So as some of you will know I recently went self hosted. Great.

I lost every single stat and all my followers. Great.

People were still following my old blog. The one I don’t use now. Great.

So I just deleted it. Don’t need it anyway. Great.

So now all my old post, the ones I wrote on that old blog are now patchy and missing all the photos. What do I do?? Do I re-write them? I can’t possibly patch them together again, I would have to start fresh. What shall I do?

My choices are, to either rewrite them or delete them. Can I have your votes pretty please.
Has anyone else had this problem?


  1. Arghh…oh no! I can’t help you as I’m still fuddling around with WordPress like an amateur! I hope you can find a solution. Don’t delete anything until you have exhausted your search to rectify it. Good luck x

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