I won a Liebster award!


Yay! *beams*

That very lovely Katie over at KTBTW nominated me because I’m awesome! ;-) I really must also thank the equally lovely Katie over at chubs and love as she also nominated me ages ago, but I forgot. I’m so rubbish sometimes :-) So thank you both!

Ok so I hear you ask, what is a Liebster award? A quick google search tells me that the origins are a bit of a mystery but some rules are, to be nominated you must thank the person who nominated. It’s to be given only to bloggers who have less then 200 followers, answer set questions, nominate between 5-11 other blogs, create my own set of questions and contact my nominees so they know they have been awarded.

“Phew” so to start. Answer set questions.

1) When did you start blogging? I started in January after thinking about it for several months. I very recently went self hosted which basically meant I started again!
2) Why did you start your blog? Because I wanted a place I could document every single precious moment of my daughters life. She means the world to me and every day passes so quickly, I don’t want to forget the small stuff.
3) What surprised you the most about blogging? The fact people want to read it! I write very much for me and from the heart so it’s lovely that strangers want to read it too.
4) If you could have three “special guests” at a dinner party, who would you invite? This is so hard as there are so many! The very lovely Amanda, Sophie, and Lucy from twitter for sure. I speak to them daily and would love to meet them in real life.
5) Where’s your favourite place to go? Brighton beach! It’s where I grew up and don’t get to visit it as much as I would like too.
6) If you could learn one new skill what would it be? To be able to use my sewing machine. I broke it the first time I tried. I think :-/
7) What were you doing this time last year? Most likely either laying on the floor like a beached whale or bouncing on my gym ball. I was very heavily pregnant this time last year and suffered horribly in this heat.
8) If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be. Hmmm, my homemade shepherds pie I reckon. It’s so yummy.
9) Whats your favourite film? kill bill, but I love every Tarantino film.
10) Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes! I fell instantly and completely head over heels in love with my now husband.
11) Finish this sentence.. If I had my way… I would love to get married again, I had a chest infection and was very poorly when we got married. We very nearly cancelled our honeymoon!

Now for 11 random facts about me.

1) I adore the smell of coffee but I can’t stand the taste.
2) I have been married two years in September of this year to the love of my life.
3) I have a tiny size 3 feet.
4) I broke my wrist when I was 14 falling over wearing my friends roller blades.
5) I brought my first pair of roller blades when my wrist was still in its cast much to the dismay of my mother!
6) I never met my dad till I was 22.
7) I keep a marine/saltwater tank
8) I am terrified of both spiders and wasps. I don’t mind bees though…
9). Am a rubbish swimmer, I can do it but not for very long.
10) I have not had a cigarette since Thursday 12th January 2012.
11) I found out I was expecting my daughter on Friday 13th January 2012.

So now you know me a bit better, here’s who I nominate.

Mrs T

You have all been nominated for a Liebster award if you wish to take part, I sure hope you do because that would be awesome!

My set questions are.

1) How long have you been blogging?
2) Twitter or Facebook?
3) How do you like to spend alone time?
4) Do you have a favourite blog? *waggles eyebrows* ;-)
5) Whats your favourite food ever?
6) Where would your dream holiday be?
7) What was you doing this time last year?
8) Who inspires you?
9) Do you have any pet hates?
10) Do you believe in love at first sight?
11) Whats your favourite song?

Thanks to Katie again for the nomination.


  1. Well done. I did mine this week too. Hopefully we’ll meet at BritMumsLive (if I pluck up the courage to buy a ticket). Lynne sentwivlove.blogspot.com

  2. Love this, it’s fab! I’m the same with coffee! And spiders & wasps! We’re practically twins! :-)

  3. I love this, well done on finally completing it! Some really interesting facts. Although why do you like bees but hate wasps?! Very sweet the way you talk about your hubby, you’re obviously very much in love =] xx

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