[i]. Today, responding to concerns from experts and parents[ii], car safety specialist Britax introduces SecureGuard, a seat belt extension proven to reduce abdominal forces in the event of a collision.


Every car journey is an adventure for a child, but in a booster seat the adult seat belt easily rides up to lie across the child’s belly due to movement in the car seat. One study[iii] shows that children in highback booster seats spend around 20 minutes of a one-hour drive in a slouched posture, confirming previous studies suggesting that children do not always sit upright in the car.


In the event of an accident, frontal collisions are the most common[iv], and a displaced seat belt in a booster seat makes the abdominal area much more vulnerable. In fact, abdominal injuries in frontal collisions represent 30 per cent of injuries for children in booster seats.

Introducing SecureGuard – the 4-point seat belt.


To improve the protection of a child’s abdominal area while in a booster seat, car safety specialist Britax has developed a solution to prevent the lap belt from moving upwards during the course of a car journey. SecureGuard is an extension that is easily clipped onto the existing seat belt, making it a fourth anchor point which ensures that the adult lap belt remains in the optimal position over the pelvic bones, even when a child moves around in their seat. It’s the first time this technology has been used in Europe, further establishing Britax as a safety leader.


Car crash tests show that the technology reduces the abdominal forces by up to 35% compared to a car seat not using SecureGuard, keeping children in the safest possible position within their seat while allowing them freedom to move.


Paul Gustavsson, CEO Britax Childcare says: “Anyone who has travelled with a child knows that they like to move about in their seat, and a parent’s main concern is to care for their safety while they do so. This innovative technology is proven to keep children safer in booster seats, so we are very proud to bring it to parents all over Europe.”


SecureGuard is now available with the highly popular highback booster seats from Britax – the new KIDFIX II XP range, exclusively available through Mothercare with prices starting from £155 in the range. The new ADVANSAFIX II range with SecureGuard, a Group 1-2-3 combination seat, will also be available in selected retailers from October 2015, priced from £250.

You can view the test crash video Here. 

For more information about Britax, visit

Beefeaters new menu. 

So the Beefeater have updated their menu for the cooler months, and we were very kindly invited along to take a peek and see what we think. Our local Beefeater is only a short drive away, I’ve never visited it before and am pleasently surprised at how nice it is. I booked us a table for 6pm, on a Sunday the Sunday dinners stop at six so I figured it would be a much quieter time to visit.

We were seated quickly and supplied a highchair for Miss T, she also got her own menu with Mr men on, a colouring book and some crayons. Miss T opened up her “looking card” and declared she was having a burger and chips and a milkshake please. I found the children’s menu had a lot of choice, handy as some kids (mine especially) can be super fussy, you also had the option of changing beans for veggies. Miss T requested a corn on the cob with her chips and burger.


The adult menu was packed with lovely dishes, my mouth was watering whilst trying to make a decision. In the end I picked the chicken and ribs, with a side of triple cooked chips and coleslaw. My husband picked out the mixed grill. We both had a lot of choices to make upon ordering food, did I want my chicken seasoned or plain? Chips coated or plain? Steak rare, medium, etc so our meals felt like they were made just for us, and not just mass produced.

The waitress asked us if we wanted to have Miss Ts dinner first or altogether, and it was nice to have the option. We requested to eat together and did some colouring in whilst waiting.

Miss Ts meal was really big, it came on a plate that was really warm so the waitress brought a second plate with her so she wouldn’t burn herself. The burger was really tasty, you could tell it was proper beef.

My chicken and ribs were amazing, I’m drooling again writing this review. The chicken was so tender and flavoured to perfection. The ribs fell of the bone as they were slow cooked and the glaze was sticky and full of flavour. The chips were cooked just how I like them (I hate soggy chips) and the homemade coleslaw was amazing, I could have eaten a whole plate of it.

My husband was massively impressed with his mixed grill, his steak was cooked to perfection as were all the other cuts of meat. He chose to have the seasoned chips and he was really impressed with them. The portion was a really good size and well worth the money.

After we finished dinner we looked at the menus again as Miss T declared that she would like an “Ice-cream in a trophy please” she had seen a couple get a sundae, I just loved her description for it. As did our waitress who laughed so much. She finally settled on the ice-cream face factory and we ordered the apple and plum crumble to share.

The ice-cream face factory was epic, it came with a bowl of ice-cream, a cone and lots of sweets to make a face with. Strawberry laces, tiny little smarties type chocolates and foam teeth. We had to keep reminding Miss T to eat it because she was having so much fun playing that it was melting away haha.

The apple and plum crumble I highly recommend, oh my word it was so good! I’m just cross I had to share it with my husband. The portion was not very big which I was a bit miffed at, but it was so rich and indulgent, it was more than enough. We chose to have a custard side, but we could have had either cream or ice-cream if we had preferred. My Inlaws had a huge honeycomb Sunday to share, which was really nice. Unfortaully honeycomb (which is really hard to begin with) is practically impossible to eat when it’s been frozen in ice-cream. Other than that we were all really impressed with the menu and food. I actually signed up for a loyality card whilst in there and we’re looking forward to returning soon.
*I was very kindly offered some vouchers to go towards trying out the new beefeater menu, all words and photos are my own*

Create a butterfly mobile.

It’s October, autumn has arrived and it’s brought with it cooler days and darker evenings. It’s my favourite time of year, and we find we do so much more messy play and arts and crafts this time of year. I was recently sent a Butterfly mobile making craft kit from the Natural history museum to make with Tia, which would compliment her bedroom perfectly.


Included in the box was ribbon, glue, pre-cut butterflies, instructions and an activity book. The finished mobile features 20 of the UK butterflies, and the activity book contains a spotters guide and check list. We’re very much looking forward to doing this when the warmer months return next year. Did you know that most butterflies only live for two or three weeks? But the Heliconius in Americas tropical rainforests, can live up to nine months!
After arranging out the contents, I got Tia sorting out the different butterfly sizes while I cut the strings to the desired size. We then needed to curl and glue the mobile top, then attach one set of ribbons to the top so it could be hung. Whilst that was drying, we began sticking the butterflies to the second set of ribbons. The glue stick provided was really decent, and we had butterflies stuck to our hands and even my nose at one point. It was the just a case of attaching the ribbons to the mobile top, again using the glue stick. This is where it got really fidderly, I would get one stuck down, turn it around to stick the next one on and the first one would fall off! So this last part took me about ten minutes all together, quite a long time when the project as a whole only took around 30 minutes.

After I finally got them all attached, I hung it up in the kitchen to dry for about an hour. Then after some quick photos posing with her latest craft make. (And one she’s incredibly proud of) we have it pride of place above her bed. Her bedding has butterflies on, and all her other soft furnishings are floral so it fits in perfectly.

Sales of everything from the Natural history museum shop, helps to support the museum. I do think it’s wonderful when you can learn from play, it makes it so much more fun. This set would make a wonderful Christmas present and is suitable for ages 3+.

Slimming world wk 3

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all had an amazing week? 

I’ve just got home from my third weigh in and again I’m really pleased with the scales. This week I’ve not drunk as much water and I’ve not had as many super speeds either, but I have done 30 minutes of dance aerobics everyday the last week bar one day of rest. I’ve also upped my daily steps and have beaten my daily goal of 7k steps everyday. 

I didn’t try any new meals this week, instead sticking to tried and tested meals that we all love. The nacho feast made another appearance, as did the slimming world spaghetti bolognese. I’ve had a chopped up banana covered in vanilla muller light for breakfast a couple of times, I am enjoying fruit for breakfast. I find it surprising filling, and the yogurt makes it feel like a treat. 


I’ve managed to completely cut out sweeteners in my tea, three weeks ago I had two heaped sugars in my tea, and now I have it completely sugar free. I never thought I would enjoy tea this way but I do. After only three weeks I’ve started to notice changes in my body, this is such a boost and makes me want to continue doing what I have been. I’m well ahead of track for my stone loss for Christmas! 
So this week

3 hours of dance aerobics and 67 thousand  steps.

1.5lb loss

9lb loss in total.

I’m planning on measuring myself, as I didn’t have a huge loss this week. Although I am still very happy with it, my jeans are looser and my bra isn’t as tight. I’ve set my goal for a 2lb loss next week. 

Wish me luck!! 

Kiddy Evo-lunafix review. 

So anyone who knows me knows that I’m BIG on car safety. I do go on about it quite a lot, and why wouldn’t I? Picking which car seat to cart your most precious cargo around shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many factors to look at before deciding, and I would recommend going to an independent safety shop if you can.

Our family car has isofix, so I of course wanted a system that was compatible, the Kiddy Evo-lunafix* is an amazing seat and one I feel confident is protecting baby M the best I can.

We’ve been using the Kiddy Evo-lunafix for four months now, and I can honestly say that it’s an amazing piece of kit. The local kids have nicknamed it the “transformer” chair, you see the Lunafix has a recline function on it. I still remember our midwife running out of the room to grab her colleagues to come and have a look at it, when my husband brought it in to take baby M home. They were all so impressed and remarked at how much better it must be for babies airways when in that position. So before we had even had a chance to use our new seat, it had been remarked on how brilliant it was.

The kiddy Evo-Lunafix comes in a choice of eleven different colours, which I think is a nice bonus. Of course the colour of a car seat makes no difference to it safety wise, but I think it’s nice to actually have the option to choose when so many brands don’t. We picked out the very bright yellow colour way called sunshine.  It’s super bright and can be spotted a mile away, I find this more reassuring when I’m removing it from the car as we live on a busy road.

The kiddy Evo-Lunafix can be used from birth, with the option to buy an additional insert if you have a premmie baby. This I would recommend, the head rest that comes as standard with the seat is very shallow. I only ever found this a problem once, and it was when I didn’t lay him back in the car. Instead I left it sitting up as I was just nipping up the road. His head moved right over when I turned a corner, but this never happened when he was in the lie back mode, nor when he got bigger.
We’ve just removed the additional padding insert now baby M has just turned four months, he is quite tall for four months and lovely and chubby too so he needed more room. The Chair is a lot heavier than the one I had for Tia, but it just feels so well made. I’ve noticed in shops that the weight seems to go down, the lower the price of the seat is. I don’t think this is a coincidence, the lighter chairs feel flimsy and the Kiddy Evo-Lunafix is far from flimsy. It’s bigger than your average carseat too, designed to be used for 15 months instead of 12 making it really good value for money.


It comes with two manuals, one for the isofix base fitting and one for the chair. Once the base is fitted correctly, it shows little green dots so you can visually see it’s ok. Also when the seat is attached correctly, it shows up green spots. One for when it’s on, and another when it’s been pushed back into place. It takes mere seconds to install and remove the seat which I love, especially as I live on a busy road.

The seat unit although large, will just about fit into those supermarket trolley cages. You know the ones I mean? It can be a struggle to do the safety straps up in some places but I’ve always managed it. I totally love the integrated hood unit, it’s huge! And you can use it no matter what position the handle is in because its intergrated and self-supporting.

The seat unit cleverly reclines easily by simply folding the handle back. The action causing the middle of the seat unit to lift up, creating a position that’s more comfortable for baby, and safer too! This means that when I drive to my parents house 1.5 hours away, I can be assured he’s comfortable and doesn’t need me to make as many pit stops as I would have too if he was in a different brand car seat. I do a lot of driving, so for me this feature is invaluable. The base is slatted and absorbs any impacts and also works to keep your babies temperature regulated.

You do have the option to use this seat unit as part of a travel system. Although normally I hate the thought of using a seat instead of a carrycot, because this one has the option to lay down I think it’s brilliant. When you’re just nipping to the shops quickly or on the school run, this feature comes in very handy. It’s not comparable with all existing prams (check if it’s compatible with yours here ) but if not, Kiddy do their own prams, both of which can be complete travel systems. I’ve been having a play with a Kiddy city and move which is a fantastic stroller. It’s lightweight, folds easily and is freestanding when folded. The raincover is easy to use and the basket is massive, It also comes in the same choice of colours so you can match your seat. I’ve only been borrowing the Kiddy city and move and I’m really sad I have to return it, I do think I’ll be purchasing one before the year is out.


Kiddy Evo-Lunafix spec.

Lie-flat function can be used in the car when used in conjunction with the Kiddy Isofix Base 2 included in the box. This reduces the risks associated with conventional upright infant carriers.
Extremely flat lying position: ensures safer, healthy, ergonomic sleep!
Integrated large adjustable sun canopy: offers the baby shade and creates a pleasant environment for sleep and relaxation.
Patented Kiddy Lie Flat (KLF) Technology: maximum body support and optimum air flow around the child.
Kind on the child’s back: a soft, natural lying position thanks to the shock-absorbing slatted frame.
Extra soft padded textile inlay: the baby feels cosy and secure.
Safe for use in cars: simple attachment using the Kiddy ISOFIX Base 2.
Fits in one car seat space: compact when space is a premium
Suitable for use on a travel system: use your car seat like a carrycot without worrying! Your baby can be laid flat in the best position possible to maintain an open airway and for healthy growth.
Durable cover: easy to remove and washable.
11 different colours: as brilliant as life itself; colourful and unique!
Dimensions H 44 x W 66 x D 62 cm. Weight approx 4.9 kg
Overall I cannot fault this seat at all, I always list any negatives in reviews I write. I’ve always had really good feedback on my reviews because I list the bad as well as the good, but try as I might I cannot fault it.

I guess if I was being really picky I would choose a slightly deeper head hugger. Although not a problem when in the reclined position, it doesn’t offer great head support when not reclined when baby is super young. This could be sorted by installing the preemie kit but you have to purchase that separately.

Priced at around £319 it’s not a cheap seat, but most people I know spend more than that on a pram and don’t batter an eyelid. It’s also worth remembering that the price also includes the isofix base, as this seat cannot be used in a car without isofix.