April 24, 2014
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Fun in the garden.

My husband booked a day off of work on Wednesday after I had a meltdown Tuesday, the after effects of the car crash on Monday!
Him having time off was much welcomed, Tia loves it when he has a rare day off and demands his attention lots. It was a sunny day, so we decided we would have a BBQ for dinner. This suited me, he always cooks the BBQ food so it got me out of cooking. Me and Tia mucked about in the garden whilst daddy did the cooking. We played football, catch with our new giant foam die and picked more flowers.




It was nice to get outside and just enjoy each others company. No phones, no tablets. Just proper toys and food of course, daddy might of had a cheeky cold beer whilst cooking. Tia kept pinching the rolls and also demanded raisons with her dinner. Not what you normally see on a plate at a BBQ, but we all know that toddlers don’t follow normal rules!




Today has been a lovely and relaxed day, just what I needed after the stress and worries of the last few days.




April 23, 2014
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Jiggly giraffe book and rattle set.

We are massive book lovers in this house, Tia is usually far more interested in books than her many toys. This pleases me greatly as I was much the same as a girl. We was very excited to receive a new book set from Parragon books recently.

Our latest book* from Parragon books as part of the buddy scheme, is this cute set called Jiggly giraffe.


This book set is so adorable, I’ve already purchased a second one for a pregnant friend as a gift.

Included in the very pretty packaging is a sweet board book and a separate giraffe rattle. Both can be seen from the outside of the packaging, the rattle is super soft and easy for tiny hands to hold. This plush toy is super sweet and makes a lovely addition to the book.



The beautifully illustrated book is a rhyme book that’s easy to read and is bright and pleasing to look at. Perfect for both babies and toddlers, this set would make a beautiful gift. What can be better than the gift of books?

Jiggly giraffe can be purchased from amazon by following this link.


April 22, 2014
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Can play food make eating easier?

Honestly? I think so yes.
Tia’s always been a pretty good eater, she pretty much refuses anything but yogurt when she’s teething, but from talking to friends, this seems pretty common.

Tia was sent a set of felt fruit which you can read more about here if you like shortly after Tia started asking for “narna” or banana to you and me.
I’ve often noticed that if Tia spots a food she likes on TV or in a book, that she will then ask for it. This also happens when she’s playing with her toys, the food set is so lifelike she can easily recognise them for what they are meant to be. So often she will come running to me, felt banana or apple in hand, demanding the real thing as she’s now hungry.

We’ve had so much success with Tia and her fruit set, that I’ve ordered her the felt vegetable set for her birthday later this year.

I’m as equally impressed with this set as I was the fruit. I’ve not shown them to Tia yet as I’ve put them away for her birthday, but I did have a quick play first. To check they were “ahem” suitable.





I’m very impressed, they all look so lifelike unlike her plastic set at her grandparents house. I’m looking forward to her cooking up a storm with them with her kitchen come August, and hopefully they’ll get her eating even more vegetables.

April 21, 2014
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The day I had my first car crash.

That day is today, four hours ago.
I stopped at a main roundabout, but the car behind me never. I’m so thankful as it could have been so much worse. I had Tia in the car, she was napping and never even stirred. Never of us are physically hurt, neither were the two elderly people in the car behind. Both cars are in a bad state though. But it could have been so much worse.

I went into shock, I’ve never been in a car accident before, I cried my heart out at the side of the road whilst I was waiting for my husband.
I could barely hold my phone I was shaking that bad.
The lady from the car who hit me kept giving me much needed hugs, she also took my phone number so she could call me a few hours later to check on me, I am thankful they were so nice to me. I am thankful that no one was hurt, and I am thankful Tia was asleep so she didn’t know anything about it.

I’m feeling so tired now, crying always does this to me. I also received some really sad news today which I’m unable to talk about. Today is a day I very much would like to forget about. I’m planning on putting a face pack on and jumping in a steaming hot bath when Tia goes to bed.
Today has been such a long day.


April 21, 2014
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Cuddle cuddle.

One of Tia’s newest words has made me giddy with love.
Tia has never been a massively cuddly tot, if she wants cuddles then 9/10 times it’s because she’s poorly, or wants something you have! She’s always been fiercely independent, so when she no longer had to sit with me getting cuddles, she wasn’t interested. She would much rather toddle off and play climing, sliding, swinging. Anything that she can do all by herself, except reading.

Until she learnt the word cuddle pronounced “cuggle”

Now she can say it, and knows what it means she wants cuddles all the time! It’s been so lovely, I put her to bed at seven and she’ll call me at about ten past. I walk upstairs and she’s at the gate asking for a “cuggle” and my heart just melts.
Both me and her daddy have been spoilt with cuddles recently, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.




April 19, 2014
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Happy hopperz cow

One of my earliest memories from childhood? Fun! I myself had a space hopper and would bounce away on it happily for ages.
Now the parent of a bouncy toddler, what could be better than a toy that takes on the principles of the old style toy that I once played with, but made safer for toddlers to enjoy. Welcome to the world of happy hopperz. They are essentially, space hoppers on legs and Tia thinks they are the best toy invention ever! We received the cow design happy hopperz* from Beebies baby shop a little while ago.
It came in a much smaller box then I imagined, I had no idea that they had to be inflated. In the small box was the deflated happy hopperz, instructions and a pump. I quickly got to work inflating it, and it was ready to play with within five minutes.


They come in two size options, one for 12 months till 2.5 years and another for 2.5 years till 5 years old.
I picked the cow design as Tia would easily recognise it for what it was, she instantly stated to practice her mooing when she spotted it. The happy hopperz that we ordered has teething dimples on the handles, making them multifunctional and perfect for the age bracket. They also make the horns easier to hold in small hands. Tia adores bouncing on her cow, which she has called moo. Every single day she gets on with ease and has a good bounce. When she’s a bit older, she’ll be able to bounce him across the room. But for the moment, she’s happy just to bounce and it burns of some of that never-ending supply of energy that toddlers seem to have!



To me a happy hopperz is a proper toy, it doesn’t need batteries, doesn’t sing annoying songs or have annoying flashing lights. It is a toy that works hand/eye coordination, balance control, physical development and imaginative play. It’s a simple toy that creates happiness and gets a huge thumbs up from both me and Tia.


Happy hopperz come in a range of colours and styles, they can be used both indoor and out and are guaranteed to make toddlers smile.
You can buy the cow happy hopperz from Beebies baby store by following this link.

April 16, 2014
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Infacol colic clinic

If you’ve heard of infacol, then there’s a good chance that your baby may have suffered with colic at some point. Tia had awful reflux as a baby and this was was life saver! Infacol is licensed for the treatment of I fact colic, wind and griping pain and contains simeticone.
My niece Skye suffered with awful colic, she would scream for hours and hours on end. It was really hard on my sister and her partner. Neither got much support from the doctor, nor did they really know why it was happening.
The people over at infacol have come up with a new web app, designed to bring reassurance to parents worried about colic, whatever the time.

Colic affects one in four babies, and the crying fits can last three hours plus! It normally occurs in late afternoons and evenings, often when the doctor is no longer around, and can be so stressful for parents as cuddling doesn’t always help.

The new 24/7 virtual clinic has been designed to offer support to parents when they most need it, no matter what time of the day/night it is. It hopes to answer any questions on the subject of colic, and will help determine whether your baby has colic by using a simple yes/no question system.

The 24/7 clinic can be accessed at wwe.colichelp.co.uk via multiple device platforms including smartphones and tablets.

I was provided with a box of goodies to sweeten me up to write a post advertising the new website, but it wasn’t needed. It’s a genuinely good idea and all opinions are my own.


April 9, 2014
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Today, my husband taught Tia (18 months) what a daisy is. She’s currently obsessed with “fowwers” and picks them for us both every time she spots one in the garden. Today when I was out, he taught her what Daisies are called, so now if you ask her to show you a daisy, she will find and point at one and say very clearly “daisy”.


Such a small gesture, but it’s massive to me. She’s learning so much everyday now and it’s so exciting.
I wonder what she’ll learn next?


Ethans Escapades

April 7, 2014
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Hi-tec Haraka trainers, first impressions.

I recently have been sent a pair of Hi-tec Haraka trainers* to use for both my race for life and the training.


These trainers have been designed to run in, they weigh hardly anything and almost mould themselves to my feet. I’m really liking both how they feel and look, the pink is so bright, it’s eye catching.



I've not used any filters In the last two photos, that is truly how bright they are!
So my first impressions of the Hi-tec Haraka trainers are good, I love both the style and fit. I'm going to write a post after I have put them fully to the test, but for now I really like them.
You can purchase Hi-tec Haraka trainers here for just £34.99 which I think is really reasonable.