Dream sheep review.

When I was still pregnant I was very kindly sent a Ewan the dream sheep to review.


My two year old daughter hoped it was hers when it was delivered and was quite upset when I explained it would be for her baby brother. I took it out of the packaging and placed it in his bednest when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Every morning when Tia came in to join me in bed for morning cuddles, she would take the sheep out of the cot and turn it on, then place it on my tummy so baby Michael could play with it.
He often reacted to it by kicking away, although he always reacted when he heard his sisters voice,  it was still super cute to watch.
So Ewan the dream sheep comes in nice clear packaging so you can see what he looks like straight away, and he is super cute. On removing him I instantly loved how soft he was. He’s so snuggly, much like a real lamb! He dosent come with the required batteries needed to make him work, but he takes three triple A size and we always have those laying around.
To turn him on you push a little button on his leg, he has four buttons (one on each leg) and each one plays a different soothing sound.
Heartbeat and rain
Heartbeat and vacuum
Heartbeat and heart music
Heartbeat and womb.
He also has a warm pink glow light which can be turned on and off independently, you can also choose the volume of the noise to be quiet or loud.
The noise is played for 20 minutes. Which should be long enough to gently lull baby into a nice sleep.
So far little man has taken absulotely no notice of his little sheep, I do think it’s maybe as he’s a tad young. I do pop it on for him though in the hope it helps sooth him. It certainly makes me want to nod off that’s for sure!
All the noises are recorded in a low base frequency which is what baby can predominantly hear in the womb which is why it’s so soothing for them.
Tia totally adores him so I’m thinking about ordering her the older model Russell the sheep dog for her birthday or Christmas.


This isn’t a photo of fire as my daughter keeps asking, it’s a night photo showing the light haha!

Ewan the dream sheep is priced at £29.99 and would make a wonderful gift for new parents, or as a treat to purchase for your newborn. He really is the most adorable toy, and unlike most soft toys he’s useful too.

Win a Kiqplan goodbye baby bump plan.

I recently agreed to review the Kiqplan goodbye baby bump plan. It’s a 12 week plan which includes meal ideas, exercise videos, 24/7 coaching, the abilities to earn trophies and much more. I won’t be putting mine to the test for several more weeks yet (after I’ve had the go ahead from my GP at my six week checkup) but the people behind Kiqplan have kindly given me a goodbye baby bump plan to one of my readers! It’s a fantastic prize and all you need to do to enter is to fill in the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page.

Kiqplan, the line of 12-week personalised training plans from Fitbug Ltd., have released Goodbye Baby Bump, a fitness app tailored specifically for women looking to regain their pre-pregnancy bod.


Created by personal trainers, dieticians and qualified fitness experts, Goodbye Baby Bump is designed to work in tandem with most smart phones and leading fitness-trackers, including Fitbug, Jawbone, Fitbit, Misfit, Nike+, iHealth and more.


Kiqplan translates the data it receives from your device, and provides you with a personalised training plan, including “how-to” workout videos, nutritional advice, healthy recipes, sleep and step targets, plus much more.


Goodbye Baby Bump was designed for post-natal women who have been given the all clear from their doctor to begin an exercise programme. It contains exercises that are safe to do, not too exhausting, and will help the body recover from labour and the postural and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy.


The workouts are divided into four phases. The first phase is a very gentle workout using light weights to get the upper and lower body used to exercising again. The exercises are simple to perform and include a gentle core section designed to switch that core back on. The second phase builds on the first, and includes slightly more challenging exercises and heavier weights.


The third phase is a total body circuit workout designed to enhance overall body tone and increase fitness levels whilst not being exhausting. Finally, the last phase is a PHA (peripheral heart action) circuit which will get the blood pumping around the body, maximising calorie burn, increasing fitness levels and help to shift some of that stored body fat.


Kiqplan differs from other fitness apps on the market by using the real data it receives daily, and turning it into a personal and understandable 12-week training programme that works with you every step of the way. In addition, Goodbye Baby Bump will provide lifestyle tracking of sleep, weight, and water intake, weekly schedules that include your workouts for the week, customised targets, tips, articles and recipes, and motivational rewards and badges for added encouragement.


“Kiqplans takes the “so what?” out of activity tracking by providing structured action plans for people to use data from wearables to get fitter, happier and healthier,” said Paul Landau CEO of Fitbug, creators of Kiqplan. “By combining the DEVICE and ADVICE, the full health benefits of wearable tech can be brought to consumers as Kiqplan will be with them every step of the way.”


Priced at £19.99, NEW Kiqplan Goodbye Baby Bump is NOW available on Amazon and in Argos stores, or ready to download on the Apple app store and Google Play, as well as www.Kiqplan.com
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3.5 years free from smoking.

It’s the 1st of July today meaning I’ve now not smoked for three years and seven months! It’s been for the most part easy, I had a bit of a struggle 12 months in but I stayed strong (mainly with the help of my husband) and I’m proud to say not one puff has entered my lungs for over three and a half years now.

It all a started on Friday 13th January 2012 when I did a pregnancy test to discover to my delight we were expecting a baby! I had joined the gym the month previous and also looked at taking out life insurance at legal and general.com as we were planning on starting a family. I hadn’t expected it to happen quite so soon though and nearly fell of the toilet in shock!
I quit there and then, I had my unborn to think about and that’s the only thing I needed to quit. I did have a bit of guilt, according to my dates I was around four weeks old, and the thought that I had been subjecting my baby to the crap in cigarettes for their first few weeks of growing made me super sad.
It also meant though I was able to quit instantly and not need any nicotine replacement products etc that I had used in the past when trying to quit.

When my daughter was born and checked and she was perfect I stopped beating myself up. She hadn’t been harmed by my stupidity,  I should have quit when we started trying. I honestly assumed it would take us six months and had planned to quit that month anyway as I had join the gym.

When she was three months old, I was sitting in our living room and our windows were open and I caught the scent of a cigarette and it honestly smelt amazing. Like fresh baked Bread,  I wanted it instantly.  This massively annoyed me as for the whole pregnancy I didn’t get a single craving, or I might have done but they were pushed away. Also the the smell made me gag!
Now I was drawn to it, my husband was working a late shift so was at work till ten. Tia was in bed, this is the only thing that stopped me walking to the shop and buying a pack. Had it of happened during the day, this post could have been so different.
I told my husband when he got home and asked if I could have one of his, he flatnour said no and said I’ve come this far keep going.
I struggled with craving for a good couple of weeks and it was hard. Really hard. I even bought a packet of ten once but never opened them, I gave them to my husband.
After a few weeks the smell started to make me gag again and I was now able to be so much stronger with my will power.
Three years and seven months later and I’m happy to say I never got cravings after that one incident.

I hate how nicotine seems to have a hold on you even after you’ve quit the habit. How was it able to make me really want it again after 22 whole months? It’s scary! But I’m so positive I’ll not pick a cigarette up again. I feel so much better, so much healthier and food tastes better and my scent improved massively. Not always great with a newborn mind! ;-)

Are you an ex smoker? Any tips for people wanting to quit?

Week one as a family of four. 

Hey guys, 

So as you know I had baby M last week and we’ve been settling into day to day life as a new family of four. It’s been really tough both physically and emotionally, but not for the reasons you might think. 

Baby M came into the world on Sunday afternoon with the help of my husband and my mother in law, Tia was with her granddad completely unaware of what was happening. When she was brought up to the hospital a while later to meet him, it was the most amazing experience. She loved him completely from the moment she laid eyes on him. When taking her coat off my mother in law noticed a small spot on her shoulder and another on her neck. They looked like bites to be honest so we didn’t think much of it and continued to cuddle and make a fuss of Tia and her brand new baby brother. Tia was taken back home with her grandparents whilst we waited to be signed off to go home. We arrived home around 10:30pm, Tia had only been in bed about half an hour, she was far too excited to sleep! She was snoring when we arrived home though, we had a cup of tea and went up to bed on a complete high from the day’s events. 

The next morning however on changing Tia’s nappy, it became clear that she had more spots. She had a couple on her bum, her tummy and back. They looked to me like chickenpox, I tried not to panic, not really knowing what the risks were and after failing to get a GP appointment I called 111 for advice. What absolute waste of time that service is! After spending more than an hour on the phone to listen to someone quote things from Google, we were basically told that Tia was a real danger to Michael, and had to be sent away ASAP for around 21 days. 


I promptly burst into tears as Michael sadly picked Tia up to drive her to his parents so we could decide what to do. (Im actually crying whilst writing this down as Im reliving it, it was honestly so aweful) They couldn’t/wouldn’t tell us the risks, only that it was a huge danger and not being able to speak to a doctor we were torn apart as a family less than 24 hours after Micahel was born. Tia was excited to be going to her grandparents, she had no idea what was going on. We wasn’t even 100% sure it was chickenpox but we made to feel the risk was too great to risk it.

So our first day was spent alone, I was in total shock. My husband was totally distraught not knowing what to do, he needed to be with Tia who was poorly (her grandparents were both at work) but he hated leaving me. All I could do was convince him I would be ok and would make sure I ate and drank and not do anything too strenuous. Michaels grandparents popped in in the afternoon with gifts and made me a cup of tea, I felt like I was living in a dream. Meanwhile Michaels mum had got home from work and they set out to find out the risks etc. Good old doctor Google scared the life out of them by telling them chickenpox is fatal to babies. After ringing my GP and getting nowhere, my mother in law managed to get an emergency appointment at the local hospital for 9pm that evening. We would get a diagnosis and go from there, Micahel came home late afternoon to cook me dinner and we both totally broke down. This wasn’t how it was meant to be. We had a brand new baby and had sent our other baby away, how did she feel? Replaced? Also the fact she was potentially poorly and not with her mummy totally broke me. 

Around 8:30 I noticed I had passed several large blood clots, I didn’t think anything of it until my MIL called letting me know it was indeed chickenpox and how was I? She told me to call the midwife which I did, we then had to go to the hospital to be checked over. Seriously could this day get any worse? I was also worrying as baby M was refusing to take to my right Breast. I had found a lump in that Breast a couple of years back and was stupidly worrying that it was related. We were shown to a private room and the midwife came in and asked me how I was and how baby was doing. I broke down and my husband explained what had happened and she was mortified, saying she thought that was utter rubbish and was going to grab a doctor straight away to ask. I did a urine sample whilst she was gone which was thankfully clot free, she returned 10 minutes later to tell us that the doctor had confirmed the risks were so low and she really didn’t need to be sent away. She was happy with my sample and said it was most likely due to me being so stressed, I had to agree, I hadn’t been this stressed in a long time. 

A few minutes after she returned the doctor actually came to see us, he explained that as baby was less than 24 hours old he had my full immunity etc from the placenta. The fact I was Breastfeeding helped even more, he also said it was really uncommon for babies to catch chickenpox, it does happen but he couldn’t understand why we had been told to send our daughter away. He said if it was him and his children they would be home with him, baby had already been exposed to it for 24 hours anyway so sending her away now wouldn’t change anything. He advised we keep a close eye on baby and bring him to the hospital if any signs of the pox rash appeared. 

He then unbeknown to us went downstairs to the children’s ward and confirmed with two peadiatritions what he thought and they both agreed. So armed with this new knowledge we went home feeling like a massive weight had been lifted. We could have our baby girl home tomorrow, we rang his parents who were anxiously waiting for news from me to explain I was fine, but more importantly baby M wasn’t at the huge risk we had previously thought, it seems that if people are unsure they will give the worst situation to cover themselves. The relief we all felt was huge, and we fell into bed when we got home utterly exhausted by the day’s events. My mother in law had booked the next day off of work as we didn’t know what was happening, so was able to drive Tia home to us the following morning. She ran straight into the living room and peeked into the moses basket before declaring “my baby brother is my bestest friend, come, nanny LOOK”! 

After that aweful first day we started to settle into being a family of four. In-between giving doses of antihistamine for Tia, and feeds for Michael, Tia made up for her lack of cuddles for that 24 hours. She’s so gentle with him and watching them makes me swell with joy, love and pride. We had so much planned for Tia in our first week, Michael only had on week off and she was going to have a special daddy daughter day at Canvey Island, a place full of rides for small children and arcades. But being infectious has meant we’ve been stuck in with very few visitors. 




To top of this week, it quickly became apparent that the spots in the groin are were not going to dry out easily as we’re not getting air and would be wet. So we decided to bring the pot out, she’s been ready for ages but just hasn’t wanted to do it, I’ll update you on her progress in another separate post as this one is already so long. 

Phew what a week! 

National breastfeeding week. 

So this week is national Breastfeeding week, and we’ve been on our new feeding journey for 10 days now. It’s not been easy but I’ve honestly enjoyed every moment so far. I wrote recently about feeling like I failed at breastfeeding with Tia, only lasting a few days. So to have made it to ten days exclusively breastfeeding and counting has been a massive acheivment for me and Im feeling rather proud. 

So our journey started shortly after he was born, it took a while but I managed to get him latched and he fed for a couple of minutes. A while later he fed again, this time for around half an hour! The midwifes were super impressed, both these feeds were from my left Breast, being right handed this was the natural side to put him. After we were allowed home, he didn’t really feed much. He latched a couple of time to my left side for a few minutes, but not once on my right. Having just been born, I know babies can be exhausted from the birth and don’t need a lot. The colostrum is super fatty, so I wasn’t worried. The next morning I tried again with my right boob and he just couldn’t/wouldn’t attatch. I felt akward him being that side and he seemed unhappy, after a few attempts I could get him attatched to my left and he fed really well. He fed roughly every two hours and I always tried my right boob first and still he wouldn’t latch, I now started wondering if I would be one of those who exclusively fed from one side. It’s more than possible so again, I wasn’t worried. He continued to feed two hourly through the second night and come day three we started to get used to what we were doing. 

You see although Breast feeding is the most natural thing to do, it’s not always the easiest. I have quite a large chest (38H) and I also have flat nipples. I thought this is what hindered me when feeding Tia as I naively thought you fed with your nipples. When I was pregnant a friend who is also a midwife, recommended I read a book called baby led Breast feeding. I’m so glad I did, it told me that flat nipples wouldn’t hinder me in any way as they go right in the mouth of the baby, it’s the areolea that they latch onto. It also showed photos of the first few poos, how they change over the first week and how often they were expected to go which I found really helpful. Baby Michaels nappies looked exactly how I was expecting them too, they also proved he was getting enough milk which was always a worry. 

When we went to bed on day three baby Michael slept four hours, 12-4am and when I woke to feed him I realised  my milk had come in. Cue having to completely learn how to feed again, we were both soaked haha! My previously soft boobs had turned into rock hard basket balls that squirted milk a mile everytime one was touched. So just after getting into the swing of things we had to learn again, now he would stay at my right boob for a few minutes but still not latch, but still I tried. The next morning I had a call from my community midwife to book me in for my ten day check up. I explained to her on the phone about my latching issues and she said she would come see me in a few hours and she would try and help me. 

I noticed during the day that it hurt when ever I lifted my right arm up above my head, my right boob was so tender it almost hurt to look at it. When the midwife arrived we went upstairs so I could lay down on my bed, she tried for a good 20 minutes trying to latch him and he was having none of it. She did notice though that he was getting plenty of milk as it was literally just pouring out, she even heard him swallow several times. She said he most likely couldn’t latch as 1) my boob was so engorged it was impossible and 2) he didn’t really need too so he wasn’t trying. She suggested I hand express some of the milk off, it was then I noticed I had several big lumps in my Breast and that expressing was easing the pains I had been having. I continued to express and half filled a half pint glass in one half an hour sitting!

After this marathon pumping session my boob felt much more normal. Baby M still wouldn’t latch though, but I continued to keep offering it first. He was weighed on day five and lost just under 3oz which was an amazing thing to hear, especially as he had been exclusively fed from one boob for five days! Day six he finally latched on, he only stayed on for about 30 seconds but it was a start. I then decided to change tactics slightly and I fed from my left side first then offered the right and he latched everytime and started lasting longer and longer. 

Come day seven I needed to hand express some more off from my left Breast this time, it hadn’t worked out that the other side was now also feeding and got a little bit engorged. I did this in the shower and the relief was immense, we’re now on day ten and today has been a challenge. It’s been super hot and I feel like I’ve feed for about ten hours solid, from what I remember from the book they call this cluster feeding. But I’ve not minded, I’m just still so elated to have come this far. I know ten days is not a lot by anyone’s standards, but every day that passes I feel happier and happier. I’m so glad I’ve persisted. 

Flash the fluff, newborn style.

So as many of you will know I had a baby a week ago, and I’ve been really enjoying using cloth nappies from birth this time. I didn’t know about them with Tia so I was super excited to try with baby Michael. 

I was really kindly sent a newborn starter pack* from Close parent and I bought some from gNappies, totsbots, bambino mio and bambooty basics. I’ve found that Im only really getting a good fit at the moment with the teeny size gNappies and the close parent pop in nappies. As soon as his cord comes off I will try the other brands again, but babies change shape all the time as they grow so Im not concerned, he’ll fit in them all eventually. 
So the gNappies are honestly the smallest nappies I have ever seen.  Cloth nappies are designed to be worn in the knicker lines, unlike disposables. We always found that disposables came up to Tia’s armpits almost they were that big, and they’re not much smaller on Michael even though he’s a longer baby. This always made me worry about the cord as its needs to be aired to heal quickly. The gNappies however have a clip down front and fit baby much better than any disposable (I think) and because the inserts are compostable they won’t give you much extra washing. You just take out the soiled insert and put a clean one in, reusing the shell unless it gets soiled. I’ve found them amazing for containment of both water and poos, and being a breastfeed baby M poos a lot. 

Baby Michaels very first fluffy bum.

Next up are the super adorable pop ins, these have super soft bamboo inserts which must feel so lovely on his bum. They have a double gusset making them pretty much bomb proof. In the newborn pack you receive six shells and ten inserts. I adore the bigger ones for his older sister so I figured I would love the newborn ones too, and I really do. They dry really quickly and are highly absorbant, having a velcro closure makes them easy for my husband to put on (he hates poppers) I’ve had one leak from these and that was my own fault, you have to make sure boys bits point a certain way in nappies and it wasn’t. Lesson learnt! 


Tia has been potty training this week so no more cloth nappy posts on what she wore, but don’t worry I’ll be spamming you with newborn cloth instead. Hopefully next week I’ll have some other types to show you. 

Did you cloth nappy from birth (or think about it)? What was your favourite brand and why? 

One week postpartum.

It seems like only yesterday, but it’s been a whole week already since I gave birth to baby M. 

I have been taking photos so I can see the changes in my body, but also to show that it’s very normal to still have a swollen tummy shortly after having a baby. 

I remember when I had my daughter Tia nearly three years ago, and being massively shocked when I still had a huge tummy. I naively assumed that because she had come out, that my tummy would shrink right back down at the same time. How wrong was I haha! 

So I was prepared this time and not shocked, but being unable to remember how long it took for the swelling to go down with Tia, I thought it would be nice to document it this time. I’ll appolagise in advance for the photos, I wanted really clear photos of my tummy and wearing jeans etc would change the natural shape of it. Also I have white and black bras, but only black knickers. 

So here goes, the first photo was taken at nine months pregnant.

This is two days postpartum. See how my tummy is basically the exactly the same size? Just slightly less rounded as its softer. 

Seven days postpartum and there is a huge difference in my tummy size, I’m actually really shocked looking at the photos. It still feels lovely as soft and the afterbirth pains have stopped so I’m pretty sure my uterus is back down to its normal size. I’m sure this happened much faster this time although the pains were much more severe, I think the breast feeding helped it.


I’m looking forward to seeing how much my body does or doesn’t change over the next few weeks, I find the whole process so clever.

My birth story.

Hey guys,

It’s been a week since I brought baby Michael into the world, and Im still on a complete high from the memories of it. Even the very fact that I have memories of it makes me smile, for those who haven’t read Tia’s birthday story, I was knocked out basically on lots of drugs and remember very little.

I knew from the moment I found out I was expecting again that I wanted my labour to be as natural as possible. What I really wanted was a water birth, I had wanted one with Tia, but due to complications I was unable too. I still didn’t get my water birth, but the whole experience was so amazing that I don’t even care. Here’s what happened…

It all started on Sunday morning June 14th 2015, two days after he was due. I woke at seven with the others and felt pretty tired still, so I stayed in bed thinking I would get a bit more sleep and Michael took Tia to the boot sale after breakfast. I woke at eleven suddenly with a tummy pain, I didn’t think much of it but ten or so minutes later I got another. They reminded me of my Brixton hicks only more intense, like a belt being tightened around my stomach. I got up and went to the bathroom and again ten minute later got another, so now I started wondering if this was actually the start of something. I quickly downloaded a contraction counting app and started tracking, and sure enough it started to look like I was actually having contractions.
My last bump shot, taken whilst in labour just before I went up to the hospital.

I called my husband to let him know that I thought I had started and he said he was on his way home anyway and wouldn’t be long, I went downstairs and hoovered the living room whilst continuing to track. They started to get really intense and I found when one came I was having to stop whatever I was doing and brethe through it. I took two paracetamols at eleven thirty and called my mother in law to let her know. The pains were coming every four to six minutes, when my husband returned with Tia and his brother I phoned the hospital who offered to send a midwife to me to check me over, save me driving in. But a short while later the contractions started coming along much quicker, I called them back and they agreed I should go in to be checked over.

We arrived at the midwife led unit around 1pm and were shown to a small room, I met my midwife Abigail who took my notes and examined me, I was 2cm dilated. She kept commenting on how calm I was and offered to give me a sweep, she then explained she would pop back in a little while and we were free to roam around and use the balls etc. Quite soon after my sweep the pains became much more intense, I decided to stay in my room and Michael went and found me a ball. I bounced on it a bit but I found being upright much less painful, I was then able to hold onto the bar on the wall when I got a contraction and breathe through it. I was getting contractions every three minutes now, and I would get two to three short ones and then one that would last a minute and really took my breath away. I asked for gas and air around 3pm which helped so much, seriously apart from a couple of times when I totally forgot how to breathe it helped a lot.

My mother in law arrived shortly afterwards, just as we were being moved to a birthing room. Both pools were in use but one lady had just had her baby so they were hoping they could get me in soon. At 3:30 Abigal said I was in established labour, I couldn’t believe how quickly I had got there after it taking over 17 hours with Tia and eventually needing a drip. I asked for some co-codamol which Abigal said might help with my back pains, and I continued to breathe through the pains using the gas and air. Inbetween the contractions I managed to eat a cereal bar and drink three small cartons of carrot vitamin juice. I also drank a cup of tea and most of my husbands and my mother in laws haha! Thirsty girl!

One of the best parts of being on the midwife led unit was not having to be constantly examined to see how far dilated I was, the midwifes can tell lots by your responses and tell you to trust your body. I was so calm and was feeling really positive, I remember suddenly feeling like I wanted to squat down and did so on the floor, I had a different midwife in with me Abigal was on her lunch break. I remember her putting down lots of padding on the floor as she felt I was near, I then climbed on the bed on all fours and she then showed Michael and his mum the lump in my back which was baby moving down. This apparently was something that experienced midwifes looked for to see how far along you are in labour. My midwife appeared again after cutting her lunch short worried she was going to miss the birth, this was just after 5pm. Shortly after I explained I had the feeling that I needed to push and Abigal said to do what I felt I needed to do so I did and shortly later my waters went.

I could then actually feel baby coming down, it was the strangest but also the most amazing feeling. Totally different from my experience of being drugged up and basically strapped on the bed. At 17:46 Michael came into the world and I remember every second of it, I had full control of his entrance as I wasn’t off my face and was able to push him out slowly by fully controlling my breathing. I didn’t know at the time but he entered the world sideways apparently. He was passed through my legs to me and I sobbed with love for him, he was totally perfect. I asked to see if I could pass out my placenta without having the injection to restart my contractions and it came naturally at 17:56.


My “I’ve just had a baby face”


Baby Micahel meeting his daddy for the first time.

And his nanny.

Tia came up to the hospital to meet her baby brother a short while later, her reaction to meeting him still makes me well up, she’s been an amazing big sister from the moment she first laid her eyes on him. My mother in law filmed the whole thing and it’s the most wonderful and heart warming video, and one I’ll back up and treasure forever.

I may not have got my water birth, but it didn’t matter to me at all. I got the labour I wanted, it was a positive and drug free experience, and I can remember the whole thing from start to finish. It’s lovely to know first hand that labour can be an amazing experience. So don’t panic too much if you’ve had a rough time before, I promise you it doesn’t mean your next one has to be the same.

My pregnancy favourites.

Hey guys, 

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things that I’ve been using throughout my pregnancy. I’ve got lots of lotions and potions but only a few have been used regularly as I love them! 

First up is a body lotion called Le couvent des Minimes loving care body balm. It comes In a white tube and is super thick, this is such a treat for your skin. This cream rubs in really quite quickly considering just how rich it is, and dosent leave me feeling tacky or sticky. Other than on my tummy I’ve also used this on my elbows which have always been dry. It also smells amazing and Im going to replace it I think when it runs out as I do actually love it. 

Sanctuary mum to be hatbox. This was a gift from a wonderful Pr, I had used Santuary with my previous pregnancy and it’s gorgeous stuff. The collagen boosting body butter is my favourite, I rub it in my tummy every single night. Sometimes more than once, it’s midwife approved, Paraben free, Hypoallergenic and also SLS free. Also In the hatbox was a bottle of bath milk which I used up pretty quickly, a belly oil which I’ve yet to use, a cooling foot and leg lotion which is lovely and I’ve used most evenings, and a lush body puff. 

Pregnicare. I’ve been taking this daily since the day I found out I was expecting. Previously I had been taking folic acid, and I feel amazing. It could be a total coincidence but I always forgot to take them with Tia, I think I took them for a couple of months in total and I felt aweful with her. I was also annemic, I’ve had no iron problems etc this time around and I like to think they’ve helped. I’ll be continuing to take them once he is here to keep me feeling well whilst breastfeeding. 

Brita fill and go bottle. I honestly couldn’t live without this! I was a total coke (the fizzy drink kind) addict you could say when I found out I was pregnant. I always drank two cans a day, sometimes more. But I cut it out completely and just drank water (and tea Obvs) but I found out water, which is hard to leave my mouth feeling furry. Ugh. I had been buying bottled water until I got this and it’s changed my life! Now I always have a filtered bottle of water to hand and the replacement filters are really reasonable I think. They don’t work out any more expensive than buying bottled water.

Lavender room mist. I find this really helps to calm me at night and drift off much easier, I was bought some as a gift before I got married for my wedding night, and have loved it ever since. 

Havaianas. Most comfortable shoes ever! Well other than my converses, but seeing as I’ve not been able to get down to do those up for a while I’ve basically lived in these lol. 

V shaped pillow. I picked up my pillow for a bargain £5.99 In the baby event at Aldi (which has ended but I’ve found the same one for a few more pennies on Amazon for you) and oh my god I love it! I’ve used it every night to prop me up whilst sitting in bed, then as a leg and bump support whilst sleeping. It’s also going to be so handy for when baby is here I imagine for both Breast feeding and to prop him up when he’s a bit older. 

Burtsbees lipbalm. These have been amazing, I’ve suffered quite badly with chapped lips and these really moisturise them quickly. I have one that’s infused with honey and orange which is gorgeous! Tia loves them too so I have to make sure they’re well hidden.
What were your pregnancy favourites? 

Swing fun with Wickey.

It’s summer!  Apparently anyway, we’re halfway through June already and we’ve had a few nice days…

Tia’s favourite garden toy has always been a swing. Her old baby one didn’t survive the long winter we’ve just had, the straps had totally disintegrated and fell off when we tried to strap her in. Needless to say it’s no good now, she insists on being pushed “higher higher” and now she’s able to slip out.

So we ordered her a new one from Www.Wickey.com as we were super impressed with the quality of the wooden sandpit we got from them last year. You can read that review here Wickey sandpit flip if you didn’t see it. We choose a double swing as that’s what we’ll be needing in the not too distant future, and it saves us replacing again. Wickey stock an amazing range of swings in both wood and metal Www.Wickey.com/swing-sets.html and after a good think, we went for a double metal swing set. The one we chose is currently in the sale and I think a total bargain for what we got. The swing can be found here Www.wickey.com/metal-swing-set-hd-700-soulet-childrens-swing.html and is actually three seats which is perfect for when Tia’s friends pop over. Delivery is free and takes between 2-3 days normally.

The swing turned up when my husband was at work, Tia was crazy excited and kept asking when he would be home. She even insisted she had to call him at one point, and she asked him down the phone when he was coming home so he could put it up for her. Needless to say she was a tad bit excited, when he did arrive home he got started on it right away. The swing came in one large box and came with instructions and all the tools needed to assemble it. Michael assures me that assembling the swing set was really easy, he had a bit of help a few times from Tia which hindered more than anything but the whole process still only took about an hour from start to finish. This included a tea break of course, he had just done a ten-hour shift at work bless him haha!

Tia was very impatient to try out her new swing and had a go before it was fully assembled, we wasn’t sure how she would cope upgrading to a “big girl” swing but she jumped on and squealed in delight when we pushed her. She’s not too keen on going high now though ha! I especially like how easy it is to adjust the length of the swing, back in my day we would have to tie knots in the rope or (much to mums disapproval) throw the swing over the top bar to higher it. With this swing you i clip the rope from underneath the seat, and then adjust it longer or shorter on the side with the rope length adjuster and simply re-clip the rope back on the seat.

The see-saw swing took a while to assemble and I needed to help Michael when he attached it to the main swing frame. As soon as this one was ready to be played with, Tia invited our neighbour over to try it out with her. It was a huge hit for both children (our neighbours daughter is seven and enjoyed it just as much as Tia did. It’s nice to know it will last us a few years before it becomes “uncool” :-)



I like the bright primary colours of the frame and swing seats, I also like that all the packaging it came in was fully recyclable so I was able to easily get rid of it. The swing dimensions are as follows,

Swing pole diameter 5cm, tube wall thickness 0,16cm

Support post diameter 4,5cm, tube wall thickness 0,1cm

Sturdy, powder-coated tubular steel frame

Plastic swing seats

Up to 3 children can swing at a time.

A swing is still Tia’s favourite garden toy, and with our new one I can see it continuing to be for a long time yet. Hearing her squeal with delight when playing on it is music to our ears, I also love watching her learn on it. She can now get on it by herself and even attempts to swing herself with her legs, she’s not quite got that though and much prefers one of us to push her. She is often found with one of her babies sitting on the duo swing which is utterly adorable.


Here’s hoping we have a lovely long summer so she can get lots and lots of use out of it. I know one thing, it will survive the winter weather!
*Disclaimer, I was kindly offered a discount on a swing in return for a full and honest review. I did pay money towards this item and all words and pictures are my own and honest.