October 22, 2014
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Getting ready for winter with the new Braun NTF3000 thermometer.

At the beginning of this month, me and Tia were invited to a very special event from Braun showcasing two new products. The IRT6520 ear thermometer and the NTF3000 no touch forehead thermometer.
Me and Tia traveled into London to the event which had a guest appearance from one of Tia’s idols, Dr Ranj Singh himself.

We were very kindly gifted a thermometer of choice, I decided on the new NFT3000 no touch forehead model. Tia’s never been a fan of me sticking anything in her ear, especially when she’s feeling poorly. It took a doctor nearly five minutes to test Tia’s temperature once (with a Braun model that should take seconds) in the end I had to basically pin her head down. It was traumatic for all involved so thank you Braun, for coming up with a no touch model.




The new No touch + forehead thermometer has two modes of use, you can use it by directly touching the forehead or, by holding it a distance of 5cm away from the forehead.

With our new no touch + forehead thermometer I can check Tia’s temperature when she’s sleeping and in less than two seconds. It has a no sound mode, so no chance of waking her up. It has a simple colour coded display to make reading the results both easy and quickly. Two things you want when accessing a poorly baby, also being touch free helps to limit the risk of spreading germs, and eliminating the possibility of cross contamination in the family.

We tested out a demo model at the event, and Tia thought it a very funny game. A stark difference to how she normally reacts when I check her temperature. She wanted to check mine afterwards so I’ll have to kept it away in the medicine cupboard, it will end up in her toy box if I’m not careful!



Braun’s new No touch + forehead thermometer features a ultra sensitive sensor, which captures twice as much radiated heat than traditional thermometers using an innovative optical system. The patented proximity sensor helps you to guide the thermometer onto your child’s forehead, at the correct distance of 5cm. This is very clever technology. Or witchcraft!
Either way as a mother, I’m super impressed!

The NFT3000 is suitable from birth and costs £52.99 from Boots, Asda and all good baby retailers.

Here’s Dr Ranj’s top tips on managing fever,


1) make sure you know how to check temperature accurately and get your child used to it too. Making it into a fun game can make the process easier, especially if they’re not feeling well. Likewise, if your child gets upset when having their temperature checked, think about using a no touch model.


2) Babies will often feed more when they are hot, both for comfort and to stay hydrated. You may find that they feed less but more often.

3) For children that have been weaned, offer them cool drinks or ice-lollies when they are bothered by fever. This is a great way to help them feel comfortable.

Keeping cool

4) If your child is not, reduce the number of layers they are wearing to help them cool down. This applies to both babies and older children.

5) Babies primarily lose heat through their heads, so when they are hot make sure their head is uncovered.

6) Older children will loss heat through sweating and so ensure they have regular drinks when they have a fever, to keep them hydrated.

7) At night when your child goes to bed, cover them in a single sheet, rather than a duvet. For babies, the sheet should come up to their armpits and not cover their heads.

8) Make sure that the room your child is in is a normal temperature (around 18 degrees), so turn down the heating or open some windows. However, it shouldn’t be so cold that it’s uncomfortable.

9) Do not use tepid sponging to cool your child down. This isn’t very effective and may actually be counter-productive.


10) There are medicines that can help to reduce your child’s temperature, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Make sure you always follow the dosage instructions, or check with a healthcare professional if you are unsure.

Medical opinion

11) Know when to seek further help. You should keep a close eye on your child when the thermometer reads elevated (yellow) and seek medical advice if it reads high (red), or if they have any other worrying signs (such as rash, floppiness, breathing difficulties, fits or signs or dehydration).

12) Any child with a fever that lasts more than 5 days should be checked by a healthcare professional.

I hope these tips will help you, I had no idea that using a cool sponge was bad. But after Dr Ranj explaining why it made perfect sense, cooling down a child too quickly can make them worse.

*disclosure* All photos were provided by the event organisers and I’ve used them with permission. My own camera (iPhone) fell down the loo just after arriving lol! Thank you for inviting us to the event, we had a lovely time.

October 21, 2014
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JNY organic mushroom dress

Tia has been wearing a new dress from one of, if not my all time favourite children’s clothing shop Kyna boutique It’s from a brand called JNY which was new to me, deciding which print to order was very hard, I want the whole collection! As with everything from KyNa, this is made from organic cotton and is of a very high quality. The JNY Mushroom tunic dress has brightly coloured mushrooms which seem to “pop” out from the black background, this dress is anything but boring.


This dress* has been worn many times since it arrived and consequently has been washed a fair bit. I’m happy to be able to say that the dress is still a vivid black and the colours still pop. I had visions when i unpacked the dress that it would be grey after a few washes. The JNY mushroom dress is described as a tunic style dress and has a really lovely shape, and the bright red seams finish the dress off perfectly.



The dress does up with a simple popper at the neck, no faffing about with buttons which gives it high brownie points from this parent of a wriggly toddler who is hell-bent on not wearing clothes. The JNY mushroom dress came beautifully packaged in white tissue with a hand written note from the owner of KyNa boutique. I’ve ordered from KyNa boutiqe a fair few times and I just love the personal touches that make you known you’re a valued customer.

KyNa-boutique-packaging width="300" height="224" />

If you’ve never heard of Kyna before, do please go pay them a visit. They’re a very helpful company who have a good social media presence. I have an exclusive discount code for my readers to give you an amazing 15% off using the code MTJAMB at the checkout stage, but be quick. This exclusive offer ends this Sunday (26th)


October 15, 2014
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Wickey sandpit flip

Sand. All kids love it don’t they? We went on holiday in September and Tia experienced her first ever sandy beach, needless to say she adored it. We built sand castles and made shapes, then knocked them down and re built them. On our return home Tia would often ask to go to the beach, our beach in Essex is not what she wanted! So when we were offered an opportunity to review the Wickey sandpit flip we jumped at the chance!

The sandpit was delivered by a courier very quickly, bear in mind that it’s made from very good quality wood so will be heavy. My husband set out making it on his return from work the same day. He started sorting out the wood into piles and checking it against the instructions when we found a problem, it appeared we had missing pieces but on further inspection the instructions were a bit hap hazard (think ikea) so he just muddled on. You will need a drill to assemble the wickey sandpit flip as the wood isn’t pre-drilled. There’s a lot of specific measurements too which make sure that when fully assembled, the lid opens and closes smoothly. It took Michael a good hour to assemble the sandpit with only one tea break.IMG_1484.PNG




As you can see from the photos, the wickey sandpit flip doesn’t have a bottom. You can order a safesand foil lining which allows water to escape but keeps roots and worms out of the sand. It’s a good idea to rake the sand regularly though to help keep mildew at bay. The lining can just be placed inside then cut down to fit, but Michael stapled it on to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. After filling it with sand all that was left to add was a very excited little girl, this was the result.






I can honestly say that the Wickey sandpit flip is Tia’s favourite garden toy, she’s been really upset the last few days as we’ve had heavy rain meaning she can’t play sand castles!

The wood has all been boiler pressure treated, what this means it that it never has to be painted to protect it from the weather. I can’t tell you how happy this made me when I read that, I hate painting the garden furniture! The very clever lid has very clever hinges that allow it to transform into two seating areas. This means that if you don’t want to sit in the sand you don’t have too, Tia loves sitting on the seats and digging her toes into the sand. It does make me wonder if she’s remembering our summer on the beach.

You can buy your own Wickey sandpit flip in a range of sizes here our one is on offer at the moment for a bargain £61.46 with free delivery. If you’re looking for well built, good quality wooden sandpit then I can recommend this for sure. Wickey also stock different styles and sizes here so you’re bound to find something to suit you garden size and children’s age. The only negative for me was the instructions being wrong in places, but I didn’t have to build it so it didn’t bother me half as much as my husband!

What’s your children’s favourite garden toy?

October 11, 2014
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Win a pair of babyshow tickets!

Win tickets with Britax for The Baby Show at London Olympia!
From 24th – 26th October, The Baby Show will be at London Olympia, and as a Britax Mumbassador, I’ve been given 2 tickets to give away to one of my lucky followers!

Britax will be on stand F65 at the Baby Show, showcasing the Affinity pushchair. Suitable from birth, this pushchair combines safety and style. With its range of gorgeous colours, this pushchair is designed for parents looking for the ultimate in style, but without compromising on safety, comfort or ease of use. Britax will also be showing off the DUALFIX car seat. A clever ISOFIX Group 0+ & 1 car seat that swivels a full 360°, it offers parents the choice to leave their child rearward facing up until 18kg (approx. 4 years) or turn them 180° to a forward facing position from 9kg, without the need to reinstall the seat. With DUALFIX’s 360° flexibility, parents have the choice to make the decision that best suits their family’s needs.

Alongside these products, Britax will have the popular BOB active stroller range on hand to try at the show at stand number G80. BOB is the sporty little brother providing products for active families, including the all-terrain power pushchair BOB Revolution® PRO. This stroller launched earlier in 2014 and is the first pushchair on the market that has a swivel wheel which is safe and approved for running and skating in the UK and Europe. This also makes it perfect for everyday use too, providing nimble manoeuvrability even in tight spaces!

Enter into the give-away below and you could find yourself on your way to The Baby Show to see the latest products on the market. The competition closes on 17th October, so don’t miss out on your chance to attend!

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October 10, 2014
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Little buttons boutique hosts frugi raffle.

“Little Buttons Boutique are an online baby & children’s wear boutique specialising in organic & contemporary top quality clothing for little ones. This month, they have teamed up with one of their fantastic designers ‘Frugi’ to organise an online charity raffle to benefit Yorkhill Children’s Foundation which raises funds for Yorkhill Hospital.

Frugi are the No 1 organic children’s clothing designer in the UK and have created a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate Prince George’s 1st Birthday this year. Only 60 of these t-shirts were made and are very sought after. Ten of the t-shirts were allocated to Frugi retailers to raise money for charity and Little Buttons are absolutely delighted to have been chosen. Their chosen charity is a cause very close to their heart as the owner’s little boy was born with kidney problems and has undergone several operations and treatment at Yorkhill Hospital since he was a baby. The care he’s been received has been outstanding and the hospital helps thousands of sick children and their families every year. Yorkhill Children’s Charity and it’s fundraising is absolutely crucial to Yorkhill Hospital as it helps them to provide the fantastic service that the Hospital is renowned for. One of the many initiatives the charity will support is the new Children’s Hospital which is set to open in the summer of 2015 and will offer world class facilities to thousands of sick children.

The raffle will run from 1st to 20th October and the prize will be a gift hamper including a Green & Black’s organic chocolate gift set, official Yorkhill mascot teddy bear, £30 to spend at www.littlebuttonsboutique.co.uk and of course the gorgeous Frugi t-shirt. Each £1 donated will receive a raffle number and once the raffle closes a number will be chosen at random to decide one lucky winner to receive all of these fab prizes! Full details are available now on the Just Giving page www.justgiving.com/LittleButtons

Little Buttons have created code YORKHILL which will entitle MTJAM blog readers to 15% off any purchase throughout October, with free UK P&P on all orders too. Good luck to everyone who enters the raffle, your support is incredibly appreciated”

October 8, 2014
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Jess’s cloth nappy diary.

Hey guys, I really hope you’ve been finding this series helpful, I know I would have before I started using cloth nappies. Even as a user now I love seeing what others do and what they like. This week we have Jess on the blog.

hello, welcome to the cloth nappy diaries, can you introduce yourself and tell us who you use cloth on
My name is Jess and I am a mum to two children, Hetty 6 and Arthur 9months. I use cloth nappies full time on Arthur & have done so since he was about 8 weeks old. I also use large cloth nappies on Hetty for nighttime as she is still having accidents in her sleep, we have been using these for about 3 months.

When did you first hear about cloth nappies and how?
I first heard about cloth nappies 11years ago when my sister had her first child. She bought a full kit but in honesty I can never recall seeing any of her 3 children wearing them. I then briefly looked into using them on Hetty whilst I was pregnant but the idea never really stuck.

Why do you choose to use cloth nappies?
When Arthur was around 3 weeks old I started to become concerned with the cost of all the disposible nappy we were using. Also we all recycle a lot more these days so I was really aware of the waste & the impact on the envioroment. So we started to seriously look into cloth nappies & saw little lamb had a good deal on so we went for it. For us it was a mixture of becoming Eco friendly and also the cost.

Do you have a favourite nappy/brand? Which one?
My ‘stash’ is mainly made up with cheep pockets & bambino mio solo nappies with a couple of different brands thrown in. If I had to choose one favourite it would be the solos. Absorbant, I never boost for day times & rarely leak. Wash well, can go in the tumble dryer but will dry over night on the airer in the house. Also if we run out of our regular night nappies I add two boosters and they last us 12hours. Oh and they keep the skin really dry!

What do you find hardest about using cloth nappies?
The hardest things for me is taking enough out for the day my other half think is it’s flicking the poo in the toilet!

What is the best part about using cloth nappies for you?
I love the face that they are better for the baby. I recently wore disposible sanitary pads & I could help but think that must be how it feels to wear a disposible nappy! I find Arthur’s skin reacts now to disposibles and Hettys bottom is much better (eczema) for being in cloth.

Can you give our readers your top three cloth nappy tips?
Top three tips
1: try different brands & boosters to suit your baby.
2: find a washing routine to suit you ( I see so many mums confused on how best to wash their nappies)
3: try not to get sucked in by all the beautiful prints unless you can afford too!

And lastly, would you recommend them?
I absolutely would recommend cloth nappies! I only wish I used them with Hetty!




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October 7, 2014
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BOB scoops gold!

Team Britax has been celebrating this week after it was announced that the BOB Revolution PRO scooped the Gold accolade for best Running Buggy in the prestigious 2014 Men’s Running Magazine Awards.

To be honest I’m not at all surprised, we have one and it’s honestly amazing. They’re’s nothing it can’t do, it’s so sturdy when jogging/running with it. Well done Britax!


October 1, 2014
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Rachel’s cloth nappy diary.

Welcome to the next instalment of the cloth nappy dairies, this week we have the very lovely Rachel with her journey. Enjoy.

Hello welcome to cloth nappy diaries, can you introduce yourself please and tell us who you use cloth nappies on?
My name is Rachel and I’m a blogger at www.parenthoodhighsandlows.com. I am a stay at home mum to Harrison, aged 3, Alex who is nearly 2, and Benjamin bump who is due In December. Harrison is toilet trained now, but we have been using cloth on Alex for the past few months, and can;t wait to start using them with Ben!

When did you first hear about cloth nappies and how?
I’d heard lots about them when both Harrison and Alex were babies, but didn’t think they sounded very practical – I thought they were the old fashioned type my mum used to use on me nearly thirty years ago. Since I started blogging I spoke to lots of fellow bloggers (including Kelly!) who used cloth and after seeing a demo of one at the Baby Show a few months ago, I decided to look further into it!

Why do you choose to use cloth nappies?
We use them because in the long run they’re cheaper than disposables (although with the amount of beautiful ones I’m tempted to buy, that’s slightly debatable!!) and the environmental impact. Next month, we will be provided with wheelie bins for our rubbish that will hold three bags of rubbish – I need to find every way possible to cut down on our rubbish and using cloth nappies (and wipes!) has been one of our ways. I also absolutely love the look of a little fluffy bum running around the house!

Do have a favourite nappy/brand which one?
We haven’t tried many brands out yet as we are fairly new to cloth. Most of our stash at the moment are the ‘cheapy’ pockets – Alva Baby and Yellow Bloom but we love them and have no problems. We have a few Little Lambs ready for Ben when he is born, and I keep hearing great stuff about them!

What do you find hardest about using cloth nappies?
Other people’s reactions. My other half doesn’t like them, and a few family members don’t like them, although they are supportive of my choice to use them. I just wish I could make them see that they’re not hard work or unhygenic – quite the opposite!

What is the best part about using cloth nappies for you?
Not having to worry about running to the shop late at night when we’ve run out of nappies!! If I know we’re running low I just bung a washing load on and a couple of hours later I have a full stash ready to use!

Can you give our readers your top three cloth nappy tips?
1. Join nappy support groups – I haven’t physically been able to get to a nappy meet/library yet but I’m in plenty of facebook groups and forums for the support

2. Don’t buy all one brand when you’re starting out – not ever brand will work for every baby. Our first nappy is a lovely nappy but just doesn’t work for Alex, so I’m glad we just bought the one. That’s not to say it won’t be absolutely fine for Ben!

3. Try pre-loved nappies. At first this grossed me out, but when I realised how much cloth users loved their nappies, and treated them with so much care and respect I had no problem buying pre loved. It’s a much cheaper way of finding the right nappies for you!

And finally, would you recommend cloth nappies?
Yes, yes and yes!!!!




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September 26, 2014
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Win tickets for the baby and toddler show!

Hi guys, it’s that time of the year again. The baby and toddler show is coming back to bluewater in Kent on the 10th to the 12th October and I’ve got two tickets to give away.

You can get great deals on over 150 great brands including Britax, mamas & papas, cosatto and many many more. You’ll receive a free goody bag on entrance if you’re an expectant parent. It’s super easy to get to from London and Essex by train or car.

I went last time and loved it, you can read my full review here if you like.

To enter all you need to do is fill in the rafflecopter down below and good luck. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

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September 24, 2014
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Kate’s cloth nappy diary.

Hi guys, welcome back to the cloth nappy diaries!

Today we have the lovely Kate over on the blog telling us all about her cloth nappy journey.

Hello welcome to cloth nappy diaries, can you introduce yourself please and tell us who you use cloth nappies on?
* I’m Kate, im 30 and have used cloth on my 2 babies. My son Cameron, 3 years old, I started using cloth when he was 6 months. My daughter Emily who is almost 5 months has been cloth bummed since she was born.

When did you first hear about cloth nappies and how?
* A friend showed me her cloth nappies and added me to a cloth nappy group on Facebook. After asking loads of questions on the Facebook group I bought my first nappies to try and I’m a bit of an addict now. Love a fluffy bum baby!

Why do you choose to use cloth nappies?
* My son had eczema and none of the potions and lotions from the doctor were making much of a difference. Within a week of using cloth nappies and cloth wipes his skin was looking better than it had in ages. I decided to use them when my daughter was born to save money, I already had everything I needed. The thing that’s kept me going with cloth nappies is that poo doesn’t smell as bad in cloth! Poo in disposables makes me gag but for some reason is no where near as bad in cloth.

Do you have a favourite nappy/brand which one?
* Tots Bots Easyfits V4, they’re Dad/Granny/nursery proof. They have been the best fitting and most absorbent all in one nappies I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of different ones! I do love Wee Notions nappies for something a bit prettier, I love getting to design my own nappy and the excitement of waiting to see a picture posted on their Facebook page.

What do you find hardest about using cloth nappies?
* when I was pregnant with Emily I had to get my husband to do the nappy washes for me because the smell of dirty nappies was just too much for me. Storing them is getting to be an issue, beginning to wonder if I have too many………na you can never have too many!

What is the best part about using cloth nappies for you?
* The big squishy baby bum! They are amazingly cute and not having to buy nappies and wipes every week means we can have extra treats, take aways and days out. I just keep thinking how each disposable nappy takes 500 years to decompose it makes me feel sick when I think how many are going to landfill every day. I guess I’m also doing it for my children’s future, giving them a slightly less polluted world to grow up in.

Can you give our readers your top three cloth nappy tips?
* A cold rinse and washing at 60oc will take care of smells and stains on your nappies.
* H&M clothes are cut to accommodate cloth nappies, Asda’s clothes are also really generous round the bum.
* Wet bags are easier for storing dirty nappies in than buckets. Wet bags can be washed along side your dirty nappies, they’re easy to store and you can get some really pretty bags already made. You can even get custom made bags, I have a fab Star Wars bag from Noah’s Ark Baby on Facebook.

And finally, would you recommend cloth nappies?
* Silly question! YES! Of course I’d recommend cloth nappies :-)


Thank you so much Kate for taking part and sharing your story, don’t forget to pop back next week for a brand new diary.

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