April 19, 2014
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Happy hopperz cow

One of my earliest memories from childhood? Fun! I myself had a space hopper and would bounce away on it happily for ages.
Now the parent of a bouncy toddler, what could be better than a toy that takes on the principles of the old style toy that I once played with, but made safer for toddlers to enjoy. Welcome to the world of happy hopperz. They are essentially, space hoppers on legs and Tia thinks they are the best toy invention ever! We received the cow design happy hopperz* from Beebies baby shop a little while ago.
It came in a much smaller box then I imagined, I had no idea that they had to be inflated. In the small box was the deflated happy hopperz, instructions and a pump. I quickly got to work inflating it, and it was ready to play with within five minutes.


They come in two size options, one for 12 months till 2.5 years and another for 2.5 years till 5 years old.
I picked the cow design as Tia would easily recognise it for what it was, she instantly stated to practice her mooing when she spotted it. The happy hopperz that we ordered has teething dimples on the handles, making them multifunctional and perfect for the age bracket. They also make the horns easier to hold in small hands. Tia adores bouncing on her cow, which she has called moo. Every single day she gets on with ease and has a good bounce. When she’s a bit older, she’ll be able to bounce him across the room. But for the moment, she’s happy just to bounce and it burns of some of that never-ending supply of energy that toddlers seem to have!



To me a happy hopperz is a proper toy, it doesn’t need batteries, doesn’t sing annoying songs or have annoying flashing lights. It is a toy that works hand/eye coordination, balance control, physical development and imaginative play. It’s a simple toy that creates happiness and gets a huge thumbs up from both me and Tia.


Happy hopperz come in a range of colours and styles, they can be used both indoor and out and are guaranteed to make toddlers smile.
You can buy the cow happy hopperz from Beebies baby store by following this link.

April 16, 2014
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Infacol colic clinic

If you’ve heard of infacol, then there’s a good chance that your baby may have suffered with colic at some point. Tia had awful reflux as a baby and this was was life saver! Infacol is licensed for the treatment of I fact colic, wind and griping pain and contains simeticone.
My niece Skye suffered with awful colic, she would scream for hours and hours on end. It was really hard on my sister and her partner. Neither got much support from the doctor, nor did they really know why it was happening.
The people over at infacol have come up with a new web app, designed to bring reassurance to parents worried about colic, whatever the time.

Colic affects one in four babies, and the crying fits can last three hours plus! It normally occurs in late afternoons and evenings, often when the doctor is no longer around, and can be so stressful for parents as cuddling doesn’t always help.

The new 24/7 virtual clinic has been designed to offer support to parents when they most need it, no matter what time of the day/night it is. It hopes to answer any questions on the subject of colic, and will help determine whether your baby has colic by using a simple yes/no question system.

The 24/7 clinic can be accessed at wwe.colichelp.co.uk via multiple device platforms including smartphones and tablets.

I was provided with a box of goodies to sweeten me up to write a post advertising the new website, but it wasn’t needed. It’s a genuinely good idea and all opinions are my own.


April 9, 2014
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Today, my husband taught Tia (18 months) what a daisy is. She’s currently obsessed with “fowwers” and picks them for us both every time she spots one in the garden. Today when I was out, he taught her what Daisies are called, so now if you ask her to show you a daisy, she will find and point at one and say very clearly “daisy”.


Such a small gesture, but it’s massive to me. She’s learning so much everyday now and it’s so exciting.
I wonder what she’ll learn next?


Ethans Escapades

April 7, 2014
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Hi-tec Haraka trainers, first impressions.

I recently have been sent a pair of Hi-tec Haraka trainers* to use for both my race for life and the training.


These trainers have been designed to run in, they weigh hardly anything and almost mould themselves to my feet. I’m really liking both how they feel and look, the pink is so bright, it’s eye catching.



I've not used any filters In the last two photos, that is truly how bright they are!
So my first impressions of the Hi-tec Haraka trainers are good, I love both the style and fit. I'm going to write a post after I have put them fully to the test, but for now I really like them.
You can purchase Hi-tec Haraka trainers here for just £34.99 which I think is really reasonable.


April 6, 2014
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Non chocolate Easter gifts from Beebies

Easter is fast approaching, and all the shops are full to the brim with chocolate eggs. If like me, you like the idea of buying gifts that last a little longer, then check out Beebies baby store.
Beebies pride themselves on being a one stop baby shop, and the selection of Easter treats are all so good, you’ll find it hard to pick what you want!
First up you have a bag of mini eggs*, all handmade to order. These are made from felt in soft candy colours and look good enough to eat. Your tot will enjoy pretending to eat these for much longer then actual mini eggs though. Mini candy eggs


How about a handmade felt Easter egg*? This can be purchased in a selection of colours and has the option to be personalised. For just £3.50 a fabric fancy egg is cheaper then some chocolate ones, and will last a lot longer!


This perfect bunch of five mini carrots* would make a great gift for your little chef. All handmade to order again, tied in a bunch with a tag that can be personalised. These gorgeous fabric fancy carrots are really lifelike, looking good enough to eat they are simply adorable.


I hope this post inspires you, Beebies baby store have many other gifts to order including hot cross buns, and even a bag of haribo sweets!

To guarantee your gifts will be delivered in time for Easter, make sure you place any orders before Sunday 13th April.


April 4, 2014
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Springfree trampoline.

I recently visited the ideal home show for the first time, thanks to Hillary’s blinds who gave me complimentary tickets. It was amazing, I only wish I had gotten there earlier so I could have taken my time walking around.

20140404-203250.jpg I adore Cath Kidston so the exterior of the show was amazing to see in the distance, the bouquet of shades was pretty cool too.


On our walk around we came across the display of a company called Springfree trampoline
and I was instantly interested in the product. What a genius idea! I’ve heard many many horror stories of spring induced accidents on trampolines, it’s the main reason we don’t have one in our garden for Tia.
Springfree have designed a trampoline that’s completely spring free, it has a patented rod base system. It also has a soft edge and the flexi net keeps you on the trampoline and off the floor. Springfree was designed by Dr Keith Alexander over 15 years ago. He was shocked at the statistics of trampoline induced injures and set about creating an alternative, one he would be happy for his own children to use. Springfee has come a long way since his first designs, they have won many awards including Safest trampoline in 2013 by choice, product of the year and parent tested parent approved. You can see them all listed here. If you’re still not convinced, and I think you really should be by now, then just take a peek at the videos on the webpage here , they make me smile so much! When I saw it in the flesh, I couldn’t stop grinning. See I want one for Tia, but I think deep down it’s for me!



I would love one of these for Tia and am contemplating buying her one for her next birthday. She adores bouncing and is trying so very hard to jump, a trampoline would be perfect for her. Springfree means I won’t have to worry about her getting hurt.

I haven’t been asked to write this post, I genuinely loved the product and wanted to share it with you.

March 30, 2014
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Bluewater baby and toddler show competition

The baby and toddler show is coming to the bluewater shopping centre between 25th and 27th April. Here you can meet with over 150 brands to get everything you could possibly need for your baby or toddler. I’m really excited to be able to go* and I’m also going to giving away two tickets for you to go too. Top brands including bugaboo, Cosatto, Silvercross and Maxi-cosi will all be in attendance. You will receive one on one demonstrations and receive all the advice you may need before making a purchase, and if you do then you’re guaranteed an amazing deal!
Bluewater shopping centre boasts 13,000 free parking spaces and is both bump and child friendly, with plenty of facilities to change and feed etc.
At the baby and toddler show you can..
TRY – Free product demonstrations from the brand experts enable you to see the benefits of each product, try them out and make sure you buy what’s perfect for you.

TEST – Practise using the products as you would at home, at the show, so you can be sure that they meet your specific needs.

COMPARE – One visit to The Baby & Toddler Show enables you to get hands-on with an unrivalled range of products to compare and contrast, not just on price but based on getting up close and personal with the products. Meet the brands’ representatives and quiz the experts who actually make them so you can make a fully informed decision.

BUY – It can be expensive to buy everything you need as a new parent and it’s important to get the right products for your budget; make your investment purchases at the Baby & Toddler Show.

There is no better place to do your research than in person at the show, you can be confident that you are buying the best possible products for the best possible prices.

I know I’m excited to go, if you are too then do come and enter for a chance to win free entry tickets using the rafflecopter down below, and good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


March 29, 2014
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An evening with Hillary’s.

On Thursday, I was kindly invited along to an event held by Hillary’s blinds to view their new collections. The three collections were seasonal based which is a first for Hillary’s. We were shown the three collections called Modern coastal, organic earth and electric luxe and the inspiration behind designing them. Having moved into our new house recently, I was excited to see what they had to offer and they didn’t disappoint.
The summery collection was totally 100% my favourite, the mood board was just filled with summer items and totally took me back to my place of birth.

20140329-213526.jpg I grew up in a seaside town so I really connected with this seasons range which was entitled “Modern coastal”
They had a beautiful boats fabric which would look adorable in a child’s bedroom, or a bathroom. Another favourite was called graphic circles which I would love in my kitchen.

20140329-220015.jpg When the light shines though this material, you can see the circle pattern and it’s enough to provide shade during sunny days, without blocking out the light. This would be the perfect blind for my kitchen as it’s slightly overlooked and it would create some privacy for me without darkening the room.


20140329-222644.jpg The Electric luxe range had many beautiful materials, but my two favourites were Celebration which is a beautiful shimmery material and finch which is made from lace.


20140329-220943.jpg I would love celebration for Tia’s room, it has a real girly feel to it with the shimmer and I think it would fit her room perfectly. The finch lace effect blind would finish my bedroom window off beautifully! The pattern changes all the time with the light, it really is beautiful and my photo does it no justice! Hillary’s blinds offer a comprehensive in home service, they measure for you and offer no obligation quotes. You can find Hillary’s online here

I wasn’t asked to write about this event.


March 26, 2014
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A dress with a cause.

Very recently I purchased Tia the beautiful Tilda star dress from the lovely the princess and the frock.
This dress was designed to remember “Tilda” a shining star, and 20% of the profits of each dress is donated to Bliss charity when you buy one. So it’s not just a pretty dress you see, it’s memories and fundraising. Helping to support parents with premature babies.


All dresses from the princess and the frock are handmade and made to order. I waited ten days for this pretty parcel to be delivered, which I thought was a brilliant turn around. The quality of this dress is amazing, I love the buttons and the colours are so vibrant. It’s just perfect, and Tia agrees. As soon as she saw it, she wanted to wear it.





Every time she wears it, we are stopped in the street to be asked about it. It truly is a beautiful dress, and we are proud to wear it to remember a star.

I haven’t been asked to write this post, I purchased the dress myself and loved it so much, that I wanted to share it and it’s story. Xx