Silvercross Pioneer, what’s in the box?

We very recently was sent a Silvercross Pioneer pushchair* for our lucky little man. After lots of deliberation and changing my mind a few times, I chose the new for 2015 colour yellow. The perfect colour for my summer baby, I loved how it looked in photos online. 

The Silvercross Pioneer was delivered in two boxes, in the first box was the colour pack. This had the hood and the apron.




In the larger box was the pushchair frame, carrycot and seat. Car seat adapters, raincover and a cupholder! I needed to attatch all four wheels, add the apron and hood from the colour pack and we were ready to go. The whole pram was put together in less than 20 minutes, which I didn’t think was too bad considering I’m 36 weeks pregnant AND had “help” from Tia. I didn’t need to refer to the instructions until it came to adding the cupholder, as try as I might I couldn’t work out how to do it. I’ve never had one before, but it came with its own instruction leaflet and was actually very simple to attatch.



The colour is nothing short of amazing, it makes me smile so much everytime I walk past it to go upstairs. I cannot wait to take my little man out and about in it, we’ll be spotted coming a mile off!




I’ll be writing more about the Silvercross pioneer when we start using it, I’m hoping it’s as lovely to use as I think it’s going to be. Me and Tia both enjoyed our trial run around the garden with her dolly, Tia assured me his name is Baby Michael. 


36 week pregnancy update

Hey guys, another week has flown by. Tomorrow I’m 37 weeks so here’s my 36 week update, to think I’ve only got a maximum of five more of these posts is pretty scary! I actually had Tia at 38 weeks exactly so, I could potentially have baby boy in just two short weeks! Good job Im as ready as I can be for him now. 

Baby boy is now 18.75″ and around the size of a Crenshaw melon. He weighs aprox 5.75lb, and he’s still gaining weight every week. 


You’ve got to love those round ligament pains! Those on top of my achy post jab arm and a pubic bone that feels like it’s been stamped on, it’s not been a very comfortable week :-/ sleeping has become very hard, the slightest noises wake me, then I need the loo, then I can’t get comfortable again. After a visit to my midwife, it’s been confirmed that I do have SPD (see below if you are unsure of this condition) but she’s said there is little point in referring me at this late stage for physio, I need to rest more. Hahahahahaha! Ha. 


Sore and tired, I had to have a further blood test this week to check my iron levels, Im pretty sure they’re ok as I was annemic with Tia and felt exhausted. I don’t feel like that so here’s hoping Im ok. Oh and I’ve got another cold, I cannot believe my luck. My belly is rock hard now, no give at all. I feel like I’m going to pop! 


I’ve gotten Tia involved in packing her brothers hospital bag this week, she’s picked his clothes out. I also gave her a very special jellycat toy that I’ve had embroided with his name, it’s for her to give to him when they first meet. She’s super excited about this and has been asking to look after it everyday, I love that it will very much smell of her by the time he gets it. She also came to my midwife appointment again, she’s not missed one yet :-) she adores hearing his heart and then double checks it herself when we return home. 



Little man isn’t engaged yet, this wasn’t a suprise to me as he is still doing cartwheels daily! I’m sure he like making me feel quesy, little monkey. 


This week we installed little mans car seat and base in the car, I set up the bedside cot AND I even packed my hospital bags! I finally feel ready for him and now the nerves are setting in. 



What is SPD? (Now known as PPGP)

PPGP is a collection of uncomfortable symptoms caused by a misalignment or stiffness of your pelvic joints at either the back or front of your pelvis. PPGP is not harmful to your baby, but it can cause severe pain around your pelvic area and make it difficult for you to get around. Different women have different symptoms, and PPGP is worse for some women than others. Symptoms can include:

pain over the pubic bone at the front in the centre

pain across one or both sides of your lower back

pain in the area between your vagina and anus (perineum)

Pain can also radiate to your thighs, and some women feel or hear a clicking or grinding in the pelvic area. The pain can be most noticeable when you are:


going upstairs

standing on one leg (for example, when you’re getting dressed or going upstairs)

turning over in bed

It can also be difficult to move your legs apart – for example, when you get out of a car.

There is treatment to help, and techniques to manage the pain and discomfort. If you get the right advice and treatment early on, PPGP can usually be managed and the symptoms minimised. Occasionally, the symptoms even clear up completely. Most women with PPGP can have a normal vaginal birth. 

50 things that make me smile.

I was recently tagged by the lovely Clare over at in a post where I list 50 things that make me smile. This was much harder than I thought it would be,
So here’s my list, enjoy and I’m tagging Emily over at, Mrs T over at life on and Chelle over at

1) My husband coming home from work
2) My morning snuggles with Tia
3) Making cakes with Tia
4) Eating cakes with Tia
5) Feeling my baby boy kick
6) Watching Tia at baby ballet
7) Cooking
8) Doing my cross stitch
9) Having freshly painted nails
10) Buying new shoes
11) Wearing new shoes
12) Recieveing comments on my blog
14) Looking at the sunny colour of my new pushchair
15) Hearing Tia’s belly laugh
16) Spending time in our caravan
17) Taking the perfect photo
18) Looking at our wedding photos
19) Putting baby clothes on the washing line
20) That first cup of tea in the morning
21) Eating out
22) Buying new make up
23) Watching flowers bloom in the spring
24) Returning home to Brighton
25) Cloth nappies
26) spending time with friends
27) Fruit ciders (when not pregnant)
28) Fresh bedding
29) Fresh flowers
30) Ice cold coke over ice
31) Hearing Tia talk about her baby brother
32) Cheese
33) Fresh baked bread
34) Cheese in fresh baked Bread
35) That new baby smell
36) Tias teeny tiny hands and feet
37) Kynaboutique
38) Tutus
39) My family
40) Salted caramel
41) Bouncy castles
42) Days out with my family
43) Sweets
44) Converse
45) Icecream on the beach
46) Toffee popcorn
47) Singing
48) Snogging my husband
49) Driving my car
50) Parading about my house in my wedding tiara and veil.

Easier second time round? 

This does seem to be an assumption made by many, 

That because I’ve already done it all once that it will be far less scary this time around. I don’t know about everyone of course, but for me this just simply isn’t true. If anything, the fact that I’ve already done it, and know what’s to come makes it even scarier than first time around.

I still remember my labour like it happened yesterday, and the first few months of actually having no clue what we were doing. How were we expected to keep this tiny noisy baby alive haha! But we did, we managed it and learnt along the way, my second baby is due in less than 30 days and both me and my husband are dreading doing all the early days again. The guys behind persil and comfort have been doing some reaserch into this, and it seems it’s a very common worry for second time parents, check out the facts below. 


Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure reveals it’s just as hard the second time round


7th MAY, LONDON: Despite pregnant mums feeling naturally excited about having another baby, they still feel apprehension about having another child and crave a friendly recap. Nearly two thirds of mums are worried about going through pregnancy again (64%), with a further 63% wanting more time with their partners and friends, and 36% worrying that they don’t remember the basics, feeling they need to turn to friends who have done it already, for advice.


Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure have asked 500 pregnant mums what they are most looking forward to, and what worries them most, about their upcoming arrival. The research uncovered three areas of apprehension; time, routine and maintaining the house.


1)      TIME: Nearly two thirds (63%) of second time mums-to-be worry about having enough to spend with their partners, and a further 52% think about how they will split time fairly between their expanding brood. 60% worry about losing more ‘me time’ 

2)      ROUTINE: 53% of mums feel concerned about adding a new baby’s routine in. In particular 42% feel that managing an effective sleep routine would be the most difficult stage to overcome and one fifth (20%) of mums also wonder if they will have enough time to bond with their new baby whilst juggling with the needs of the other child(ren)

3)      CHORES: The arrival of a new born will see a natural increase in household chores – nearly two thirds (65%) worry about coping with this and 45% of parents are concerned about their utility bills rising

In response to these worries, Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure have teamed up with expert charity Family Lives who specialise in advice for parents, to provide a set of top tips and practical advice to address these concerns.


Suzie Hayman from Family Lives advises “It’s easy to assume that second time around means you’ve got it covered. In fact, parents can feel just as anxious with a second pregnancy. They can worry whether they’ll remember how to cope with even the basics, and how they’ll balance the demands of a new arrival with the needs of the first child and their partner. It’s natural and normal to feel like this – which is why I’ve worked with Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure to create a set of top tips to help and support new parents.”


1.       Parents together

It may feel as if you’re run off your feet and can’t spare a moment but it’s vital to set aside time and attention for the other people in your family. What children need most of all is for their parents to have a strong bond, and to be secure and content. This means it’s not selfish to spend time on each other or take time for you.


Use family, friends and paid childcare to give you nights off or even weekends away, where you ban baby talk and keep your relationship alive.


Share childcare so both of you have moments in the day or evening when the other is in charge of the kids and you can have even a few minutes to relax and do your own thing.


2.       Love, time and attention

Your oldest child needs special time too. Kids play up if they are ignored, when they feel hurt, rejected and angry. If the only time they get noticed is when you tell them off, they’ll learn to repeat that behaviour because at least it pays off in attention. 


Children thrive best with routines – set times when they know, for instance, they are expected to tidy up and prepare for bed. Make it a golden rule that a parent plays with and bathes them, puts them to bed and reads a story every night. And set other, even short, times aside they know are theirs. 


You don’t have to split time equally with your child, or your partner, to feel you acknowledge them, love them and attend to their needs. What you do need to do is show you focus on them, with eye contact, talk and hugs.


3.       Double the routine

It may feel as if integrating one child’s routines into your life is hard, trying to keep two might be a nightmare. What helps? One thing is recognising that routines are really important to children – they make them feel secure and loved. And they’re vital for you since they help you keep some control of the chaos that seems to follow kids!


Some aspects of routines need to be set in stone – that you have a bedtime routine (turn off all media and calm down an hour before sleep, have a hot bath, read a story and/or have a chat) but be flexible as these do need to evolve as children get older. 


You will find that while some activities seem to clash, others dovetail which allows you to give special attention to each child in turn – or share out the chores such as when you’ll cook, clean, do laundry and when you’ll catch 10 precious minutes for yourself! 


Clare Logan, Brand Manager for Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure, said: “We commissioned research to find out more about how expectant mums feel the second time round. There is a misconception that as they have been through pregnancy before they do not have any worries the next time. Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure know that this is a special and wonderful time for mums and are working with Family Lives help alleviate any niggling concerns, such as managing another little one in the house, so mums can focus on the joy that a second baby in the family brings.”


Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure support mums by helping make sure clothes are soft, clean and comforting. Whilst they can’t help do the chores or juggle challenging routines, they can reassure mums – as both brands are skin kind, dermatologically tested, and have skincare research recognised by the British Skin Foundation. Used together they give fresh, pure results gentle enough for even delicate skins.


For further details visit

Breast feeding. 

I’ve never written about this before, but as Im prepairing for my new baby it seemed a good idea to write it all down. For a long time after I gave up feeding Tia myself, I felt like a complete failure. I don’t think these feelings really left me until I fell pregnant again, and it’s only the fact I can try again that makes me feel better about it all. Let me try and explain..

Breastfeeding, it’s just not the norm is it honestly. It really should be, but it just isn’t. When I was a teenager I watched my mum feed my baby brother. I thought she was amazing, how clever her body was, others didn’t agree. I remember being thrown off a bus and out of a coffee shop because my mum was feeding, and very discreetly I might add. She was never a “whip my boob out for all to see” type feeder, not many are like this at all. I’m not going to lie, the memories of this put me right off feeding my own children when I had them, surely formula would just be easier. I wasn’t breastfed myself either, not sure if that’s relavent but just putting it out there. 

When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon of course and started reading all the books and blogs I could find. Taking everything in like a sponge, I make the decision that Breast was best, but still haunted by my mums experiences I made the decision to express and feed from a bottle. I could only see positives with this decision..

1) People could help me feed baby, husband mum etc. 

2) I could do it anywhere at anytime. (There are laws now protecting mothers but I didn’t think about this)

3) I could still feel proud of myself for giving baby the best stuff. The milk made especially for them. 

What I didn’t think about was how hard this would actually be, I didn’t realise quite how exhausted I would be looking after a new baby ( I know I know) the fact you still have to buy all the equipment and go though the labour of sterilising everything.. Pumping is hard! 

But when baby Tia arrived and the midwife asked me if I wanted to try feeding, it felt so natural to say yes. I was so proud when she latched straight on, and I was sent home a few hours later. But Breast feeding although natural is hard and I had no support. I was exhausted and a new mummy who honestly had no idea what she was doing. I didn’t know how little she needed. In those first few weeks, that she would constantly be attatched as she built her supply up (I Thought I was starving her) everytime I lifted her to my Breast she would fall asleep. I had seen friends give their babies formula in bottles and I knew Tia wasn’t getting anywhere near that amount. So after struggling with my emotions for about ten days I stopped and gave her formula. I did however pump for her and she got two small feeds a day of my milk, and I did this for a few weeks. Pumping and formula feeding and sterilising and not sleeping however soon became too much and something had to give. I told myself I was proud as she had gotten the most important stuff, the colostrum that was full of fats and gave her a great start. 

So why did I feel so guilty? I now know it’s because had I have had the correct support and information I would have known I did nothing wrong, Tia was doing everything right and all I needed to do was strip her down to wake her and our journey would have been much simpler. 

So I’ve been doing my reaserch this time around, I have a fantastic support system both in real life and online. I’m a member of a couple of support groups and I’ve got books. If I try again with baby boy and it’s not for us, I know I can safely say I tried my best, which will hopefully mean I don’t feel the guilt I did with Tia. I’ve refused to buy anything “just in case” this time. No steriliser, no bottles and no formula. 

I’ve been looking at products on the market that aim to help, here are some of my favourites. 

1) Aden&Anis serenity star, this product is multi-functional 

This multi-tasking electronic feeding and sleep system combines helpful technology with signature aden + anais® style.

  • feeding diary: records and displays the last time you started feeding and which side last fed from (if nursing)
  • sound machine: sound machine: plays 4 soothing sounds—two lullabies, a heartbeat and white noise
  • room temperature indicator: displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and glows red, blue, or white if the room is above, below or at the ideal temperature
  • night light: emits a subtle soothing glow, perfect for middle-of-the-night feedings
  • clock: 12-hour AM/PM display
  • portable: plug-in or battery operated

2) Breast vest is a very clever top that enable you to wear your normal clothes again. It covers your tummy so you can lift your top to feed descreetly. These come in a range of colours and are very reasonable in price.

3) Cantaloop nursing tank top is another clever top I’ve seen that looks both easy to use and stylish. 

4) Mamadesigns bamboo pads I’ve already got a dozen sets of bamboo Breast pads, but I imagine these will be worse than socks and worrying about finding a set of pads shouldn’t be high up on my worry list. These ones look lovely.


Pregnancy pillow review

I was very recently sent a classic L shaped pregnancy pillow from* to review. The classic L shaped pillow comes with a choice of three different outer covers, and up to seven different colour choices. I picked the premium fairybead filling with a pale blue cover. See the three L types Here and all come with free delivery too. 

The pillow was delivered very quickly using a courier, I opened it straight away which Im pleased about. The pillow had a very synthetic smell to it (which Im sure was caused by it being in the plastic bag) so it needed airing before I could use it. The trouble of having a sensitive pregnant nose lol. By the time I went to bed that night the smell had almost complete gone. The length of the pillow is amazing for full body support, the L part is fab for either neck or foot support depending on where you want it.


I found the supersoft material lovely to snuggle into and I imagine if pregnant in the colder months amazing for keeping you warm. My one compaint about this pillow is the beads don’t squash down much, this means my legs are kept really far apart (the depth of the pillow) which for me feels too un-natural. If the pillow had the option of a pillow filling this would literally be AMAZING. The fillings are anti-allergenic and anti-asthmatic and tested to be free from unsafe chemicals by the allergy standard.


I can see the pillow being really useful when baby is here for help when nursing and even to use to sit baby up when he’s a bit older.  Priced at £35 it’s one of the cheaper pillows on the market and I like it, but don’t love it. Which makes me sad as I really wanted too.


You can find pregnancy pillow on
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35 week pregnancy update

Eeek it seems actually crazy to think I’m going to be 36 weeks tomorrow,  but I really am! It’s been a bit of a tough week here, hoping the next will be slightly easier.
Baby boy is about 18″ and the size of a honeydew melon. Mmmm honeydew melon….. He weighs approx 5.5lb now and all his major organs are pretty much complete.

I’ve had quite a few round ligament pains this week, mainly during the night as I heave myself out of bed to use the toilet. The weather has really heated up recently which has knocked me for six! I’ve over heated a few times which has caused me to be sick, and I’ve had swellings. The wedding rings are well and truly in the drawer now, *sad face*
Lastly is the heartburn, oh my it’s been pretty constant! Is it possible to overdose on gaviscon liquid? With Tia I would get it once a night in my third trimester when I laid down. This time it’s pretty constant everyone I eat and even drink. 

I’m feeling much bigger this week, but I’m loving some of it now. My hair is super glossy at the moment, it feels pretty thick and has grown an insane amount the last few months. Also my face seems really clear, am I blooming? I never  did with Tia so I thought the whole blooming thing was a myth haha!
I had my whooping cough jab this week which hasn’t been too unpleasant. Just left me with a bruised feeling arm but no actual bruise or redness, so much better than the flu aftermath. *edit* I have a huge red mark now and a lump, it’s also hot to touch. So exactly the same as what happened after the flu jab! :-(image

What can I say, she makes my heart swell with pride and love and I could gush all day long about her. Everyone we meet, strangers included have all said what a fantastic sister she’ll make as she clearly loves and adores him already. Here’s hoping she still will when he’s here, she’s tested my tummy a few times this week to “check him” I’m pleased to report he is well. Xx

He’s still moving just as much as he always has, he’s managed to poke me in the ribs a few times this week which isn’t pleasant but I can’t complain. Tia basically lived with her elbows ect digging me in the ribs lol.

Eeek such an exciting week as his pram got delivered. He’s such a lucky boy and has got a beautiful Silvercross Pioneer in this year’s newest yellow colour. The colour alone makes me smile so much, I cannot wait to start using it to push him around. The carrycot is beautifully soft as made from the softest bamboo. He truly is a very lucky little man. We’re also getting for him a Kiddy Evo-lunafix seat and base which should be getting delivered asap. I did originally have a Doona carseat put by for him but after reading more and more I’ve decided I’m not going to be happy using it. The Evo-lunafix looks like one of (if not the) safest class one seats on the market currently, and I love the fact baby can lay down in it in a more natural position. I’m looking forward to showing you both of these products over the next few months and what we think of them as a family.

That’s it for this week, i’ve got another midwife appointment next week which will hopefully go well. Thanks for reading as always x

Our new caravan. 

“We’re going camping, in our carrotvan” is what you can hear our two year old singing often bloody pepper pig 

I’ve no idea why Tia calls caravans carrotvans but its just too darn adorable to correct her :-) 

So yes, we bought a caravan a little over six weeks ago after our last camping trip, and we’ve spent two weekends away in it so far. It’s not new, far from it but it’s new to us and we all love it. It has all the home comforts we need including a fridge and oven, beds, a bathroom with a toilet that flushes we have even got a small TV. Tia has her own cupboard which she has filled with her own choice of toys, including some new ones that we bought especially for the van. A kite, a bat and ball set and a football, she’s also got colouring books and pencils (although the pencils are out of her reach)

I’ve kitted the cupboards out with essentials you know, teabags and sugar haha! Then we take away milk and fresh food with us, it’s so different compare to staying in a tent. It still takes a little while to set up as we have to collect water and connect the gas for the fridge etc. But it’s honestly been so much fun, and Tia’s constantly asking when we’re going away again. I don’t think we’ll be going again now until baby boy is here as he’s due is five weeks.



We’ve put some curtains up for Tia and provided her with a battery operated night light (she has one at home too) so she has an enclosed bedroom which she loves so much. The first night away always takes a while to settle her down as she’s just so excited, Im sure it will get easier the more we go. It’s always only ever been the first night, the very first night she was bouncing around for nearly three hours before collapsing in bed in an exhausted heap bless her.



We’ve enjoyed playing games as a family and teaching Tia how to fly a kite. She managed to do this all by herself the last time we went away, although we won’t let her do it again after she had enough and let go. Michael had to chase it for miles across the field and I spend a good hour untangaling it, little monkey! 

I love that you can just hitch it to your car, and drive somewhere to have a mini break. On our last trip we went crabbing, treasure searching, found a village hosting a scarecrow festival and enjoyed the clubhouse disco and bingo. Michael won the full house which actually paid for our break and more, I had never played bingo before and I bought us two dabblers that stay to keep in the van as really actually enjoyed it lol.






This week we joined the caravan club, honestly if I could see myself now five years ago I would have laughed so hard! But there you go, we bought a caravan and love it’s! Once baby is here we’re looking forward to be able to go a bit further afield. I’ve always wanted to go to the Isle of Wight and I adore the south west coast of England. 

Do you ever go camping? 


First day of summer.

Ok ok so I know it’s not actually summer yet, but it’s been like winter in Essex the last few weeks! So we really made the most of yesterday being really warm and gloriously sunny. We got the grass cut, dug out some beds for our Seed potatoes from Suttons* and Michael even built a custom planter out of scrapes of wood to plant our amazing rainbow carrot seeds, also from Suttons*.




Tia planted her sunflowers which have been growing on our kitchen windowsill, and generally had lots of fun digging in the mud. She helped her daddy loads, she’s got his green fingers for sure and luckily not my fear for bugs. We’ve got four lots of flower seeds to plant but are unsure about where is best to put these at the moment, I think a few of them will go in planters. 

We dug out the parasal to create some much needed shade, this 35 week old pregnant lady was exhausted just watching her husband mow the lawn :-) I cooked a roast dinner as its all we had in and I wasn’t going shopping, our amazing neighbours had a bbq though and we shared burgers and lamb koftas. All that was missing was a few ice cold beers, me for obvious reasons and Michael was on call so couldn’t either! image




We need to do a bit more painting, we need to finish the shed and do the table and decking but that can wait. It’s amazing how much time it takes just doing the weeding! Tia recieved a lovely gardening set for christmas and we got that out today for the first time. It contained an adorable pair of gloves, a bucket and some tools. She loves nothing more than digging and moving dirt around, so give her two planters and she’s well happy. We opened up the sandpit and raked it all over, Tia wanted to jump right in little monkey! 

Here’s hoping the sun is here to stay now, I know it’s forecasted to be pretty good this week. I’m really hoping to be able to get Tia’s paddling pool out soon. My tired feet will love it haha! Did you have a lovely weekend where you are? 


Prepairing to sleep safely. 

How Tia was going to sleep was not something I thought much about before she was born. I went out and got a Moses basket with a rocking stand, cellular blankets, a cotbed for when she was older and of course the normal three piece cot set comprising a duvet, bumper and sheet. But everything changed when Tia was six months old, a blogger I spoke too lost her darling daughter to SIDS aged just nine short months. 

It made me look more into safe sleeping and I removed her cot bumper that very day. I also tried her in a sleeping bag but having always had blankets she wouldn’t settle wearing one. We also co-slept quite early on, this I did do a lot of reading up on and followed safe guidelines and it’s something we still do to this day if she’s poorly. 

I have thought about safe sleeping this time around and Im doing a few things differently. This is for my piece of mind, here’s some things I’ve got. 

I’ve got myself a co-sleeper cot, with breastfeeding I know I’ll find this product invaluable. He’ll also be super close but in his own space so I can sleep easier, although whether he’ll stay in there or on top of me is another story!  I went in the end for The bednest and Im looking forward to putting it all up in the next couple of weeks. 

I also plan to swaddle and use sleeping bags with this baby from the start rather than blankets. I slept very badly for a long time with Tia worrying she would go under her covers. 

I’ve very kindly been sent two to try for when baby boy gets here, the first is by a company called Love to dream* And is the swaddle up original. I love the look of this bag, it holds babies in an arms up position which is how they naturally sleep. The times Tia woke herself up when her arms moved from startle reflex, this bag will stop that happening. Baby is ready for bed in three very simple steps, the twin zipper will help with nappy changes and it’s seam free inside making it comfortable. I really do think this will be a favourite product and Im looking forward to trying it out. They come in three sizes and have a handy chart on the packet to let you know what baby should be wearing depending on the temperature.


Next up I have a Gro-swaddle* made by the Gro company. This came in a very cute design with puppies on, unlike the swaddle up this wraps around the baby several times. I’ve had it out to look at and the shape has left me a bit confused if I’m honest, I’m hoping it will all make perfect sense once baby is here. I’m also thinking about practacing on one of Tia’s dolls beforehand just in case lol. There is a handy how too guide on the side of the box so I can see what I need to do. This also has a suggested clothing guide on the packaging to make sure baby dosent overheat or get cold using the product. I love that it’s made from 100% cotton.

Then thinking massively ahead (as baby will be in with us for a minimum of six months) I’ve purchased a set of Airflow cot sides. This will stop little man getting his arms and legs stuck through the bars, but have no strings and are made from mesh so no fear of suffocation. I’ve started looking at sleeping bags for when he’s bigger, there a few brands I love the look of including the two mentioned above. I also love the look of the new Mamascarf babasac.

I’ve kept hold of Tia’s Moses basket, it’s been steam cleaned and will be used downstairs for naps. Hers is the traditional wicker type, I would love to replace it with a Moba basket. I would order it in cornflower blue as I think it’s a gorgeous colour.

Have you used any of the above products? I would love to hear how you got on with them.