UME ONE stroller review. 

Just before Christmas I was asked to review the new Summer UME ONE stroller*, after reading a few Amazon reviews I agreed. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I normally HATE strollers. I had one from a very well known company (think in your face prints) and it was the worst pram I’ve ever owned. I also detest the way my mums spare one pushes, So I was very interested in seeing how the UME ONE compared, I’ve been using it for about eight weeks now and here’s my thoughts. 
First impressions, the box was a good weight. Not overly heavy but with enough weight to tell me it would be sturdy. It came needing very little assembly and I grinned when I spotted the cupholder. We all need one of these honestly! First thoughts on the look when assembled was it looks fab, I chose the black/grey design and the patten is not in your face. The wheels look really smooth and can be changed from swivel to fixed very easily. The oversized hood is amazing, I love a decent sized hood and this one one ticks that box. The basket looks a decent size and the carry handle looks handy too. First impressions are very good.


On our first outing I laid Baby M right back as he was five months old and still in his carrycot with his big pram. He looked really comfortable and I was really impressed with the straps, they were easy to adjust and the padding on the crutch strap stops anything digging into baby. I easily adjusted the footrest so his feet were up, and checked on him often using the nice large viewing panel. I found the UME ONE really easy to push, the smooth wheels glided along the footpaths with ease and it didn’t feel too bumpy. The handles have groves in them which make them really easy to grip,

It drove over dry grass easily enough but I think it would slip a big if wet. No issue here, I won’t walk on wet grass unless I really have too.

Now little man is seven months old he sits upright in the UME ONE and he loves it! He so enjoys being able to look all around him, and quite often holds his sisters hand when we walk which is super cute. I’ve found the basket to be a really handy size to do a quick small local shop, it holds lots and is easily accessible when the pram is in sitting up mode. I don’t ever take a bag if nipping to the shops as the UME ONE has handy built in pockets to store a purse, keys or phone. This is a great feature for me, we’ll be using it at the airport in May and I’ll pop our passports and bits here so I can find them easily. 


The sun Canary works really well and is easily to adjust, it doesn’t feel too flimsy either. You simply unzip it to open up the extention.The seat is easy to recline/sit up using just one hand. The fold is also a true one hand fold which takes seconds, my husband was very impressed! The rain cover I found to be a bit annoying to get on, it has two small holes to poke the handlebars through. This can be annoying if you get caught out in a sudden downpour as you have to be so specific with the fitting. It does also stop you getting to the handy posckets which is something worth remembering. Once over the handlebars though it’s easy to fit and kept little man warm from the wind and bone dry. The pram features a built in rains hill so if it’s just spitting, you don’t need to worry about the cover.


Once folded you can carry the pram using the attached strap, it’s held together using a clip on the right hand side. Simply remove the catch and the pram opens up, the brake is a bar that goes across both back wheels and is easy to both apply and remove. 


The UME ONE stroller is marketed as suitable from birth as it does lay flat, personally I wouldn’t as I like my baby to be facing me BUT it does indeed lie flat and would be a great buy as would last into toddlerhood, I push my three year old around in it comfortably.

I 100% would recommend the UME ONE to anyone wanting to purchase a stroller, before I tested this I hated strollers and dreaded the time I would need to use one. This has completely won me over, it’s a pleasure to push, looks fabulous AND most importantly keeps my little one safe and comfortable. 

Priced at around £120 it’s very reasonably priced, half the price my last stroller cost and is of a much higher build quality. 

Gro-bag review.

A couple of months back, we were very kindly sent two of the Gro-Company Gro-bags to test out and review.

We recieved two different designs*, one which is their standard bag and another that is designed in a way that enables you to use it in a pram or car – seat.


Both bags are age 0-6 months, we are seven months old now and we’ve still got a bit of room in them making them very good value for money. I do always like to have two of each size, this ensures I always have a clean bag when one gets washed. Being cotton they dry very quickly and both have kept their shape. I always dry them on a coat-hanger and let them hang down normally from the shower rail.

The Little Dino bag comes in three sizes, 0-6, 6-18 and 18-24 months. It has a super clever travelling flap at the back, meaning it can be used safely with a five point harness in a carseat or pram. This feature has come in super handy a few times, especially if he’s feeling a bit under the weather and you want to keep baby wrapped up.



The design is really cute and a great gender neutral print. Come on who don’t like dinosaurs? One of Tia’s most prized toys is her dinosaur.

The Trundling tractor bag comes in three sizes, 0-6 , 6-18 and 18-24 months. It has a side zip which goes from top to bottom making those pesky night changes easier. It also has the same underarm poppers for additional safety on the 0-6 month size.  This print is one of my favourites and i’ll be replacing it in the next size very shortly.



At seven months old now we are still able to use the 0-6 month bags but we won’t be in them much longer. They really are such fantastic value for money and I can sleep easy knowing he’s not too hot/cold and safe.

Gro-light review.

The gro-company are hands down one of my favourite baby company’s. Not because I’m an ambassador for them, they asked me to work with them because I love them so much. We only use their Gro-bags and their Gro-egg helped us so much in the early days.

But did you know about their Gro-Light?* This very clever bit of kit screws onto either a lamp or your ceiling light, and transforms it into a comforting nightlight.


This is looking directly up into the light.

My three year old has always slept with a light, she found it a comfort as a newborn (its scary being out of the womb you know) and still has one on now. We had been leaving the landing light on with her door open to give her a bit of light. But with this clever gadget we no longer have to do this, and it gives off just the right amount of light to give her comfort, without being so bright that she can’t sleep.

Pick either bayonet or screw fixing, remove the bulb and attach. Then reapply the bulb and you’re done. It’s worth noting that this won’t work with a dimmer switch fitting. You can use this as a nightlight as we do, or if your child prefers to sleep in the dark then you can use it to help you check on your sleeping child without disturbing them.


Flick the switch once to turn on the Gro-light and twice to over ride it and have the normal light. So at bedtime now I turn on the normal light to read Tia her story, when we’re finished I flick the switch twice on the way out (the first one turns the light off, the second turns on the Gro-Light) We leave this light on all night and it gets turned off when my husband leaves for work in the very early morning.

Priced at £17.99 I highly recommend this product, it’s one we’ve used daily for the last three months and will continue to do so for a long while yet.

Silvercross pioneer pram mode. 

A little over six months ago, we started using our beautiful Silvercross Pioneer. We very recently started using it in the more grown up pram position and so as promised, here is a little update. For those of you who haven’t seen the original review, you can read that here Silvercross pioneer review

Firstly I just want to say that the carrycot really is the most amazing size, my little man still hadn’t outgrown it at six months and he’s not the smallest boy either!  

So a few weeks ago I dug out the seat unit, took the hood off of the carrycot and transferred it over along with the cosytoes and bumper bar. I zipped on the base of the cosytoes and we were good to go. I did add a liner to the pram because it’s been super cold this week which I purchased separately and is not made by Silvercross. 

So in pram mode we have several recline settings, I love that he seems to be much higher up now so we can chat whilst walking along. Little man adores being able to be eye level with his older sister, he always looks proud as punch. I imagine it makes him feel all big boy as I keep saying to him.

Ease of use

Using the seat unit is a doddle, it clips onto the pram base with a clicking sound. To remove simply push up two buttons (one either side) and lift up. The seat can be either parent or world facing, and you need to remove the seat unit before folding in parent facing mode. It’s still easy to apply and disengage the brake and the seat unit adjusts easily using a pull lever on the back of the seat. The seat has a five point harness which can be a bit fidderly as the  shoulder straps loop onto the side straps and these tend to fall off when it’s undone. But once done up it feels really secure and and is easy to adjust.


The seat unit cleverly uses the same rain over as the carrycot. I really like this feature, as it saves having to store another cover plus I really like this rain over as I already mentioned in my original review. It really is foolproof (thankfully haha) and I’m pleased to say that it’s just as easy to use with the seat unit.


The storage space hasn’t gotten any bigger in pram mode, but the very spacious basket is slightly easier to access now. I do find I can’t use the cup holder for hot drinks now as he can reach it, but this is not something I’m worried about and Tia has claimed it for her own juice cup.


I wondered if it wouldn’t drive as well with the seat unit, especially as it’s in parent facing mode but I’ve not found this. For me the only thing that makes this pram not perfect, is its inability to go up curbs or even dropped curbs. Not a problem as you just lift the front wheels up first and off you go BUT sometimes I forget to my husband pushes the pram and they just stop it dead. 


The Silvercross pioneer still looks gorgeous in pram mode, it’s honestly one of the most stylish prams I’ve had the pleasure of pushing. But not only does it look nice, it’s comfortable and safe for little man. 
We’ve had lots of fun and adventures in the Silvercross pioneer and I would give it a 8/10 rating.

Slimming world update. 

I’ve not written about my journey in a few weeks, to be honest I’ve not written much at all recently for reasons I’ll write about another day.

However I am still going and have upped my fitness game too. When I first started this journey 12 weeks ago I just wanted to loose my baby weight. But now I’m working towards being as fit as I can be too. 

My original goal when I joined was to loose 1lb a week, so I would loose a stone for Christmas. This seemed doable, with little pressure on myself and I would feel amazing. I made it my Christmas wish.

So far I’ve lost one stone, eight and a half pounds so am only three and a half away from two stones lost! I’m not sure how it’s happened, slimming world seems to have just clicked for me. I see a meme on breastfeeding a few months back saying “Breastfeeding is 10% feeding and 90% determination” and I 100% agreed. I also think you can apply this to slimming world, just change feeding to eating, if you’re not in the “zone” you’ll struggle, I’ll know I’ve been there. I tried to do it after I had Tia three years ago and lost 6lbs then all motivation and pulled it all back on plus some. 


This time I’ve made sure to plan, if I don’t do this I end up with nothing in I can snack on for quickness. If I’ve no idea what we’re having for dinner, I can get flustered and end up making something quick from the freezer. Now I freeze meals as I go along if I make enough for those days,Slimming world do have their own range of ready meals which can be purchased exclusively at Iceland, but I’ve never been a fan of ding meals. Always preferring to make my own, I’ve heard they’re lovely though.

Fitness wise, I’ve just received my silver body magic award and have completed week one of gold. I was doing a mix of dance aerobics and kettlebells, now I’m doing a programme called the 30 day shred which is a 20 minute workout which you do everyday for 30 days. There are three levels, each one lasting ten days. Today I’ll be completing day nine of level one, I found this workout really tough in the first few days. It’s only just started to get easier so I’m now pushing myself harder. I’m planning on measuring my body regularly whilst doing this, I lost 6″ overall after the first five days. One off each each, one off each thig, one from my waist and one from my middle. I’ll measure again after completing day ten, then ten days after and finally once I’ve completed it. 

This week I tried a new recipe, salt and pepper style chicken which was amazing!

Cut up two chicken breasts into bite size pieces, whisk one egg in a bowl and dip each piece in the egg, then roll around and cover with the dry seasoning below.

5 tablespoons of smash

2 teaspoons garlic salt

2 teaspoons onion powder

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon paprika

Dash of black pepper
Spray a baking tray with fry light and cook the chicken in the oven on 200degrees for 20 minutes or until cooked. 

In a pan dice red pepper, one onion, spring onions and a hot chilli (optional, I left this out) fry until soft then mix in with the chicken in the oven for the last five minutes of cooking.
This week I’ve been trying to be extra good so I can shift 3.5lbs on Saturday. It’s a big ask and I’m really not sure I’ll manage it, however I won’t be upset if I don’t. Because I’ll just remind myself that I wanted to loose a stone before Christmas, and I’ve nearly lost two. 

Leapfrog number learning oven.

leapfrog is, and always has been a much loved brand in this house since we had children. Their products are great because they’re educational as well as fun, and the songs are always crazy catchy!

A little while ago, Tia was kindly sent the Number learning oven to test and review. 

What’s in the box

• Interactive oven
• 4 Pizza slices

• 3 Pieces of bread

• 2 Cupcakes

• 1 Fried egg

• 1 Skillet

• 1 Spatula

• 1 Baking tray

• 2 Plates

The number loving oven teaches your child numbers and basic maths using over 30 different songs and phrases. The delightful oven sings as it warms up, cooks bread and playfully suggests that adding an egg to food will make it better. When cooking an egg in the pan, the oven makes a sizzling noise. Then use the spatula to serve the egg onto a serving plate. When the oven door is closed it teaches all about numbers and counting, using the slider. When the number door is opened, it then teaches all about counting and sharing. I’m impressed that everything fits inside the oven neatly, it makes the oven easy to transport and to keep tidy come bedtime.


The leapfrog number loving oven is a good size, and isn’t heavy. It has a switch on the side with three points, off, quiet and loud.  Tia (aged three) has had so much fun playing with this oven, we would both highly recommend it if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas present. It’s suitable from age 3 years and is priced at around £19.99.

Peppa’s listen & learn smartphone.

Im sure anyone who has a toddler these days knows of Peppa pig, if they’re anything like my own toddler then they’ll also be able to fully work your smartphone. Kids these days are super smart aren’t they? Long gone are the days when a old style phone is good enough. Tia uses mine manly for selfies and YouTube, her newest toy isn’t able to do these tasks. But it does light up and teach her colours and numbers using her favourite TV stars. Tia adores Peppa pig and her friends and we cannot go a single day without watching at least one episode. So when Tia was asked to review a new Peppapig smartphone, I said yes immediately.

The KD Peppa pig listen & learn smartphone is available for £9.97 from George.


The smartphone has four built in games to teach, and uses light effects to stimulate. It even has a swipe feature (think of Apple) which sets off light and a tune. The phone features the voice of Peppa pig and takes three AAA batteries which come included.

The phone allows your toddler to call up ten different characters, although Tia normally ends up calling her dad and then making me talk to him! The buttons are easy to push and the phone is easy to turn on and off. It’s suitable from two years plus, and I would say that’s accurate. 

Moon gazing gift ideas

So the annual release of the John Lewis advert is upon us. You know it’s nearly Christmas when this happens, and yet again they’ve done brilliantly and I welled up. My husband laughs at me every year as I claim to just have something in my eye! If you’ve yet to see the advert I’ve shared the link to it here.

With Moon Gazing in our hearts this morning, here is a roundup of some of my favourite moon related products.

A reminder that no distance is too great for love!

Science Museum Shop

Illuminated Moon – £30.00
Telescope and Astronomy Kit – £100.00
Moon Sweatshirt – £35.00
Moon Platter and Star Cookie Cutter – £50.00
Home Planetarium – £35.00
Astronaut Duvet and Pillow Set
Moon Rocket Ride on Toy
Rockin’ Baby

Cozy Space Bib Set – £18.00

Silver cross.

To the Moon and Back
Luxury Mobile – £40.00

Luxury Sleepsuit – £30.00

Have you seen anything that catches your eye? My husband would love the telescope, Tia would go crazy over the space planetarium and I would love to treat little legs to the silver cross moon and stars luxery mobile.

Tots threads. 

Hey lovelies, 

I’m back again this week with another matching set for my babes. It’s rare that they wear matching clothes, but when they do I get so many lovely compliments and seeing them make me so proud. This week my twosome have been rocking some handmade clothing from a company called Baba be boho.

The lady who owns Baba be boho has been making children’s clothes a long time, she made dresses for Tia when she was a baby. Since re-branding she has a huge following and it’s actually very hard to get a slot, I was very lucky to get a slot on my first try. All her clothes are completely hand made, and you choose the size, style and material. I of course went for matching and ordered this amazing rainbow/rain-drop material as it makes me smile looking at it. 

I’ve never been one for monochrome on kids, I think it looks fab but I’ve always picked rainbows over blacks. After choosing what I wanted I was sent an invoice the day later and had them delivered the next week. The material I picked out is stretchy so will last little legs a long time hopefully. 

They’ve washed up perfectly on a 30 wash, done inside out with no bobbling, shrinking or colour loss. Tia LOVES her skater dress, it twirls around perfectly when she spins in it and she adores her rainbow sleeves. She’s also over the moon that her baby bro has clothes that look the same. I’m happy with his dungarees as they’re soft and stretchy making it easy for him to move in. I hate restricting clothes on babies and these are nothing of the sort, Very happy mummy and children.

Slimming world week four.

Hi guys, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week? It’s that time of the week again where I get to stand on the dreaded scales, but I wasn’t too worried this week. More intrigued to see how I had done after a very busy body magic week.
I decided quite early on that I was going to have a treat day once a week, and I was craving proper pizza so we went to Pizza Hut last Saturday and it was amazing! I did have a huge salad, but I also had lots of yummy pizza and chips and that’s ok too. Everything in moderation people!
So this week I have added kettlebells to my workouts and I’m really enjoying them. I’m sure my arms are already less wobbly and it definitely makes me sweat, and I’m only doing a quick 10 minute workout at the moment.

This week I’ve had mainly fruit and yoghurts for breakfast, omelettes for lunches and I cooked spa bol, jacket pototos, homemade burgers and even a Chinese this week! Slimming world is definitely not restricting in what you can eat, just making a few small changes in how you cook it and what’s added can make such a difference.


So this week’s weeks starts are

I lost 3lbs and got slimmer of the week!
Total lost 12lb

I’m so hoping to lose another 2lb this week so I can get my stone award, but if I don’t I won’t be upset, I’ve done so well already in such a short space of time.