Facebook vs Twitter.


So the Facebook vs Twitter debate has come up again it seems so I thought I would let you know my opinion on the matter.
Personality, I like both of them *shocked face* But both for very different reasons.

Twitter. It took me AGES to actually work out how to use this social platform. I started of, like many others by following lots of random celebrities and wondering what the deal with twitter was. It’s a bit one sided innit?
Then I put in my twitter bio that I worked in pharmacy and I got some new followers, people who worked in the same industry as me. They tweeted me and I tweeted them back, I got some more followers. Also people I had things in common with, I started to “get” twitter.
Today I do not follow a single celebrity, to be honest I don’t really care for them. I don’t buy gossip mags or follow anyone on tv so it makes sense to not stalk them on Twitter.
I love twitter, I love talking to all my followers and I have made some fantastic friends on there. I would love an opportunity to meet them all one day, you never know. *fingers crossed*
It’s been a great place to promote my blog plus a fab place to meet fellow parent bloggers.
I have a great group of pharmacy and parent tweeters that i talk to daily and really have kept me sane during my maternity leave.

Facebook. Where do I start, it was the first social networking that I ever did. I never had bebo or MySpace, I was never cool enough for them! I actually found the two most important men in my life on Facebook. My husband, who I met 12 years ago (when he was a boy racer and I was a boy racer chaser) I got in touch with him on Facebook five years ago and the rest is history. The next part might shock you all, are you sitting down?
I found my daddy on Facebook.
Yep, thought that might shock you!
Him and my mum split when she was pregnant with me and I had never met him. I looked him up 7ish years ago as I knew his name and rough date of birth and again, never looked back.
I also find the groups fantastic on Facebook, I am a member of most the cloth nappy ones and a few BLW ones. Most of the members are fantastic and they have become an extended family. I’m also a member of a few marine fish forums which I find so helpful.

So you see, I love both sites and could not choose one over the other as both are great for me in different ways.

Do you have a preference? Do you really care? I would love to hear your comments. Xx


  1. I did the same with twitter, followed lots of celebs but then unfollowed them when i realised “real” people were better! I’ve never had facebook but its amazing that you met your dad through it. A lovely story =]

    • Haha! Very Jeremy Kyle some would say! ;-)
      I honestly don’t think I have ever met anyone who has never had Facebook! Well done for not following the masses x

  2. That is exactly how I see Twitter and Facebook. I use Facebook for personal “real” friends (ie non-internet ones mostly – although I’m starting to realise that internet friends can be real too). And Twitter use mainly for my blog profile but also chat with allsorts of random people. I love both! I do sometimes have the quandry…. “do I post this on Twitter or Facebook”. lol

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